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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, October 20 2012 7:48 PM UTC +00:00
Artifex TouchBy Artifex Touch
First created
Artifex TouchBy Artifex Touch
First created
pledged of $500,000pledged of $500,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, October 20 2012 7:48 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Tan on

      The Artiflex website seems to have expired also. And there has been no comments or updates or communication. Shame, I really think there is good potential here.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stan Abe

      Hello Artifex. It has been over a year since I last posted a comment. I am still very interested in the Airbridge. Is there any chance at all that you will be bringing this to market in any form? I would be willing to purchase a beta version.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stan Abe

      Though I am disappointed that this kickstarter project did not get funded, I am ever hopeful that you will find others that believe in the AirBridge, as I do. Best of luck with all of your future endeavors. I will continue to be a supporter of the AirBridge and anticipate the day when I can use it in my classroom.

    4. Missing avatar

      Denny Heinonen on

      Well, I am surprised and disappointed that this didn't go further. This by far is one of the cooler ideas I have seen on kickstarter. Best to the team as you strive to bring this to life.

    5. Kathy lee Barrio on

      Well it is down to the last day and it seems like a miracle is needed. I am so happy that you are in the third round with the Grow America Entrepreneur competition with your AirBridge project. Good luck ! Blessings Kat

    6. Artifex Touch Creator on


      Good question, and glad you asked. It was not posted because it was not one of the frequently asked questions ;-)

      It will show anything that AppleTV or hardwire cable will show. Pretty much it shows everything except for a few apps like HBO: because company like HBO wrote their app in a way that purposefully not showing their content on any external display ... this applies to airbridge, hardwire cable, and even AppleTV. This is something that we have no control over.

    7. Daren Han on

      Just curious I am using hulu, crackle apps on my iphone. Does this airbridge mirror my content on my iphone to the tv? There is no mention of what apps this gadgets supports.

    8. Artifex Touch Creator on

      Thank you so much for your support ! Just the fact that you took the time to write us these great promo ideas, this alone warmed our hearts. You encouraged and helped us to realize, there are people actually care ! To be honest, it has been frustrating to the whole team. We have been wondering, what have we missed? We have done everything we knew how, and the fact that the pledge hasn't even gone past $100K along shocked us. One thing we do agree though, airbridge is no gimmick at all. It's a very practical and thought through product that's designed to solve many people's day-to-day connection problems. Sadly though, we kinda live in a generation that, most people rather flock to, even if it cost $200, name brand, or cool and colorful looking watches, stationary, toys, etc. all these "impress-me" or "make-me-look-good" gimmicks (NO, we are not against any toys or gimmicks at all - in fact, if money is not a problem, we'll buy everyone of them for ourselves as well ! LOL ) than things that are good and practical.

      May be when airbridge can become so powerful that, not only you don't need a TV, but it can project video right to the thin air (totally futuristic stuff LOL ). I can promise you, airbridge will easily go past $10M on kickstarter along .... because by then, airbridge is literally a "make-me-look-good" device!! LOL Hey, who knows, we might be closer to that than we thought ! ;-)

      You are right, we need a miracle !! :D Currently, besides kickstarter, we have entered the Grow America Entrepreneur competition with airbridge project. We'll find out on Monday if we won Round 2 or not. Either way, the main purpose for the competition is to connect investors and entrepreneurs. We will do the best we can to pursue funding to make this happen. Let say if Kickstarter funding process failed without a miracle, first of all nobody get charged (some what a happy ending for everyone :D ). Second of all, probably with investor's help, when we make airbridge, I am pretty sure it'll be more expensive than $125 (I am seeing around $180 to $200), consider there is nothing like it in the market currently. Besides, once investors are involved, they'll have more control over the project, especially the pricing (just a reality, all investors are looking for little investment with large and quick return).

