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COME ON!!! We made a great documentary about Arrested Development. Help us release the movie this spring!
1,079 backers pledged $35,486 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks for playing!

Posted by Jeff & Neil (Creator)

The answer to Friday's final contest answer:

(B) Yosemite National Park is where we were when we decided to embark upon this 5 year venture known as the Arrested Development Documentary Project.

We are only a few days from the end of the campaign and wanted to thank you again for the support and sticking with us throughout the campaign.  We also wanted to thank you for enduring our many emails throughout this week.

Jeff & Neil

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    1. Billy Seguire on

      Yeah, it's very easy to toggle that setting if you don't want to receive emails from particular projects. I personally PREFER getting as many updates as I can and would really hope that doesn't stop just because some people can't be bothered.

    2. Brandy on

      I thought the trivia contest was fun... although maybe I'm biased because I participated. Anyway, Kickstarter allows us to opt-out of email updates on a project by project basis, which can be helpful to those who don't wish to receive as many emails.

    3. Jeff & Neil Creator on

      @Matt - we are so sorry to clog up your inbox. We were just trying to offer a fun way for people to get more for their pledge since the support has exceed our expectations. But you are right, it is a bit ego-stroking, while truly unintended we won't let it happen again. Hey, we really appreciate your support and the feedback.

    4. Matt Grimm on

      Dudes... Wtf. I get enough email, I really don't need 2 or 3 extra a day from your trivia contests. A bit egotistical, no? I love AD, I support your project (for like $100), but your trivia shit is straight ego-stroking and irritating. Come on!!!