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5 children’s Books & iPad apps introducing + - x ÷ through story, rhyme and personification!

5 children’s Books & iPad apps introducing + - x ÷ through story, rhyme and personification! Read More
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About this project

In Arithmetic Village, there are only two rules:
Be kind to each other, and share all the jewels.

Kim‘s Mathematics curriculum professor was frustrated with her creativity: “You don’t need to re-create the lessons entirely” she sighed. But Kim rejected boring math lessons. She rejected them as a child, as an adult, as a teacher and as a parent.

Arithmetic Village is her response. Story, rhyme, color association all un-mathy approaches to teaching math. All mixed together in a sea of subtlety, positivity and joy.

It’s simple really. Five books. Five concepts. The basics. There’s room for growth in this village, decimals, fractions etc... but first things first.

What is it?

Arithmetic Village is a series of five children’s rhyming picture books which introduce number placementaddition, subtraction, multiplication and division, through story and personification.

It's also a website with lesson plans, activities and how-to videos to help you create your own individually tailored math program.

If you want to read what people have said about the program so far, skip to the testimonials at the end.

Why is it?

Because math should be introduced playfully, gently and naturally!

What do I need?

  • To pay graphic designer to digitize the new illustrations - $3,500
  • To create the iPad (book) apps and update the website - $3,000
  • To pay the print-on-demand set up costs - $500
  • Total $7,000

Why new illustrations?

We had rights to the original drawings for one year only, and re-illustrating the books is giving us full control over the project, allowing us to be more creative about how Arithmetic Village can be distributed. 

The newly illustrated characters have a simple look, inspired by a popular childhood's book, “Harold and the Purple Crayon”.  

The images you see here and on the video are the new ones.

Books for Free - and more...

Downloadable lower-resolution books will be available to everyone, everywhere in the world via the internet.

You will still be able to buy the printed books and purchase books as iPad apps. 

The Arithmetic Village website will continue to offer lesson plans, activities and how to videos - also free to download.

Tell me about the rewards!

The first reward is inclusivity. We all want to belong to something, and who wouldn’t want to belong to a little learning village where everything is fair? Every donation will receive a certificate of citizenship in the most friendly, positive, equitable and fictional place around - where the number one rule is to be kind. We could all use a piece of that now and then.

Next you can get the merchandise - for you or someone you love, or someone you think needs it, because that’s just how kind you are!

We’re offering iPad apps, new edition books, first edition books, treasure chests, puppets and heaps and heaps of jewels. We’ll also add a personal Skype call with the author if you would like individual support for the math program.

Of course if you really, really take your inclusivity seriously, we can sneak a caricature of you into a scene in the Arithmetic Village book itself.

If there's something you'd like, that we haven't offered, or perhaps you just have a question - we invite you to email us, or leave a comment on our Faccebook page.

What appreciative parents have said

We love hands-on living math and this one is fun. [He] wants me to read the stories over and over. 

-- Cori from Wonder in the Woods

The five books arrived, and after one reading we were hooked. Ever since then my children, ages 5, 7, and 9, have chosen to read these delightful stories again and again.

-- Shannon from Song of my Heart

The rhythm and rhyme of the books makes it delightful to read and easy to remember. These books are a long lasting purchase. This is not a bedtime story that will get lost in between Cat in the Hat and The Giving Tree for weeks at a time. You will use this book as a story, to teach a concept and to spark the imagination of your child. There are so many great activities and games to enhance the books. There are suggestions on the site and so many more you can tailor make for your own children. Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? You can make a fun day exploring math while searching for jewels!

-- from

Her eyes lit up, her face glowed and her smile went from ear to ear….all that waiting for that one little treasure box was oh so worth it! She placed her sack of jewels in the chest and together we counted how many sacks the treasure chest held in total.

-- Kylie from Worldwide Classroom

My children love this little series of books that gently introduce the basic operations.My children loved the books they asked if there were any more. The stories are short and sweet but memorable and my children ran with the concept. They played with the whole idea and spent the day counting, subtracting or losing gems, then picking them up quickly like Tina Times and ultimately King David Divide shared out all the gems equally. If there was a remainder, that went to the pet dog (in the story of course).

-- Renelle from Dove’s Rest

There is a great deal of fantasy in these books, so if your family likes fantasy, you will really enjoy this program. If your children love listening to fairy tales, coming up with their own fairy tales, etc.,  they will have a blast doing this program. 

-- Colleen from Sunrise Learning Lab

-- Receiving appreciation at one of my workshops

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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    PLEASANT PEASANT - Heartfelt appreciation, sent across our virtual village to yours :) You will also receive a personalised digital (printable) Certificate of Citizenship to Arithmetic Village.

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    POLLY - Polly Plus is proper and neat. She picks up the jewels she finds at her feet. For a pledge of $10, we will send you a discreet link where you can download your own copies of the new edition books, prior to launch.

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    LINUS - Linus Minus, an adorable mess, starts each with more, and ends up with less. For a $25 pledge, we will send you a link where you can download your own copies of the 5 iPad apps (one for each book). Don't be careless like Linus, pre-order your iPad apps now!

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    IMPATIENT TINA - Tina Times discovered the trick, that adding in groups can make counting quick. With every $50 pledge we'll send you a signed by the author set of the first edition books (5 books in the set). This means you can start the Arithmetic Village program right away!

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    Pledge $60 or more About $60 USD

    THE KING - King David Divide is mighty and wise, sharing equally is what he decides. With a pledge of $60 or more, you will receive a set of the 5 new-improved 2nd-Edition books (delivered anywhere). Pre-order your books here!

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    Pledge $85 or more About $85 USD

    CASTLE - The castle-and-caboodle. For this generous pledge, we will send you a set of the the 5 new-improved 2nd-Edition books and the 5 iPad apps. Be the first to get the books AND the iPad apps!

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    Pledge $130 or more About $130 USD

    THE ROYAL TREATMENT - With this pledge you receive the set of 5 new books, the 5 iPad apps, and a Treasure Chest containing 100 jewels in 10 bags. This is everything you'll need to get started playing in Arithmetic Village.

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    Pledge $170 or more About $170 USD

    YOUR MAJESTY - Both sets of books, the 5 iPad apps, a Treasure Chest containing 100 jewels in 10 bags, 4 Finger puppets, or a one-hour Skype call with the author.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    ROYAL HIGHNESS - A caricature of you, drawn into an Arithmetic Village scene. Immortalize yourself, in this academic utopia!

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