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"The Crown and the Dragon" is an independent fantasy/adventure feature film shot entirely on location in Ireland.
"The Crown and the Dragon" is an independent fantasy/adventure feature film shot entirely on location in Ireland.
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New Sci-Fi Movie from Arrowstorm Entertainment!

Hi Friends, Thanks so much for your continued support of indie fantasy and sci-fi films. We are hard at work with a new sci-fi film called Magellan.

But we need your help! Our films wouldn’t be possible without the awesome support of our friends and backers.

So, please click the link below for our latest Kickstarter. You can also see the trailer here for Magellan: 


Back Magellan on Kickstarter today!
Back Magellan on Kickstarter today!


See Hodor in Mythica 5!

Hi Friends,

We just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Mythica 5 yesterday (and I apologize to all of you who have already received this message), and so far it is going AMAZINGLY well. After 24 hours, we're at about 40% of our goal already! We'd like to invite you to come join the fun.

Back Mythica 5 today!
Back Mythica 5 today!

Here's the link:

Also, for you Game of Thrones fans out there, we have the wonderful Kristian Nairn in our film - you'll recognize him as Hodor. #HoldTheDoor :(

Tek, God of the Forge
Tek, God of the Forge

He says a lot more than "Hodor" in our film, so come enjoy Kristian in a new role.


The Crown and the Dragon eBook - download link

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Back our new fantasy on Kickstarter!

Hi Friends,

We've spent the last 5 months shooting the first three films in our fantasy series, MYTHICA. It's an epic fantasy starring Kevin Sorbo, and follows the adventurers of Marek, a female necromancer who must put together a team of heroes.

It's directed by Anne Black, who brought you Dawn of the Dragonslayer and The Crown and the Dragon. Check out the trailer here:

Also, please share it with all your friends on Facebook, Twiiter, Reddit, etc, etc.

We appreciate your help!

Check out our new feature film!

So after a string of fantasy films, we've branched out into scifi. Check out SURVIVOR, an action-adventure starring Kevin Sorbo, with mutants, spaceships, laser guns and all sorts of mayhem.

Like Crown, it features a strong female lead, Dani Chuchran, from Osombie and The Shadow Cabal. She's an action star extraordinaire, doing all her own stunts - which are pretty epic.

So please check it out:

But above all else, please SHARE IT wherever you can today. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, wherever else your heart leads you.

Thanks so much for your support!