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$246 pledged of $1,000 goal
By Christopher Bigelow
$246 pledged of $1,000 goal

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The Twitter Art Project

Despite all of your generous pledges, the kickstarter campaign was not successful. I will keep the project going, however.... The money was going to be used for promotion and the website, so we're back to word of mouth and Twitter follows. Help spread the word if you can, or share any thoughts you might have to widen the audience ( without spending money, of course). Again, thanks for your pledges and kind words of support. Enjoy year two :) ... Oh, I'll be in touch about the rewards.

Good News, Backers!

As you probably know, if there aren't enough pledges to reach the funding goal by the deadline, no money will be collected.

But I've decided to honor the pledge-level rewards after the deadline REGARDLESS of the fundraiser status. I'm so grateful for all the encouragement you've given, I can't imagine not doing so.

So thanks again, and don't forget to tell all your art-lovin' Twitter friends to lend their support.. theres only about 2 weeks left!

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Some Nice Publicity! blogged a very nice write-up about The Twitter Art Project today, and some nice people pledged a few more dollars. Thanks so much for all the positivity!!

A note regarding "rewards": I will send questionnaires after we reach the goal (of $1000.00) to get the specifics I need to honor them. And we WILL reach that goal!

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Thanks to all of you who got things started by backing The Twitter Art Project last week... please forward the link to anyone else who you think might be interested. You know, high-minded art connoisseurs such as yourself!

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