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A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
A new adventure game made of clay. From the Neverhood creators - made possible because of YOU, our generous supporters.
18,126 backers pledged $974,578 to help bring this project to life.

Pencil Test Studios and Armikrog at E3!


Hello Everyone! Just a heads up that Pencil Test will be at E3 this week making the rounds and we'll have a recent build of Armikrog with us! So if you're interested in checking out the game maybe we'll see you there. Also, we'll be bringing a Beak Beak puppet we are using for the game for everyone to check out. There is even a rumor that Mike Dietz will be bringing some original drawings with him to hand out to some lucky folks! :) I'll be posting our whereabouts all day, every day and set up some meeting places if people are interested in hanging out. Hope to see all of you there!

your pals, the Knuckleheads at PTS. 

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    1. KSimms ✵ ✵ on June 18, 2014

      As I'm sure you all have seen, they posted screenshots and walking animations in a "backers only" update here. And, let me just say, the screenshots and animation look beautiful.

    2. Tom Hammerheart on June 11, 2014

      Right. I understand they're at E3 promoting the game. I think we can all agree that we want this game to be successful and sale, otherwise we wouldn't have backed it; But they should have given ALL backers something more than a heads up that they would be presenting the game, especially since I'm sure most of us can't make it. I don't think anyone here expects a demo, just SOMETHING to show that they appreciate us making this happen. And if they did this with the intention of showing us something as it becomes available to folks at E3, they should have mentioned that in the update. I don't think that's too much to ask.

    3. Daniel Quinn on June 11, 2014

      It is a forum only for people that paid for it as an add-on. If you read the description on the front page, it never says that it will be the only place to receive screen shots. Why update at all if you show nothing of your progress? Also thank you for the "obviously", Nick. Is it ever "too early" to give evidence of progress? Particularly when you announce a delay?

    4. Tom Hammerheart on June 11, 2014

      After re-reading a couple of responses before me, I want to make sure I'm not missing something. This backer's forum you speak of, is this for all backers or for backers at a certain tier? If the former, I would suggest that Pencil Test reminds backers of this in each update. If the latter, I stand by my original response. They did to give all backers something instead of shutting them out and rewarding folks at E3 who likely had nothing to do with getting the project funded.

    5. Tom Hammerheart on June 11, 2014

      I'm not usually one to complain about this sort of thing, but I find myself siding with Daniel on this. I don't see a point in Pencil Test updating us on this if they're not willing to share anything with the people who helped fund this project. Here's how I basically read this update: "We're at E3 showing off a demo of the game. Thanks for the money, wish you were here." I'm sure that wasn't their intentions, but they've certainly made their priorities clear.

    6. Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on June 10, 2014

      Daniel, they obviously will post something here when they feel it is ready to reveal it. Right now, it's way too early.

    7. Daniel Quinn on June 10, 2014

      Didn't buy the add-on for that because I don't really feel the need to discuss the progress of the game or whatever on a forum. 18,000 backers should at least get to see a screenshot, even without paid add-ons.

    8. Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on June 10, 2014

      Daniel, that is what the backer's forum is for. That is were we have gotten info, screen shots, walking animations, and more.

    9. Daniel Quinn on June 10, 2014

      Missed the point, Nick. We all support more time for the game, but we have yet to see so much as a screenshot. Trying out the game is one thing, but the updates on this project for its backers have been very poor.

    10. JackDandy on June 10, 2014


    11. Jeremie Lariviere
      on June 10, 2014

      Thanks for the update!

    12. LarseTheArse on June 10, 2014

      Well said, Nick.

    13. Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on June 10, 2014

      Wow, all the supporters who were so positive towards the delay have become so sour because a select few may get to try out a "build" at E3.

      That's what E3 is about, guys. Showing off your new product to the masses and promote your new games/hardware.

      Also, if you really wanted to play the game early, there was an add on for beta testing. They've also revealed a lot already on the Backer's Forum and the Chumpy Cam.

      Come on guys, let's not be greedy, let's be supportive! Have a great time at E3, PTS! I'm here rooting for ya! Spread the love!

    14. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on June 10, 2014

      I have to agree as well that the backers should come first when there is something to show.

    15. Daniel Quinn on June 10, 2014

      I agree it is a bit odd you are planning on showing off a build of the game to people at an expo but we the backers haven't seen a thing in terms of gameplay. Ever, since the game was at 0 progress at the time of backing.

    16. Marie-Andree Poisson
      on June 10, 2014

      If I understand correctly, many people who didn't backed the project yet will be able to see this latest build, but we will not? Sound like the telecom approach to marketing : reward your future customers and don't mind about your actuals.

    17. Inkan - Armikrog.Army$4.96 on June 10, 2014

      Have a great time at E3! I so much wish that I lived a little bit closer so that I could go there and meet you. Original drawings/"gold" to some lucky fans!
      Wow, that is generous of you!

    18. Antonio Ortiz on June 10, 2014

      Damn, shame people who really loves videogames can´t enjoy a good taste of the E3 :\

      But like everybody said : D I hope you could bring us some video about the build! (You know, people there are going to see it anyway, like press,etc. so what about us? *wink,wink* ;D)

    19. DeafTard on June 10, 2014

      RECENT BUILD?!??! OMG! YOU better show us something since we are your loyal backers!

    20. Chris J Capel on June 10, 2014

      I presume you'll be showing us, your lovely backers, a video of this latest build?

    21. Shachar Har-shuv - Armikrog. Army on June 10, 2014

      You have got a build to show?? pshhh... Do not show it! I must not spoil anything!

    22. Elliot | Armikrog. Army - Grunt on June 9, 2014

      Original Mike Deitz drawings!!! Some lucky devils who spot them at E3!

    23. Collyn DeWitt on June 9, 2014

      Have fun at e3!

    24. Missing avatar

      Clarissa Helps on June 9, 2014

      Any plans for PAX Prime?