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The Shadow Cabal is a high-impact Action/Adventure in an epic fantasy world of elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons and magic.
The Shadow Cabal is a high-impact Action/Adventure in an epic fantasy world of elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons and magic.
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    1. Shane Ching on November 3, 2014

      Can I give a little shout to local web-series that these backers may be interested in.

    2. Carl on February 11, 2014

      Recently, I was reminded how really good this movie is--everything came together quite well. I'm looking forward to what Arrowstorm comes up next! Question about the upcoming Mythica series: will the Mythica series be a reimagining of previous works or will it contain new and previously unseen material? (This may have already been answered elsewhere.)

    3. Monty on November 24, 2013

      Received mine months ago, and feel guilty I didn't drop in to say how much I enjoyed it !

    4. Richard Luijten on September 25, 2013

      (Oh, and I'm in the Netherlands)

    5. Richard Luijten on September 25, 2013

      Marcin, I think you're in trouble.
      I received mine almost 2 months ago so you might want to give them a shout.

    6. Missing avatar

      Marcin Baran on September 3, 2013

      Are there any othe European backers who didn't get their DVD yet? Mine haven't arrived in Dublin. Asking as i'mnot sure how much longer should i give it before contcting the Arrowstorm Entertainment. Will be geatfull for any feedback.

    7. Balgin Stondraeg
      on August 31, 2013

      Herbert - I really wouldn't be surprised. Yep. Looks like it says blue ray on the box (not on the inlay, or the label, just raised embossed on the top of the front and hard to see.

      Replacement hasn't arrived yet.

    8. Shane Ching on August 31, 2013

      You got my order wrong Blu-ray instead of DVD + one Crown of the Dragon missing
      Can you just check the 2 separate messages that I have sent you.
      (1) PM on this channel
      (2) Contact via your web page.

    9. Herbert Eder
      on August 29, 2013

      @Balgin Stondraeg - maybe you got a Blu-Ray instead of a DVD? (That's what happened to me)
      But my digital download .m4v works fine on a Windows PC with both Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player

    10. Richard Luijten on August 26, 2013

      While I'm glad we finally got the DVDs and Blurays in, I've got to say I'm rather disappointed.. They're signed on the plastic sleeve (seriously, whose idea was that?) instead of the cover and there's no subs. No subs, really? Maybe you should've made that a stretch goal because for me it's impossible to watch without English subs.
      Maybe I'll wait until some fan subs it before I watch it fully.

    11. Petr Kocanda on August 24, 2013



    12. Lost-brain -Obsidian Order Dark Goddess on August 22, 2013

      Just received the DVD yesterday, and the movie is better than I expect. The only default is the lack of subtitles of the hard of hearing.

    13. John Vikør Green on August 22, 2013

      Just got my DVD today and it works great. I had a great time watching the digital version and been listening a lot to soundtrack. Many thanks.

    14. Jack Hepburn Raine on August 21, 2013

      Blu-ray received in the post today, already watched the film on my digital version, really enjoyed it, so watched the special features, were a nice touch but shame no full making of documentary, or cast interviews, would be nice to know who singed it though as hard to tell.

    15. Balgin Stondraeg
      on August 21, 2013

      Well 1 Kickstarter Special Edition DVD landed on my doorstep today here in the UK and it's unplayable.

      When I put it in the DVD drive of mc PC it doesn't even recognise the fact that there's a disc in there. Since that failed we tried a second pc. Once the disc was placed in the drive not only did it fail to recognise or read the disc but teh drive became "invisible" to the system. We removed the disc and placed it into the second dvd drive on that same computer and that drive also became invisible. Both drives remained invisible (even when emptied) 'till the computer in qestion was restarted.

      Third time lucky, we put the disc in our DVD player in the front room that bis attactched to our telly and instead of it just being unrecognised, ignored, or unread, a message popped up on the screen which said "Incompatible Disc."

      So I reckon I've received a bad disc. This has come as no surprise to me at all since the download link wasn't any good either. it was just a link to watch a quick 5-10 minutes of the film and any attempt to download the "Full HD digital download versioN" resulted in a .m4v file which is an Apple/Mac file type and doesn't work on a pc. On my budget I can't afford a second computer with a different operating system just to watch a single film. Additionaly I tried to download the movie three times and upon each occassion the .m4v file was of a different size. Similar, but different.

      So while I believe Arrowstorm Entertainment know about making films I reckon somehow something went wrong with the putting the film into a digital watchable format. I suspect that the back of the box where it says "All Regions" may be incorrect and it could be specifically region 1 or something but whatever it is, it's not working. The fact that it's making dvd drives turn invisible is a really bad thing as well.

      I am not a happy kickstarter supporter as so far the only tangible rewards I've recieved are the downloadable poster (since the film download has never worked and now the disc does not either).

    16. Tom on August 21, 2013

      1 Kickstarter Special Edition DVD landed on my doorstep this morning (UK). :D
      Been looking forward to this.
      Many thanks and may the Saga continue.

