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$69,980 pledged of $500,000 goal
By Artifex Touch
$69,980 pledged of $500,000 goal

It's Just the Beginning ...

Hi, all of our kickstarter supporters, good evening.  How are you?

We want to let you know that, we haven't forgotten you. First of all, from the bottom of our hearts, the whole team wants to say, "Thank You" for all of your support and how you have sticked with us through the whole kickstarter process.  Although we are running out of time on this kickstarter campaign in order to meet the goal, please don't give up your hope yet.  Crowdfunding on kickstarter, fail or not, is just the beginning.  If our fundraising effort on kickstarter failed (unless there is a last moment miracle), we will do our best to venture out and find different means to make this project complete.

With that being said, when airbridge is made ready, we will and we want to honor all of those who have sticked with us til the end of this fundraising effort (either fail or success) by offering all of you the agreed rewards at the price that you have backed us.  Therefore, please don't be discouraged.  As you stay connected by being our backers til the end, that's how we can communicate and how we know who should we send airbridge (or any rewards) to.

We have some good news as well.  Our airbridge project has made it to Round 3 of Grow America Entrepreneur Competition, which will allow us to show off airbridge at a large scale trade show on Nov 1st. There'll be many investors there, wish us luck!

On Friday (Oct 19th) Matt Cunliffe and Ringo will be interviewed by KSL News (local news in Utah) concerning airbridge. Wish us luck as well !

Remember, this is only the beginning. It is coming, wait for it! Let's stay in touch.

Matt B, Matt C, Ringo and the rest of the team.


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    1. Daren Han on October 19, 2012

      That is good to hear at least we can get this device at affordable prices.