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The 5th and final film in the epic Mythica series, the largest indie fantasy project ever. Don't miss this unforgettable finale.
The 5th and final film in the epic Mythica series, the largest indie fantasy project ever. Don't miss this unforgettable finale.
The 5th and final film in the epic Mythica series, the largest indie fantasy project ever. Don't miss this unforgettable finale.
2,107 backers pledged $131,087 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Luca Papalino on

      So I've just seen the premiere and a could say.....
      GORGEUS!!!! AWESOME!!!!

      The best of the five films so far!!!!

      And a perfect end!!!!

      Good Job Arrowstorm!!!!������

    2. Jalister on

      I was checking my library and found that the link for the Mythica 4 poster on VHX is not working.

    3. Glenn Fleetwood on

      Love the idea of a novel. I'd like to see a Mythica RPG Book even more!

      I was lucky enough to speak to Terry Practhett once about GURPS Discworld when it was being developed. Did you know Terry was also a GM of his own game!? He told me that it was GURPS ability to simulate anything you could think of that made it easy to represent his quirky and in-depth world so well, and now it is being re-released parallel with the very successful Kickstarter for their Dungeon Fantasy boxed set.

      I've said this before, and I'll no doubt say it again. GUYS, pick up the phone and have a chat with Steve Jackson Games bout a Mythica world ok powered by the GURPS system! You came up with a unique twist on mainstream style fantasy rooted in your love of RPGs, and GURPS would be the perfect vehicle for realising that as a tabletop campaign.

      I want to adventure in the world of Mythica, and I am sure that a load of others do too!

    4. Bernhard Lebourne on

      The credits look great. Thanks! -Bernhard

    5. Kevin Daignault

      @Arrowstorm Entertainment - How soon will I be able to download Mythica 5?

      Apologies if you've already answered this as I've been out of communication on this particular KS for awhile now.

    6. Stephanie Beach on

      Hey There. Can you update my name from Stephanue Beach Magic to Stephanie Beach Magic?
      Thank you

      Fantastic! Congrats and a great project

    7. Missing avatar

      Ronny Germany on

      Sorry to hear about these events. Keep up the good work. I hope for your future success!

    8. James Dalley

      Same question as Adam. Plus could we get another chance to purchase the digital since we know it will be such a long wait? I mean it doesn't seem right that we paid more on the kickstarter and will be among the last to see it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Mutch on

      Question on the boxset
      Will that go out the same time frame as the other physical releases? Looking at Dec 6th or are we talking April+

    10. Frank on

      @matt check the newest update. They cover the delay

    11. Matt on

      Any shipping eta updates? As Frank said we know we have good junk of the month to go but nice to know when roughly to expect them, even if a delay would be nice to be updated.

    12. Frank on

      I know there's still another 13 or so days left in the month.

      The estimated delivery for rewards states this month (Oct 2016).

      Is everything on track for delivery, is there a delay especially with the new movie kickstarter?

      Just wondering

    13. Arrowstorm Entertainment 16-time creator on

      @James - if you bought digital copies, then #4 will be available. Hard copies will go out the same time as Mythica 5, for shipping cost reasons. Mythica 4 will only be in stores on 6 December.

    14. James Dalley

      My question is will the 4th movie be available before the online premier? I assumed it would be, but it hasn't been released yet.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rhonda Sorrow on

      Any idea when the DVD & Blu Rays will be mailed?

    16. Missing avatar

      james gaugh on

      Any news on the boardgame date?

    17. Joseph Colton on

      do we know when we're getting the digital premiere?

    18. Brian Johnson

      Is it me or is this film taking a very long time and I haven't seen an update for a long time either.

    19. Joseph Colton on

      i still having gotten any notice for the digital premiere is the moive coming out this month?

    20. Arrowstorm Entertainment 16-time creator on

      @Michael - surveys were sent some time ago. Message me if you haven't received one - I will send you a new link.

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Moore on

      Any updates on when the surveys for the DVD's and Bluerays will be sent. I notice that a few people have asked and no one wants to answer.

    22. Jeffrey Swolley on

      Any word on the digital premiere?

    23. Arrowstorm Entertainment 16-time creator on

      @Bobby - shipping is ASAP.

    24. Bobby Allen

      In at the TEK level, I have a costume lady on retainer. She does great leather work, takes time. Her estimate is about a week to alter this to fit a mere mortal. Should I expect this to arrive in time to be altered before Halloween? or should I plan on another costume for this year?

    25. Loreen on

      Checking in to see if there is anything new on the ETA. Super excited to see it!! <3

    26. Missing avatar

      Beth Dries on

      Will we be getting a update soon on final numbers and possible shipping dates of everything?

    27. Illisia Adams on

      Hello, wonderful film-making people! Is there any chance that there will be a boxset released of all five of the films, that I can gift to family and friends? That would be wonderful! :-) All my best to the whole cast and crew! :-)

    28. Patrick SAYET

      actually it's 70$ for the game + extra shipping (+20$ for France)
      so I either need much much more info on the game and content, or at least one more month to save the extra money

    29. George Gsell on

      $70 for the board game is a little expensive.