    17. Carl on August 15, 2013

      Got the disc today, 081413, and watched the film for the first time tonight among friends and family. {Unintentionally wrote up a whole review, but the general gist of it can boil down to the next few lines.} Most of us enjoyed it over here and thought it was a fairly decent movie with room for sequels. It reminded us of other films from another era--mostly those made in the late 70s and 80s. Kullimon (P. Hunt) and Nemyt (D. Chuchran) were among the group's favorites while the dwarf, Gyarmuck (J. Morris), felt almost unnecessary for the movie. Looking forward to seeing other adventures with this group. ;)

    18. Tom on July 31, 2013

      Kinda disappointed to see these on sale at Tesco before through my letterbox...

    19. Richard Luijten on July 23, 2013

      So how about those Blurays and DVDs?
      I messaged them about this 2 weeks ago and they said they were having some problems, but some more clarity would be nice..

    20. Missing avatar

      Marcin Baran on July 21, 2013

      any update on how's the DVD production going?

    21. Storm Blade on July 19, 2013

      Expecting blu-ray soon, me too.


    22. Vanessa Chalub on July 16, 2013

      Yeah, will there be english subtitles available?

    23. Jalister on July 11, 2013

      I still see there isn't an answer when the DVDs/BDs will ship. I don't mind a delay in receiving mine, but some feedback on the delay would be appreciated.

    24. Indigo on July 1, 2013

      Will there be any english subtitles available?

    25. Tiffany Waters on June 27, 2013

      When is the DVD and the other stuff going to be shipped?

    26. Paweł K. on June 25, 2013

      Forgot to mention that i watched the film and liked it :)

    27. Missing avatar

      cameron on June 25, 2013

      do you know when the DVD's will be shipped Just so i know when it will arrive. Cant wait to see it!!!!!!

    28. Paul M on June 23, 2013

      just wanted to say excellent job on the film now that I have seen it ^^

    29. Paul M on June 22, 2013

      well got my link but not the password XD did they mention it anywhere on here?

    30. Paul M on June 21, 2013

      I sent the PM on Wed. when you told me to pm you....yet I still have not gotten my link....did you get my message??

    31. Kristina Peters on June 19, 2013

      A Human, an Elf and an Orc walk into a bar........


    32. Arrowstorm Entertainment 16-time creator on June 19, 2013

      Paul M - PM me and I will send you the link again.


    33. Paul M on June 19, 2013

      I have still not gotten my link to download the film -.-

    34. Missing avatar

      UrPalAl on June 19, 2013

      Awesomely epic movie! Nice work guys and girls :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Mikael Friberg on June 19, 2013

      When do we get the credits for the SAGA game?
      The survey was sent 06/11/13

    36. Eero Salonen on June 19, 2013

      Movie is very nice. Forth to watch.

    37. Laurie Miller on June 18, 2013

      Am I the only one who rec'd only 14 minutes of this film plus the outtakes in dropbox? Where is the rest of this film?

    38. Douglas Herring on June 12, 2013

      1080p MP4 is fine for the digital download as far as I am concerned! Thanks! Looking forward to it!

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Cox on June 11, 2013

      Just got the survey, done. Must be such a relief to be shipping!
      Question, though... What happened to "Crown and the Dragon"
      There was a post that it was done on Apr 4, but no updates since then and no responses to comments/questions.

    40. Shane Ching on June 11, 2013

      I picked up a copy “Dawn of the Dragon Slayer” as ex-rental and enjoyed that film.
      I must be one of the few people that like movies with that has “heart” or “passion”.
      Please keep making them these types of films as I will always support your company.

    41. Missing avatar

      shakhaan on June 9, 2013

      Oh the suspense is killing me. Can we get an update on when the digital downloads will be available (just an estimate, no promises needed :-))?

    42. Vanessa Chalub on June 5, 2013

      I will also wait for the official digital download!

    43. Missing avatar

      Wayne Naylor
      on June 4, 2013

      Any word on when physical DVDs start shipping? itching to watch my movie and listen to the soundtrack

    44. Tim Heffley
      on June 3, 2013

      Came here to say the same...

    45. Steven Frost on June 3, 2013

      I can also confirm this is on the torrent networks as Dragon Lore Curse of the Shadow 2013 BRRip x264 AAC-OFFLiNE

      I'm just sorry to see it leaked online after the hard work you put into it. I'm certainly going to wait until I get my Blu-ray so I can see it the way it's meant to be watched.

    46. Arrowstorm Entertainment 16-time creator on June 2, 2013

      @Sven Can you send me a torrent link? It should not be released anywhere yet... I've seen a lot a fake torrents but Id be surprised if it had been leaked somehow. Thanks!

    47. Sven Piper on June 2, 2013

      Guys, your movie is already available at the torrent Network and that in different languages. Whereas me as backer haven't get a download link for my 15 bucks. It is ridiculous.

    48. Vanessa Chalub on May 27, 2013

      Okay, may is ending already. Time for an update!

    49. Missing avatar

      Paramo on May 25, 2013

      Love to see this movie by the summer.

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