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The first publicly accessible space telescope! Take amazing photos of space or have your photo displayed above the Earth.
17,614 backers pledged $1,505,366 to help bring this project to life.

Final Update and FULL Refund

Posted by Planetary Resources (Creator)

Greetings ARKYD backers! 

When we announced plans for our crowdfunding campaign, “ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone,” the support from the Kickstarter community was (and still is) amazing! Our goal was lofty, and with your support, we raised a record-setting US$1.5 million in funds to support it. Thank you so much for the constant encouragement. You’ve provided us the support to try out a bold new idea with the potential for huge impact both on and off this planet. 

So far, we have fulfilled the many T-shirt, sticker, and poster Rewards. We’ve provided scores of memberships to The Planetary Society, codes for the video game Planetary Annihilation, and developed an educational rocket science board game in partnership with Xtronaut Enterprises. In addition to these Kickstarter-funded activities, we’ve also progressed on our company roadmap and built and launched two Arkyd-3 test spacecraft (the first didn’t make it very far off the ground!), and our two follow-on Arkyd-6 test satellites are finished and waiting for their next launch into space this summer. All this leads to the Arkyd 100 Space Telescope capability. 

When we closed the campaign in June of 2013, we were confident that the tremendous enthusiasm from around the world would translate into continued financial support outside of the Kickstarter community to move our idea forward… but, what we discovered was unfortunate. Aside from all the progress we made in the underlying technology, the follow-on interest from the business and educational sectors to expand the ARKYD campaign into a fully-supported mission did not exist as we had anticipated. We have explored and exhausted a variety of opportunities big and small for the financial backing necessary to complete the project. 

Due to the lack of necessary follow-on support, we are saddened to announce that we are unable to fulfill the “ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone” campaign. While we regret we must wind-down the project, we are pleased that we can offer each of our 17,614 backers an immediate and FULL REFUND, with our sincere thanks for your longstanding support. 

We've never been stronger in pursuing our goal of prospecting and mining asteroids, and you can read a recent update about our progress here.

So what happens now? 

You may request your refund according to the following refund policy and notification of refund: 

Each ARKYD Kickstarter backer will receive an e-mail with a personalized refund link (do not share this link with anyone). Refund request submissions must be made to the company by following this personalized refund link. We have used the email you have currently have on file with Kickstarter, so if this is not correct, please reach out to us HERE

Once you receive your personalized refund email, follow the instructions to complete the refund form. The form must be completed accurately and in its entirety. The refund form will provide you with options to claim your refund either by check or through PayPal. Refunds may take up to thirty (30) days to process. We reserve the right to verify information contained on the refund request form. Requests that include illegible, missing, or erroneous information may be returned to you for correction, which may cause delay in the issuance of your refund. We reiterate that you will receive a FULL REFUND, and will not be charged for any transaction fees or pledge rewards you may have already received. We have you covered. 

You will have 45 days from Thursday May 26, 2016 to accurately and fully complete and submit to us your refund request form. We will not honor refund requests following the the deadline of Monday, 11 July 2016. Alternatively, you may mail your request form to us in hardcopy format to the following address: ATTN: ARKYD Kickstarter Refund, 6742 185TH AVE NE, Redmond, WA 98052. We are not responsible for lost or undeliverable mail. If you do not respond to this notification, as a courtesy we will make a reasonable effort to notify you of the refund offer. Ultimately, requesting a refund is your responsibility and we will make no further attempts to contact you following the deadline. 

It is with heavy heart that we share this news. The Kickstarter community is stellar and we continue to be inspired by your passion as we make our way into the Cosmos. One of the things we enjoy most in building technology to explore space is sharing that journey with others. You can rest assured we will continue to take you on our journey as we make our way to the asteroids and beyond. 


Chris Lewicki 

Your biggest fan & Chief Asteroid Miner, Planetary Resources, Inc.


