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The 5th and final film in the epic Mythica series, the largest indie fantasy project ever. Don't miss this unforgettable finale.
The 5th and final film in the epic Mythica series, the largest indie fantasy project ever. Don't miss this unforgettable finale.
2,107 backers pledged $131,087 to help bring this project to life.

Support our new film starring your favorite Mythica characters

Posted by Arrowstorm Entertainment (Creator)

Hi Friends,

So between our busy schedule with our TV show, The Outpost, we made another movie - The Appearance - which we think you are going to love!

It stars some of your favorite Mythica folks - Jake Stormoen (Dagen), Adam Johnson (Thane) and Game of Thrones star, Kristian Nairn (Hodor).

So, because it is getting released in select theaters and on iTunes in December already, we aren't able to do a Kickstarter. But we do really need your help bringing this film to prominence. If we can 300-500 people to pre-order the film on iTunes, they will feature us on their front page, which will make all the difference in the world to us getting some iTunes sales.

So - instead of supporting us on Kickstarter, we ask you to please pre-order the film on iTunes at this link:

You can watch the trailer at that link too!

Thanks so much for your support! We appreciate you all!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Beth Dries on

      Can I get a update on the board game? I backed it with Mythica 5 and the game people won't respond to my emails if I am still getting a game or not

    2. Joshua

      Wishing y'all luck! I also don't do iTunes (or theFruit), but I'll keep an eye out for it in theaters and DVD/BluRay release!

    3. veritanuda on

      Don't do iTunes, sorry.

    4. Osye Pritchett on

      I pre-ordered it. I swore I would never put itunes on my computer but I really wanted to support you guys, so I broke down and did it. :)

    5. Curtis Deem on

      I haven't been an iTunes user for many years, but I was able to sign in to my old account and get this on pre-order. I love your movies, so anything I can do to help!

    6. Missing avatar

      Beth Dries on

      I would back it if I knew anything about Apple. I am not a Apple product fan. But, if there where some answers on the Mythica game then I would consider.

    7. Arrowstorm Entertainment 16-time creator on

      Unfortunately, it is only available for pre-sale on US iTunes. It will be available in other countries at a later date. It will also be available on other services such as Google, Amazon, etc. But... if you are a US-based iTunes user - please buy :)

    8. Sn00ze on

      Not on Canadian iTunes either... :-(

    9. Frederic Lehman on

      Sadly, it's not on Norwegian iTunes.

    10. HdS

      Sorry, no iTunes here.

    11. Bradley Foster on

      If it was on anything other than Itunes I would love to.

    12. Rich Majewski on

      I'd love to but I don't use iTunes. If it was on Google or Microsoft or Vudu or Amazon....

    13. Calle Englund on

      I would, but it's not there. Is it region locked?

    14. Jalister on

      It looks good and I want to see it. I would support this but I don't use iTunes. I'll have to wait until other options come along.

    15. Peter Wilson on

      I can't find it help out please