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$69,980 pledged of $500,000 goal
By Artifex Touch
$69,980 pledged of $500,000 goal

To Infinity and Beyond!

Hello Our Wonderful Backers! 

First off we want to thank all of you for your support we are already at 11% of our goal. We are so excited with how far we've come in just one week!

The People's Voice

We've been listening to all your messages and comments and we love them! If you have any ideas or things you think we should implement we would love to hear them so comment away!

To address a few things: We will support the new iPhone5 and the new Lightning port. Also some people have been asking about features; our road map for funding looks a little something like this - if we go over our goal we want to start by beefing up the hardware. Mainly to support more users broadcasting/viewing presentations. Secondly we want to port the application for Windows and Mac computers. Thirdly we want to add a mini HDMI-in on the handheld piece to broadcast anything from any device, laptop, desktop, camera, etc. (we are most excited for this feature because of the potential it offers everyone)! As we nail out the details we will share our benchmarks for each of the above.

Share The Love

We can't do any of this without funding. So a few ways you can help us: send a tip to a blog/news site you read telling them about our project, show your friends and family, tweet, facebook, myspace (haha). We seriously can't do this alone, you all are such an integral part of this project and we cannot express our thanks enough for not only backing the project but sharing it as well!

If you need a short link feel free to use you can also follow us on twitter @airbridge_ or like our page on facebook which you can share videos and other links from, also I hear there may be some fun giveaways in the near future.

Matt B, Matt C, Ringo and the rest of the team.


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