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I'm creating a new body of work and I hope to create a site-specific installation for my first international solo exhibition in Germany.
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Shannon Rankin

58 backers pledged $4,081 to help bring this project to life.

Custom Originals

For those of you who backed my Kickstarter Project for $50, $75, and $350 please take note. Below are custom examples for you to choose from. I will be sending you a direct message requesting some information so I can get started on your pieces. Please let me know what form you prefer along with your desired location (or constellation). Note: Map and thread colors will vary from the examples, and composition may vary for some pieces as well. If you have any questions or special requests please let me know.

$50 Pledge = 5" x 7" Custom Original: Heart, Head, Hand, Bird, Circle, Diamond (Land, Sea, or Stars)

$75 Pledge = 8" x 10" Custom Original: 2 Hearts (Or 1 Lg. Heart), 2 Heads (Or 1 Lg. Head), 2 Hands (Or 1 Lg. Hand), 2 Birds w/ Globe (Or 1 Lg. Bird w/ Globe), Lg Circle, Lg Diamond (Land, Sea, or Stars)

$350 Pledge = 5" x 7" and an 8" x 10" Custom Original: Select one from each pledge category above.

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