      But, oh well, what can we do? We gave the public a 45-day chance to back this project and to make it affordable, and to help build local economy. Looks like most people don't care about "making this world a better place" that much. :-/

      But hey, we care! Somebody has to be the first one get shot to take Normandy and to win the war. Might as well let it be us! LOL

      Ringo Wong

    9. Daren Han on

      this project needs a miracle to succeed. Any idea what happens if this project is not funded? Will we be able to buy the airbridge pro at $125 online?

    10. James Bailey

      @Artifex: To my mind, this launch has one hope (since you need to get almost 10x as much funding as you have, the current direction can't get you over the line).

      Take a video with a visible stopwatch / OSD counter and from removing the device from the bag to watching a movie on your TV from your iPad / iPhone, clearly demonstrating its primary purpose, then spend the rest of the video emphasising that this device will work for many iOS/device generations, showing its quality / strength of signal (how far you can walk away vs quality) and shots of the device itself (including putting it on the scales / showing storage options). Perhaps consider placing it next to an AppleTV and showing how much longer that takes. Put that video on the front page if you can, and get this submitted to at least Gizmodo.

      Such a video would strike at the heart of the criticisms: What is this? AppleTV light? I never used my HDMI video out cable for $50, why would I use this? Shouldn't I wait for an Apple product in case this thing gets shut down by Apple firmware? What if I stop using Apple, can I use it for anything else? I hate wireless video, it'll be unreliable like trying to get bluetooth pairing to work, I need more reliability for presentations, not less.

      People need to be left with an image that they will be carrying this small useful thing to give presentations and it will free them up to walk around with the device, or even pass it around to people, or use this in the home with friends at a party to show youtube clips.

      Looking forward to getting this device myself!

    11. Artifex Touch Creator on

      @Joanna we are still holding our hopes high! We believe anything is possible and can't happen unless we try.

      @Daren yes, it will indeed support the lightning connector

    12. Daren Han on

      Does it support the latest iPhone 5 or iPod touch with lightning connector.

    13. Joanna Chia on

      @Artifex Touch.... this isn't going right.... I am waiting for the pledges to increase but it don't seem to be moving at all! I am planning to try this out in my office.... I am in the IT, won't mind trying out this as this is way too cool to be missed... What is the next step after 12 days?

    14. Thomas on

      @James, you have a good point there. But i think this product would provide the most value to travelling salespeople, companies that do presentations or meetings and teachers. Though i don't believe many of those hang around kickstarter or reed nerdy news on the web. Well, IT companies may, but they probably already have their tech for presentations setup (I do, but this is better!).

      It's a tricky one.

    15. Artifex Touch Creator on

      Haha @James they would let me go if I could post my selfish thoughts on here.

      We actually noticed early on that the immediate reaction was for potential backers to compare us to AppleTV. We changed our video in the first week, added new backer options, switched our marketing campaign... even with the very first text people see being "AirBridge VS AppleTv" on our project page we still face message after message about the difference. Even though we cannot get a statement from Apple, the technology used cannot be blocked by Apple without Apple blocking themselves. AirBridge isn't using a closed technology, rather one that Apple uses in many of their own products so we are confident that this will be supported for future updates/changes.

      I will pass your suggestions onto our team ASAP. Thanks for your support,

      Matt B

    16. James Bailey

      Artifex: I too am baffled by the lack of interest considering what is on offer. If apple themselves sold this, you would have had 10,000 go out the door the first week. I have asked my friends who didn't buy this why not, and the feedback basically seems to be: we don't understand it. People seem to view this as an "unsupported hack" for the iPhone/iPad that apple may disable permanently with a single update. They also seem to view this as just an AppleTV without the TV.

      Now I know that this product is none of those things, and capable of so much more, but if you want this product to succeed, it has to look more like a device that would sit proudly next to your bluray player if integrated in a home theater setup, and you need to show how easy it is to set up, taking it out of its carry pouch to mirroring your device on any TV in 60 seconds. Some information on just how long it will work (maybe a note from Apple) would help a lot. People just don't have a clear picture of when they would use this, and how long it would last!

