Arithmetic Village - Educational Books and iPad Apps

by Kimberly

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      Rosie Kaplan on

      And so you should, its a great project. How are we going to get this out there.

    2. Kimberly Creator on

      Have no fear, Rosie, we'll get this out there somehow, no matter what! the graphic designer is almost completely finished, I have a few bits and bobs left, and I have found an amazing branding persoon to help with the covers. I'm healthy, I have spare parts to sell. I might also have some left over jewelry from my first marriage.. It will all be ok :)

      Also, I have found some beautiful Homeschool backers whom have discovered Arithmetic Village through Kickstarter, so word is getting out!

    3. Kimberly Creator on

      Three days. A lot can happen in three days. Ironically enough, this project ends around a holiday called Easter. Three days... miracles...rising again... you never know :)