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The first publicly accessible space telescope! Take amazing photos of space or have your photo displayed above the Earth.
17,614 backers pledged $1,505,366 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Sara Ringham on

      Have I missed the opportunity to submit my selfie for the photo? There have been no other updates? Any other backers able to fill me in, am I going to the wrong place for updates?

    2. Mike Robinson on

      It's been almost 2 years boys. I want my money back please.

    3. Ben Applegate on

      Damn. Hang in there, guys. We're rooting for you.

    4. Alex Agranov on

      We just have to keep on pushing forward.

    5. Noah Saber-Freedman on

      ad astra! we continue to place our hopes in you.

    6. LuckyLuigi on

      We do these things because they are hard. Try, try and try again ! :)

    7. Sergio Carnevale on

      Bad news but space is not easy we know!! Nice to ear updates from you
      Keep going!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Ondrej Stasek on

      Going to space is not easy. And maybe never will. We get reminded from time to time about it.

    9. Taylor Primm on

      This incendent will keep us reminding that space travel is dangerous along with everything else about space is even just looking up, yet that still doesn' stop us from keep looking up. This is murphys law action that we need to learn from so we keep moving forward.

    10. drow on

      nice to hear about your new website section, but i certainly hope you continue to post updates here.

    11. Darnell Hester on

      It's been a tough week for the private space industry, but it remains an exciting venture. You guys have the coolest jobs and keep US going! Stay strong and God Speed!

    12. Scott Medwid on

      This has not been a good week for private space. I was reading this KS update when word of the Virgin Galactic crash came over the radio.
      This said, we pick up the pieces, find out what went wrong, re-engineer if needed and go launch again. I like the PRHQ site. Keep up the good work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael O

      Thanks for the update. It is with regret I read that updates are moved away from Kickstarter. It essentially means many of your backers will not receive news from you anymore. Since I backed you on kickstarter, I expect you keep us updated through kickstarter project updates, even if they only contain a link to your site. If each project goes this way, I spend an evening a week to check all projects I back for updates. Having said that, it would have been nice to have had an update about this launch!

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Kaplan on

      Sad news, glad you are pushing forward. It's been a tough week for commercial space travel. Given that the Anteres will likely be grounded for a while will you be exploring other launch vehicles (SpaceX, Ariane, ISRO)?