      This is a very selfish post btw, I am personally upset that I might not be able to get your wonderful product! ;)

    17. Artifex Touch Creator on

      @thinknext.facebook - We've been trying to put together some better packages for larger backer options. We'll definitely put your suggestions on the drawing board!

    18. thinknext.facebook on

      This product should be selling like hotcakes, current market does not exist at all. I hope success in this project, i can really use it in many different areas of industry. This product should have many backers and even surpass the goal of $500k, I'm still puzzled by why it's not reaching the backers here...

      Something to mention on the rewards and pledge amount.... Example: maybe you can make adjustments to the pledge amount for 2 units of PRO? Lower it to $125 per unit (same as early bird), this may attract more backers.
      Also you may want to add Distributor/Reseller pledge with attractive pledge amount ? (e.g. $1125.00 for 10 units). The current Air Boss pledge amount is not attractive enough for backers to take it up, you can add new pledge for 3 or 5 units rewards too. Just my 2 cents opinion.


    19. Artifex Touch Creator on

      @Thaddeus Sharp we've been working hard behind the scenes with different outlets. Keep an eye out for an update here soon!

    20. Thaddeus Sharp on

      Sure has gotten quiet. Any updates...

    21. Missing avatar

      Rachel Sorgi on

      I'm a teacher & a backer & I truly hope this product happens! I think apple tv is a complete fail & does not work with most school provided tech. This would make my job so much easier!!!!!!

    22. Baron Kenna on

      Wow the goal looks impossible this is a useful product.....

    23. Artifex Touch Creator on

      @Elger We actually heard this may be a concern. But the 8pin digital connector will indeed support HDMI and VGA out. So we still plan to support the iPhone 5's Lightning port. The Verge has already confirmed this with Apple. http://vrge.co/Nr11gj

    24. Elger van der Wel on

      I heard the lighting connector of the iPhone 5 doesn't support video out, how are you going to let the AirBridge work without video out?

    25. Sicorace

      hello guys! nice product, here's my suggestions for the extra funding:

      - beside the swappable old/new dock connector, think something similar for the electric plug (I live in italy)
      - make the software in a way that I can attach the base on a jack line in on the amplifier, fire up djay on the iphone and it will transmit the music without going crazy
      - work on the battery: the longer lasting the better
      - for the "big worm" pledge: please add a hdmi cable, vga cable, jack cable so that as the package arrives we are ready to rock!
      - software: make the base work (with limited functionality or worse video/audio quality if necessary) without the dongle: a sort of appletv + wireless accesspoint with battery
      - the smaller the unit, of course, the better

      Extra use:
      - I plan to use it as a movable camera on stage (I work as a stage mentalist): you can fire up on the big projector screen whatever the iphone is getting on the camera aim!

      that's all for now! please spread the word as much as possible!

    26. Artifex Touch Creator on

      Hey guys we are putting together an official update so be expecting some news here real soon!

      @CK There are a few reasons the goal is set to where it is. The first reason is manufacturing; our team decided early on that we wanted to help our economy and manufacture in the US. This naturally costs more money. The second is application development. Because of the technicalities that go into this type of application we had to be sure we could deliver. The last thing we wanted was to set our goal lower and get stuck having to cut features with the app or with the device if funding didn't provide. We didn't want to over-promise and under-deliver. AirBridge is a feature-packed device/application and without those features it would've defeated what we wanted to accomplish - mobility, functionality, dependability, expand-ability.

      You guys rock!

    27. CK on

      This is very good product but it seems the goal is a little too high.

    28. Thomas on

      Just backed this project. You REALLY should get it to android too. And you REAAALY need to get more attention from magazines, reddit, digg, facebook etc so they discover this amazing project! This is perfect for business owners and employees.

    29. Dwayne Miller on

      @George Yes, I use a smart board at present. I will be changing from the public to private system next year to a school where I won't have my own room. I will have smart board and want to do some screen mirroring etc. Mostly I don't want to have to deal with school network protocols and purchasing another apple tv that I'll have to plug into mains power etc. etc. Truth be told, I like gadgets that make my job easier and I think this is a great solution for some small hindrances.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mav on

      I LOVE IT. Can't wait to hear about the future updates!