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    1. Thomas Paine on

      Wow, I can't believe you all are offering a refund. I've backed a lot of projects with mixed results but I've never received nor expected a refund. Please ignore the children throwing fits because they didn't get their ice cream. We all pitched in money hoping it would work out but there is always a high degree of risk involved. If people can't embrace that they should stop crowd funding projects, their toxicity is ruining it for the rest of us.

    2. Braedon de Grasse

      Oh wow. This is the first time I've had a Kickstarter go wrong that's just straight up giving a refund. No fighting with project creators, or waiting months for nothing to come. MAJOR props to all of you guys for being so honest and easy to deal with this.

      It's a shame things have to go this way, but good luck to all of you in your future endeavours!

    3. Missing avatar

      Lars Banning on

      Seems like Google failed me, "PRRY" is not the Planetary Resources stock, so the 0,03 USD/share figure quoted below is not correct. In fact I can't find any information about stock prices, is Planetary Resources even publicly traded? It doesn't seem so.

    4. Bart Quicho

      I am also getting an empty page with "array" after submitting the refund information.

    5. Martin Uzunov on

      Oh, so you will not honor refunds after 45 days, which basically means you will STEAL a fraction of the pledges. Now you are making me create a PayPal account just for this...only in crowdfunding can you get away with something like this...

    6. Antony T Curtis

      Would have been cool to be able to do the 3 space observations... oh well.
      The way I see it, this was money spent years ago - would be nice if there was an option to convert to shares of equivalent value...

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian Betts on

      I am not inclined to be as charitable as many of the other commenters. You ultimately achieved...nothing, so I will be requesting my refund. This was clearly a bid to come up with a solid PR reason to get an interest free loan. Great that you're at least paying people back, but I'm willing to bet you were never planning on delivering when you set out on this "mission" years ago.

    8. Missing avatar

      Cristian Acierno on

      Also getting an almost empty page with the word "array".

    9. Dominik Deobald on

      Same with the "Array" message for me. Did it go through?

    10. Missing avatar

      Herbert on

      Well, failure is always a possibility, at least Planetary Resources honors full refunds for not delivering the final product, that's rare enough on KS.

      When I try to claim a refund I also get the "array" error (?) on the claim-website after finishing the requested data. Hope it works anyway. If not, please issue another update to let people know that their refund claim has not been submitted to you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kurt on

      Thanks for the upstanding way you are handling not delivering on your promises in the Kickstarter campaign. If I choose to not take my refund, what will happen with the funds? I really backed the campaign to help further our future in space. Sounds like that has happened and I am not opposed to continuing to do so.

    12. Missing avatar

      Glenn Bristol on

      Space is hard and business is business. Not sure which of those axioms was more decisive in this case, but I'd encourage everyone who is complaining about "interest free loans" below to remember the looks on everyone's faces when the Arkyd-3 was lost in an explosion on take-off.

      I'm disappointed that this project won't happen, but if it's the best decision for Planetary Resources to keep flying, I can accept it.

      ARKYD Team: I'm still glad to have been a part of this, and I wish you well. Thanks for making good.

    13. Chillingham Road Primary School on

      +1 on the refund page not seeming to work - also getting the array message.

      Good luck to your team though - hope you carry on!

    14. Zer0Cool on

      A fine example of how to abuse the Kickstarter process really. Where's my loan interest %?

    15. Erin Baker on

      ARKYD team,
      Congratulations to you for everything you have achieved, even though plans fell short of the lofty goal you set. You should be proud of aspiring to achieve something so bold and innovative. I hope that future dreamers and space enthusiasts will be encouraged by your efforts. My contribution to was worth every penny and I will not ask for a refund. Best of luck in your future efforts.

    16. Missing avatar

      Julian Stuhler on

      @Jamey I'm having the same problem with the refund link. Tried it several times and get the "array" message each time...

    17. Missing avatar

      AlanBCDang on

      I backed at the level with "Take 3 of your own observations with the ARKYD!" -- what about 3 observations of the Earth at locations of our choice?

