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The 4th film in the epic Mythica saga, the largest indie fantasy project ever. Follow the continuing adventures of Marek and her team.
The 4th film in the epic Mythica saga, the largest indie fantasy project ever. Follow the continuing adventures of Marek and her team.
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Stretch goal ideas...

Posted by Arrowstorm Entertainment (Creator)

Hi Friends,

So I wanted to explore some stretch goal ideas... here's a couple thoughts I've been having:

1) Andrew James, our Ronin operator (it's like a steadicam rig) on Mythica 4, also took some fantastic photographs. I was thinking of putting together a little book of photos and interviews with cast and crew... kind of like a Mythica 4 photo diary. We could do it electronically, or make the option available for people to have it printed. Any interest here?

2) A Mythica hack-and-slash mobile game... you could play various characters from the series on different levels and make your way through some fun adventures... this is a bigger undertaking, but we have the bones of the game built for a SAGA game we were considering... this might be something we could attempt if we reached $100,000.

Thoughts? Or ideas?

We are open to all your suggestions. Please comment below.

Of course, this is only relevant if we actually reach our goal with time to spare... today is a snowy Saturday, and it's been slow times here on Kickstarter... if this starts to be a trend, we will limp to the finish, so we can't be complacent. We'll keep coming up with ways to get noticed on our end. If you guys could keep telling people about this Kickstarter, that'd be awesome.


Also, I thought I'd just share this lovely little gem from set:

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    1. Allen Gould on

      Love the idea of a bts photobook. Would love to see what y'all get up to!

    2. Missing avatar

      charles-etienne jamme

      I am interested by the photo book as well. Interesting to discover how such serie is produced, make up ....

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike Keegan on

      Love the idea for a BtS scrapbook. I do most of my reading on a tablet nowadays anyway so electronic would be fine, but wouldn't say no to a nice hard copy as well.

      Good ideas below regarding a role-playing campaign setting. Maybe something generic (that is, not system dependent) with maps, locations and character bios.

    4. Kuba Paseka on

      Great ideas, I'd love to play such a game and have the artbook!

    5. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      Book would be cool, but maybe a world of mythica book with info from all movies also a slip case for all movies with room for the 5th movie, longer making of the movie, more special features.

    6. Peter Wilson on

      Live them both hope we can meet up with wait you lookin for

    7. Justin Clutter

      Love the book Idea!

    8. Gail L Rancourt on

      The book would be nice. A printed version and only if Kevin Sorbo was in it. He's not really in the movies that much.

    9. Missing avatar

      Adam Mutch on

      Agreed on the scrapebook idea or behind the scenes
      Stay far far faaaar away from a game

    10. Paul Schleicher on

      I would go for the behind the scenes and cast photos and interview book ... nice idea ... not much into gaming, however, you are on your 4th movie ... most gamers are into this genre, so a game would most likely be a good idea if promoted correctly ... good luck ....

    11. Alan

      The photo book would be nice. The move from electronic to physical is a big jump so I'd be nervous about that. Perhaps making it available on some sort of print-on-demand service? You couldn't get signatures that way but I suppose you could offer something where you get them printed and signed and shipped off to backers. That would be an expensive add-on of course.

      Software is a big black hole. Having done software, including mobile, you need to tread carefully here. If it's just a tribute thing then you could have something "simple" (nothing's ever 'simple" when it comes to computers) done up that would be fun. Just so long as it's not a twitch game that requires two hands. That kind of game is usually only fun for about 2.34 minutes.

      Short stories / character backstories expanding on the world of Mythica would a lot of fun.

      Getting a campaign setting put together for Pathfinder, D&D, Fate would be awesome!

    12. Jacqui Dennett on

      Like the photo/ interview book suggestion (personally I prefer hard copies) maybe an option for signed?
      Not sure about the phone game, don't play games on phones so can't really comment on that one.

    13. Patrick SAYET

      1) yes
      2) absolutely no

    14. Belle on

      The photo diary book/Ebook sounds good. How about an option to have it autographed by the cast/crew?

    15. Missing avatar

      Wayne Naylor

      Agree with Giancario Tambone, maybe also getting the full film series of Mythica written into a campaign book for use with D20 systems? World setting campanion book?

    16. Missing avatar

      Rhonda Sorrow on

      I love the idea of the photo diary-electronically would be good,but I would prefer a print version!

    17. Giancarlo Tambone

      How about short stories or novellas exploring side stories or characters' origins? They work really well with the Expanse series.