Lovelace & Babbage

by Artana LLC

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    1. Adrian S on

      I'm no artist, so I don't really have any concrete idea of what the card could look like, but when reading the update my imagination immediately went towards the same direction you did: some kind of art that really points out that we actually don't know what she looked like, rather than just inventing a portrait for her. Maybe something along the lines of a portrait of a woman with clothes and hair fitting her age and the time period, but with no face. Although one would have to make sure it didn't just look creepy. I think that when looking at the card, the feelings evoked should be of identification and empathy with this unknown person. Or maybe she could either be obscured or simply missing in the picture, but then I think the artist will really have to use "negative space" (or similar) to very strongly suggest that there's someone missing in the picture.

      While I hope you'll be able to find a picture of her, I also really look forward to seeing what you might come up with!

    2. Bree (blakwngbrd)

      Awesome that you will be at BGGcon! I will stop by the booth to check out the prototype for sure!

    3. Anna Becker

      I agree, an anonymous woman, not a rea face. But artistically I would love a portrait where the whoe silouette of the woman is simply black, so also no clothes visible. that way she is representetive for so many women, no matter the time and dress code, that weree invisible.

    4. Larry Winckles

      A short film about Eunice Newton Foote is currently in production and nearing completion. It was crowdfunded on Kickstarter here:
      It has a Facebook page here:
      And Insta-Stalker articles here:
      Perhaps the production still of Eunice could be used, with permission from the student filmmakers?…

    5. Artana LLC 8-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback all. It's definitely appreciated!

      @larry - Awesome find! We'll reach out to them and see what options are available. Thanks!

    6. Peter Maylott on

      Any update about the pledge manager so I can postage for the group pledge?

    7. Missing avatar

      Edward Terwilliger on

      when does the manager open ?