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$71.00 pledged of $150 goal

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The Bomb Shelter Museum Over 200 bomb shelters scar the landscape of Sderot, Israel. They are cruel, ugly reminders of terrorism and hate. Located on the border of Gaza, Sderot is the home of innocent men, women and children who once lived in one of Israel’s most beautiful and creative cities. Today, they are prisoners within the bomb shelters. Artists 4 Israel seeks to remind Americans about the pain and fear suffered in Israel through a visceral, emotive experience. Crafted by installation artists to perfectly mimic the smell, feel, look and energy of a bomb shelter, this exhibit will bring Sderot to life inside the Vered Gallery. Inside the lifelike shelter, we will host movies depicting the situation across from Gaza as well as art created by the children of Sderot. Over 75% of the young in Sderot suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. This is their chance to be heard.

If we raise $3,000, we can turn this into... A Traveling, Educational Museum We are working with our artists to make the mock bomb shelter easily transportable and erectable elsewhere. As such, it has the capacity to move from site to site, serving as an educational tool from elementary and high schools to community centers. Further, once portable, the Museum can be erected at protests and gatherings creating an undeniable tool for advocacy and education.

Artists 4 Israel is a community of creative individuals working together in on-going, collaborative projects expressing Israel’s right to exist in peace and security. We educate artists about Israel’s beauty and strength and its protection of the arts and encourage them to use their unique talents to share that message with their fans and the world.

Artists 4 Israel predicted the current culture war against Israel and is fighting the attempted artistic boycott of the country. We are influencing hearts and minds and building a security fence against the cultural terrorism threatening Israel.

To donate to this project or to A4I, you can contribute on Kickstarter or send a check to Artists 4 Israel at Artists 4 Israel 201 East 66th Street, Suite 12D, New York, NY 10065. Checks of $500 or more should be made out to JNF with Artists 4 Israel in the subject line.

Thank you for your support.

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