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Moglins are ultimate sidekicks for real-life adventurers like you. Help us bring them from the fantasy world into the real one!
Moglins are ultimate sidekicks for real-life adventurers like you. Help us bring them from the fantasy world into the real one!
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Moglomancy! The secret art of creating Moglins

Posted by Artix Entertainment, LLC (Creator)

Magical Cookbook Recipe for Creating 27,000 Moglins?

"You just need a love, magic, and lil' more patience."

From concept sketches, to prototypes, to approvals, to testing, and ultimately to a successful Kickstarter, the process of bringing these Moglins to life has been incredible. Moglin production is nearing completion at the factory. I am writing to share some new progress photos from the factory... erm, I mean, Magical Tower of Moglomancy.  You did read our previous post, "Insider Exclusive: Moglin Scandal (The silly Production Photo Post)", right?

Moglins are born under a special Moon

There was a supermoon this month. It occured on Wednesday, March 20th at 9:43 EDT, just under four hours after the vernal equinox. That is the moment when the length of the day and night on Earth is exactly the same. It marks the start of Spring here in the North half of our planet, and the start of Autumn in the southern half. This... was the moon your Moglins were officially born under. It makes each of them special. 

 Also... it is technically your Moglin's Birthday!

Moglin Production Photo
Moglin Production Photo

Moglins are filled with happiness, joy, and slightly flame resistant plushy stuffs!

We received a number of photos of the Moglins before they were full of fluff. This is, of course, the final step. It sorta fills my heart with joy to know that there are people who's full time job is to fill cute plush toys with fluffy stuff. 

Hey! Over 'ear!

I never really studied the Moglin's ears closely. Other than Twilly's. Because it has the hole in it. Some of them have the same color inside ear. I think Memet, the Nightmare Moglin is the only one that has a purple color on the inside. Every piece of each Moglin plush is cut & sewn together. All those ears... so many ears. 

Tag! You're it...

Each Moglin has two tags. One on their tush that includes the safety requirement testing info, and also the shield tag above. Symbolically, I like that the Dragon side is on a dark background, and the Moglin side has a light background. They represent the two sides of Artix Entertainment... darkly epic, and lightheartedly fun. 

Fresh Air

Newly created Moglins are encouraged to get a little fresh air.... enjoy the sunlight.

But Mort is a Shadow Moglin... 

... the sun destroys Shadow Moglins. Do not expose your Shadow Moglin to the "cursed day star."

When to expect your Moglins

Once the Factory finishes production, they will ship them to us (here in Tampa, Florida) via boat. We are as eager to receive them and then send them to you as you are. As of this moment, we are just waiting for physical production to complete. I look forward to sending you a Kickstarter update when the Moglins begin their voyage to us over the ocean. Also sorta hoping the factory sends us photos of a 27,000 strong Moglin army... because I think they will all be in tiny clear packages when they arrive here. 

Ebil Moglins

...actually, Memet, is a Nightmare Moglin. So it's hard to tell what impact the sun will have on her. Zorbak is 100% Ebil and just a little too edgy to be seen strolling around outside in the daylight. Be sure to keep all of your Shadow and Ebil Moglins in a nice, dark & gloomy environment where their evil cackles can bring your endless joy. 

A new & unrelated... Kickstarter?

I wanted to give you a heads up. We have a surprise Kickstarter coming (possibly Monday). It is not related to Moglins-- however, it DOES have some Moglins in it. So you should be expecting to get at least one more in-game Moglin pet for AdventureQuest Worlds :D 

Because of something that happened to me in a previous Kickstarter that I backed... I wanted to assure you that we are careful to never mix funds. That is, the money raised to create & ship your Moglin push has been put safely aside so you can be certain that your Moglin order will be fulfilled. It might not have been necessary to state that, but as a backer it is probably nice to know. Production delays? Sure, they happen. But we always deliver. 

I look forward to sending you the next update  soon.

Battle on!

Artix & your friends at

AdventureQuest Moglins
AdventureQuest Moglins
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