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By the Tiny Epic series designer, a clever filler game that unlocks the dawn of computing with pioneers Ada Lovelace & Charles Babbage!
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Bundle Pledges And A Close Race

Posted by Artana LLC (Creator)

Happy Friday, everyone!  

This is just a quick update on some new pledge options and also a reminder on patron voting.

Bundle Pledges Now Available!

Based on popular demand, particularly from our international backers, we just posted a number of bundled pledge levels for the Base Game and the Deluxe Edition of Lovelace & Babbage.  You can now pledge for one, two, five, or ten copies!  A couple of comments on these new pledge levels:

  • Bundle Shipping Rates.  Shipping rates for the bundle pledges are significantly reduced.  The first copy shipped takes most of the hit - after that it's much less for each additional copy which is reflected in the bundles.  This should really help international backers.
  • Pledge Manager Still Available.  We'd intended to handle bundles in the pledge manager once Kickstarter funding ended, but enough people were asking during the campaign that we decided to create today's additional pledge levels.  You WILL still be able to use the pledge manager after the campaign ends for add-ons including additional copies of Lovelace & Babbage at similar shipping rates.  Basically, today's pledge levels are just a way to let people order bundles during the campaign as well.

Patron Vote #3

Also, as a reminder, voting for the third regular Patron is still ongoing until tomorrow (Saturday) night at 11pm Eastern Time.  We won't spoil any surprises, but we will say that the race is very close...  Mitchell or Anning - you decide!  Link to the survey here.

Please continue to help spread the word about the campaign and thank you all for your support.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Team Artana
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      So, what are the new shipping prices? Can you add them to the campaign page?