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School of the Future is a free education project that explores what school could be. We want to build architecture to give this project a home.
School of the Future is a free education project that explores what school could be. We want to build architecture to give this project a home.
53 backers pledged $1,195 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Thank You | Now let's Party!

Thank you to everyone who donated to School of the Future!!! We are so thrilled to have so many supporters that believe in our project.

To celebrate and salute you - we will be hosting a School Expo of the Future on June 11th to kick off our summer semester. Join us for a dance-off, good food, drinks, an exposition of classes that will be offered at School of the Future during the month of July and special musical guests!

The Expo is also an opportunity to raise some additional funds for programming at the school and more! So come shake a leg with us, learn how to tango upside-down, inside-out and along the East River tidal strait.

June 11th - 8-11pm @ Solar One under a giant outdoor tent along the East River!
Solar One is at East 23rd Street and the East River all the way passed the FDR Drive

Solar One:
24-20 FDR Drive, Service Road East
New York, NY 10010

PS. Incentives like Un-Varsity Letter Patches, Proximity Magazines and other goodies will be available for you then, or we can send to you personally!

New Drawings of the Proposed Architecture

Check out the new drawings that our archollaborators have cooked up. They're really beautiful, and they're going to get more 3-d soon! The more money we raise, the more cardboard we will replace with wood, and the more hinges instead of masking tape.

These structures are no taller than 10 feet, for scale sake. The carts will fit into the gabled structure, so it can close in on itself at night. More details to come on Monday!

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Our first course catalog is available! It will be online, but in the meantime, email us if you'd like to check it out, and we'll send it along to all our donorators. Here are a few classes that have been proposed (out of about 35!)

Radical Library Sciences
Chris Kennedy
For: Anyone
Materials: Basic Craft Supplies

A multi-part experiment in cataloging, consultation and re-imagining of library infrastructure in public space anchored by the Groups and Spaces Unreference Desk. Radical Library Sciences will provide a time/place to discuss the role of the library and the chance to contribute to series of collaborative installations that visualize what you wish a library could be, whom it would serve and how it would work.

How to Ask Questions
Aaron Finbloom
For: anyone that is so profoundly curious that their curiosity has extended to being curious about ways to be curious
Materials: paper, pens, fabric, Blackboard, tiles

An ongoing collaborative discussion on inquiry and asking questions through movement, performance and discussion. The famous Experimental Inquiry Methodology conference is relocating to the School of the Future. Every class will offer an activity which attempts to ask and play with the question: "How do we question/inquire/think?" These activities will range from acting out passages of Hegel to walking around the neighborhood and writing notes on objects allowing them to ask questions about their surroundings.

Scrabble The Park
Barrie Cline
Installation as Class

As an ongoing installation, ceramic tiles painted with the letters and numbers with a "digital look" will be placed around the park-constantly shifting throughout the month--and available to the public visiting the park. They will merge in different configurations, be used as teaching tools and status updates, and in combination with tiles that are freely decorated by participants, create temporary mosaic patterns throughout the park.

Newtown Creek: The Gunk Under Greenpoint Bike Tour
Ryan Kuonen
For: Anyone with a bike

Description: Jump on your bike and delve into the history, pollution and health of Newtown Creek, visiting the best sites around the creek to discuss the past, present and future of the area, including the industrial heritage, oil spills and pollution plumes, combined sewage overflows, potential designation as a Superfund site, and the ecosystem of estuaries. Your tour guide is Ryan Kuonen of NAG (Neighbors Allied for Good Growth), a community-based organization in North Brooklyn:

*We should maybe get people to sign a waiver before the ride. I have a copy of the one TA uses that we can adapt.