    31. George Arlis on

      Stan & Dwayne,
      Do you two use Smart Boards in your class? Are you hoping this is something you can integrate?

    32. Jonny on

      One other thought - can you make a Mac/PC app also? Then you'd stitch up the Reflections/Air Server market also as that's currently what many of the 2000+ iPad using educators in my networks are switching to instead of AppleTv for presenting

    33. Jonny on

      Hi guys - have 3 questions for this very-useful project:
      1. How many devices can connect to the pro model to see my screen locally?
      2. What if I'm using Airbridge but want to also have an internet connection running on my iPad to show websites etc - does Airbridge's wifi network effect this?
      3. Sorry but can't find this on the page - when will it ship?

    34. Artifex Touch Creator on

      Thanks every one for all the love and support!
      @Muhammad - Awesome! So glad to have you join the crowd.
      @Stan - We are really pushing for educators and admins alike to see the benefits, share the news!
      @Srinivas - We were wondering the same thing haha. Help spread the word ;)
      @FIVESEVEN & @blazzar - Yes, you can charge and use at the same time.

      We could not be here without you guys, we are so appreciative of you and your ability to help us get this out to people. Need a short link to share with your friends/family/coworkers? Just Copy/Paste bit.ly/airbridge

    35. Missing avatar

      Calogero Ricotta on

      This is so cool!! This will make all my business meeting so much easier and efficient. I can't wait until it works for PC.

    36. Missing avatar

      blazzar on

      Also think it would be good to be able to charge while you use them.

    37. FIVESEVEN on

      is there a way to charge both the base and the handheld piece while using them? because I might exceed that 3 hours of usage..

    38. FIVESEVEN on

      is there a way to charge both the base and the handheld p

    39. Dwayne Miller on

      I am also a teacher and am excited at type of freedom this solution will provide. I hope funding is successful because the ad hoc solution I had envisaged will be a messy and substantially more difficult to set up. Get the message out there! Good luck.

    40. Missing avatar

      Srinivas K Janardan on

      I supported at pro level. Not sure why this has not taken off like many other projects. I thought it would have been supported to much higher amount by now. What is concern?

    41. Missing avatar

      Stan Abe

      I love this concept! I am a teacher and I can see so many applications from the classroom to use in the field. I am so excited. I hope that you reach your pledge goal and beyond.

    42. Gustave Finney on

      Wow immediately sold... You guys are geniuses! Take my 99 bucks!!

    43. Artifex Touch Creator on

      @CK - both the base and handheld piece will have a 3 hour battery. Depending on the level of funding we hit we would love to upgrade to longer lasting batteries.

    44. CK on

      Is the 3 hours power usage for base or adapter? Do you support international voltage?

    45. Artifex Touch Creator on

      Sorry about that @Gerry! For that early bird special we didn't plan for more then one special per person. Stay tuned for an update though because you may be very interested in it!

      @Mel, Currently we are at around a 16oz but since we are still modifying things we hope to slim everything down and not just for the physical size.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mel on

      Hi, I know this is a small issue, but since I'm on the go most of the time, I would like to know what's the weight difference between the Lite and Pro? And also, whether you guys will be working on decreasing their weight too (not only their size)? Thank you! :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Gerry G on

      Hi, you might have missed my comment. I backed for a PRO but wish to have 2 units of the PRO. The Multi Air Pro costs more than 2 Air Pro Early. can I back 2 sets of Air Pro Early??

    48. Artifex Touch Creator on

      @Irawan the current dimensions are H: 50mm L: 152mm D: 58mm

      We are currently trying to slim it down even more so stay tuned!

    49. Missing avatar


      What is the dimension of AirBridge ?

    50. CK on

      It's great to hear that it works on LCD monitor.
      Since you are planning on swapable adapter, hopefully it can support different android phone adapter just by changing the swappable adapter in the future without changing the whole thing.

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