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A whimsical tale about a little boy who wins a million gumballs which begins an unbelievable day of fun and adventure.
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Jim Romer

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The shipment has arrived!

It's all about timing I guess. My final large order of books and bookmarks arrived today unexpectedly. The shipment was several weeks late and I was expecting to get some tracking information (which I don't believe I ever got via email.) But after last week with storm Sandy, there was no way for us to get any email, phone calls or physical mail.

Looking at it now, the shipment being late was probably a blessing. Our area got hit hard from storm Sandy last week. Overall, we were one a few who were lucky in our area. We have minor damages and had no power - but others had no heat or hot water - and several had there homes and property ruined by fallen trees. Even as I write this, people are still out of power and will be for quite some time. There's no telling what would have happen had the shipment been scheduled for delivery during the storm.

I also want to check with everyone: Whoever pledged for bookmarks or books - you should should have gotten your packages by now. There are a few exceptions: We had several returns where the addresses were not correct due to errors made in the survey. (Those whose packages had returned have been notified.) Also foreign shipments will take weeks for delivery. But over 90% of you should have gotten your books by now.
If you did not get your items, please let me know either here on KickStarter, on Facebook or to my email

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Things are starting to happen , , ,

So I thought I'd write this little update on what's happening so far:

My first shipment of the books is down to about 16 books left.
I expected the next portion of the books to arrive today, yet still no sign when that huge order will arrive. I can't really promote the book until this shipment get here.

I'm hearing from many that their kids and grand kids are loving the story. Thanks to all of you who are writing and calling with this information.  It only inspires me more to push forward.

I've submitted several issues of the book to various book awards for 2012, such as the IPPY Awards. The IPPY Awards is the award I would love to win since it is for self-publishing books only. We'll find out next April 2013.

Yesterday, we got a call from a news staff reporter, Chuck O'Donnell. Chuck saw the book, then called for an interview about my experience with KickStarter and self-publishing.
(There may even be a 2nd interview for the local newspaper too.)

Print Ninja, the great company that helped print the books has asked me to draw their mascot character for their corporate image and new website design.

During this year's NYC Comic Con, I sold only 7 copies of the book. This is counting the two copies that my brother's partner Matt insisted on buying - even though I wanted to give his kids the books for free. It was almost enough to pay for parking and tolls going to NYC. I never expected the comic con crowd to be interested in my kid's book. Yet people did take all of the free bookmarks I was giving out by the end of the con.

That's all for now.  
I don't plan on updating in Kickstarter too much after this. I don't want to be the guy who keeps sending annoying update emails every week. For those of you still interested in what I'm doing and would like to see updates on my drawings -- Please feel free to checkout my blog and website: 

Take care,
Jim Romer

Time . . . is NOT on My Side


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Books are Coming In! Books are Going Out!

NOTE: To $10+up KickStarters whom may have moved to a new address since the survey in June - please let me know your new mailing address ASAP.

The books and bookmarkers have arrived! All is good, in fact, the stuff looks great.
Hats off to Print Ninja for excellent work. I hope everyone is going to be as pleased as I am.

Stuff will start going out this week, starting Thursday, Oct 4th.
AGAIN A REMINDER: To $10+up pledges whom may have moved to a new address since the survey in early June - please let me know your new mailing address ASAP.