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ArtBloc: an art gallery & performance venue, made by combining two 20ft shipping containers into many flexible configurations.

We're building ArtBloc - a totally mobile, multifunctional Art Gallery, Performance space (& even just a huge container art sculpture)  - by joining together two 20ft shipping containers!

We're cutting and reconfiguring two containers with floor-to-ceiling openings on each side, so they can fit together into lots of different shapes. Plus we'll be able to 'slot in' a stage in the front container  - to turn it into a performance venue  - or combine the containers to make it into an art gallery.

We're framing the openings so we'll have pop-in/pop-out full sized windows, so we can leave the space open, or close it off with the ArtBloc will be open to the air and full of light as much as we like!

We want it to be a venue or space for any and all kinds of art, music or whatever mad idea someone hits us up with. It can be a venue for punk rock, string quartets, painting, photography or sculpture exhibitions. Let's host some hip-hop, modern dance, poetry exhibitions, parties, or video installations. Let's wrap them, paint 'em, turn them into giant art objects!  Let's show movies on them - and in them! 

We'll be moving them to various locations, like abandoned lots in places where there's maybe not many galleries or art around.. We can basically use ArtBloc as a pop-up artspace almost anywhere. In the winter we can put them in a warehouse, an armory, or any large indoor building.

This year we're going to be setting them up at Marina 59, in Far Rockaway, New York. Take the A Train, walk a block or two and come and visit us!

And please check out the great write up in the Wall Street Journal about the developing Art Scene out at Far Rockaway NY - for the full artice (and more on ArtBloc) click here :

The plan is to set them up with a stage, and to create a great venue and destination for art. We want the ArtBloc to actually inspire artists and musicians to "think inside the box" for once. Think of ArtBloc as a whole new type of Artspace!

Maybe in the future someone can add their containers too - and we can expand ArtBloc into something bigger.

Please come back and visit our page often, as we'll be posting videos and updates as we build ArtBloc.

Thanks and cheers - we really appreciate your support!

Julie and Angus


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