    30. James Dalley

      @Kristof +1

    31. Van Uffelen Kristof on

      Got the Backerkit survey right now.
      But I am somewhat torn at the moment. Glad that we made it to the stretch goal with the board game. But adding 70 for the game that was already funded partially with the stretch goal. From a company (Berserker Labs) that I haven't heard about before. And that we haven't received any info about besides the 1 post and the knowledge that it has "something" to do with the Mythica universe. And honestly 70 $ is what you pay for a AAA board game from a AAA board game company. And in all respect, I immensely like Mythica, but neither the game nor the maker of the game are a AAA.

      So yes I am somewhat disappointed that the price is that high and that we as backers clearly don't get it at a favoured/discounted price. But that we too have to buy it at a full retail price including full profit margins. Seriously you have to make profit on selling those games to us your backers?. Because if that is the price without profit margins it would be the most expensive game in the store once it hits the shelves and I can not imagine big volume selling then. To make it even worse is that I would have to add another 20$ shipping. Yes, that makes paying twice shipping costs. Once for the pledge of Mythica5 and once for the game.

      To make a long story short, sorry that (90$) is too much. Even for a 5 times(all Mythica movies) backer like me.

      But don't worry I still like the movies :-)

    32. Jacqui Dennett on

      Hi, sorry to keep pestering but 4 days ago you said surveys would be sent out in 2 days, as I have not received an email with a survey I'm wondering if there is a problem or if they haven't been sent out yet, if the latter any update on when we might receive the surveys?

    33. Kari Biersack on

      I backed for a Fan Package and there is a signed BlueRay included. Actually I don't like BlueRays that much and the others I got as DVDs. Will it be possible and if yes, where will it be possible to change the signed BlueRay into a signed DVD?

    34. Missing avatar

      Tim Hackler on

      We wanted to add money for digital copies of all the movies in the package that was available in Kickstarter. All 5 digital movies were $69.00 if I remember correctly. We couldn't do that because Kickstarter would only allow one pledge. Will that package still be available in Backerkit?

    35. Jacqui Dennett on

      Hi, it's been a while now since the project was closed, and I know the last update, 7 days ago, said that the surveys would be sent out soon, but are you any closer to sending the surveys out, or giving us an eta?

    36. Missing avatar

      Derek Morgan

      I think we are still a short time away. Read the update as he said he was getting thrm ready. Soon!

    37. Missing avatar

      Thomas Clegg on

      Have Backerkit invitations gone out yet? I was only able to back minimally, but in a bit better shape now so I want to play catch-up :)

    38. Bobby Allen

      I found a leather worker that will help fitting the Tek outfit. Technical drawings for the hammer? If one wanted to build one to go with said outfit.. I can take stills from the film once it is out. Would be better to have the actual blue prints.

    39. Sheralyn McCrone on

      I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love your movies. That's all. xxx

    40. Brian Johnson

      Woot! Looks like we get the Mythica boardgame!

    41. Bobby Allen

      Any tailors/costumers in the DFW area. I will be getting Tek's outfit. It will fit 2 of me. Looking for a tailor to fit it and we should have enough leftovers to make a second outfit.

    42. Missing avatar

      Olivier Timsit

      I have just descovered Mythica and missed the KS campaign. They seem to be very nice fantasy movies. I am impatient to see this serie.
      I have one question about the precedents opus. There are some french subtitles available (official or fan made)?
      I am a veteran board gamer and very interesting about a Mythica board game, but like spmarcil (3 days ago), I need very more information and think that a KS for this BG will be a good idea. I don't know BERSERKER LABS and his precedent productions, tell us more about this company.

    43. Missing avatar

      Samuel on

      Congratulations on achieving your target. I can't wait to see the finished movie

    44. David Hill

      Congratulations. Can't wait to see what your next movie will be.

    45. Missing avatar

      Wouter van Dam


      In previous editions you could select additions later on during the backer kit survey.

    46. Lisa Maddock

      congrats Arrowstorm cant wait for this film 1-4 were amazing

    47. Patrick SAYET

      is it possible to upgrade the pledge later? I don't have enough now to get the Kevin Sorbo sig

    48. Daniel Satchwell on

      Congrats on a fantastic Kickstarter. I can't wait to see what you come up with next and hope you continue to use Kickstarter to engage with the fans. Wish this Kickstarter ended yesterday. Gonna cost me a few bob more thanks to the EU referendum :P

    49. Arrowstorm Entertainment 16-time creator on

      @Patrick - we do not have small props we can offer in any reasonable quantity - we never made coins for the show, and didn't have hundreds of extras wearing matching jewelry. We don't want to offer things that we did not create, so while I understand your desire and the perception that this should be an easy request to fill, we just don't have items that we mass produced for the show.

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