    18. Marc C on

      Bitter sweet although with your recent 21.1 million dollar funding that others have pointed out, you could do it, so our money interest free loan?? Well that's one way to get no strings and no cost funding for a business

    19. Missing avatar

      Jamey Jensen on

      The refund page doesn't work! After submitting it leads to a page that just says "Array." I hope the refund link doesn't stop working now.

    20. Brian Bledsoe on

      Well that's a bummer...

      Just filled out the refund form and it returned a page with just the word "Array" on it. I'm hoping it went through.

    21. Roman Muravyev on

      Google Chrome says your link is unsafety:

      Your connection is not private

      Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

      I am scared to fill my data there :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Richard Tatum on

      This is unfortunate, but big science is risky and expensive. I suppose we all knew that when we contributed.

      This being said, I am confused. Looks like you have launched some of the telescope components. What happens to them? What happens to the refund, if I choose not to receive it?

    23. Missing avatar

      Lars Banning on

      Very sad to hear. I never backed because of the rewards (I don't really care about the space selfie), but because I believe in the idea of asteroid mining. It's the best hope we have for medium to long term space exploration.
      I also concur with Jeffrey Sue's point below. I wouldn't mind exchanging my refund for a share (could even be preferred shares without a voting right). Although I doubt this would be practical from a legal and administrative standpoint, but seeing the current stock price (0,03 USD per share) it might not be that crazy of an idea.

    24. Josh on

      So, you guys took out money for a cool project, then bailed on it when a way to use it commercially in a different way showed up. And not even used for asteroid hunting.

      At least I'm getting my money back.

    25. Josef Šoltes on

      I guess, you want this tech merely for yourself and don't want to share with others outside of your secured Series A funding. I would love to get some shares instead of refund (and buy more!).

    26. DeltaBlast on

      You have plenty of money, you just don't want to spend it on a very long selfie stick. Well that's fine, as we're getting our money back, I guess :P

    27. Missing avatar

      Christopher Smith on

      Are you willing to share with us where the funding for the refunds is coming from? Clearly you spent some of the $1.5M kickstarter funds... so in order to refund everyone you must be getting funds from others.

    28. Ren Shredder on

      Oh no, this is really sad news, for you, for us, and for the rest of the world. This was important technology. I'm really sorry (and quite surprised actually) that the continued financing of your project failed. Wish you all the best, and am looking forward to what's next!
      Thank you very much for the opportunity of a full refund, it is very much appreciated!

    29. Roger Herzler on

      What would happen with the money if we didn't take the refund? Would it go to the Planetary Society or other efforts?

    30. Missing avatar

      KGB/Allotrope on

      Literally seconds later after I got this update, this came in:

      So... I'm confused. Sounds like people did demonstrate interest in the technology, no? You received 21.1 million in funding for your next project that was built using the ARKYD tech as a stepping stone.

      Please correct me if I'm wrong, but, it looks like you used the kick starter funds to help you develop tech, then once you secured funding elsewhere, you're dumping the campaign and using the tech to continue on?

    31. Bill Strait on

      Wow, I've never heard of getting a full refund on a project before. Thanks! Sorry to hear the project is winding down.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Sue on

      How about stock in your company instead of a refund? In many ways, when we support a Kickstarter project, we are in reality investing in the people and concept. I would love a few shares instead because I believe in what you are doing.

    33. David Erosa on

      As others said, really sad news but an amazing response to your backers. I wish you the best for your future projects, and if you ever want to relaunch this one, just let us know!

    34. Alex Garcia on

      It's sad people have no vision. There are untold riches floating around in the asteroid belts between Mars and Jupiter. I hope you don't mind if I add a Planetary Resources office in the back ground of a short story I'm writing.

    35. Duncan on

      Very sad news, but impressively decent of you to provide a full refund - something lacking in other projects which I've pledged to - which has led to me not pledging to any new projects, since the Zano fiasco.
      Thank you for being honest with us, and the Very Best of Luck for Plantetary Resources going onward........and upward. :)
      I'll keep an eye out for your progress!

    36. Jeff Richards

      Sad to hear, but thank you for standing by your backers! best wishes for future endeavours.