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$1,028 pledged of $7,000 goal
By Kimberly
$1,028 pledged of $7,000 goal

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“Kim!” the familiar woman yelled at me from across the street. “I’m glad I ran into you, here’s some money for your project!” she riffles through her purse and hands me $50.

“Oh, no, no, thank you, but it doesn’t work that way, you need to go online to Kickstarter” I tell her, embarrassed that she is trying to had me a fifty dollar note on the sidewalk.

“Oh I tried, I can’t figure out that fancy computer stuff! Here, take it” she tries to shove the money in my purse.

“No,really,  just buy the books when they are released, honestly, that’s so kind, but it really doesn’t work that way.”

“I insist” she says firmly and walks away, leaving me with the money and a smile.

Many people who love Arithmetic Village, love it for it’s old fashioned simplicity. An important part of online crowd funding is to have technically savvy friends and family to help jump start the campaign. Ideally not through their own funding, but through their other technically savvy friends who can help spread the word. The idea is to get validated by your projects merit, not by how many friends you have with an extra 20 dollars. So hey, if you are reading this you may be technically savvy, and you may have some friends who might love Arithmetic Village so, please spread the word! :)


Yay, we've started! I wasn't expecting to  be chosen for a long jury trial the day after we pressed GO, but that's the beautiful thing about life- the unexpected! Thank you so much for all of the kind emails, comment and donations. I will keep you all posted from the internet cafe across from the court. (Arithmetic Village doesn't need courts- it's an academic utopia! )