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OpenIndie: 100 pioneering filmmakers embrace modern cinema's video poster

Anyone can screen any film anywhere. seeks 100 filmmakers to form a community that can be the change we've been waiting for. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 29, 2009.

Anyone can screen any film anywhere. seeks 100 filmmakers to form a community that can be the change we've been waiting for.

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Want your film on OpenIndie? Watch our Phase 2 video: is a website that is really 5 years in the making. The whole process of rethinking how screenings for films come together started with the quest to self distribute Four Eyed Monsters. We had the idea that if enough people in each town wanted to see our film that there should be a way to have a screening happen to serve the local demand. So we started collecting peoples zip codes to then team up with technology collaborators who could plot it all out on a google maps. We were lucky to have geniuses working with us that were able to display larger and smaller hearts on a map to show how many people in that city wanted to see our film. This information was then shown to movie theaters as we made our case for setting up screenings and we were able to get our film to 31 cities. All of the cities with more then 100 people that wanted to see the film got at least 1 screening. Many cities screened the film week after week as word of mouth in the city grew and people brought friends to see the film. The biggest take away from the whole experience was that there was a community that was created around our film that were thrilled to meet each other and to be a part of having made the event happen. Especially when we'd show up to the screenings everybody was so glad to be finally meeting us and have finally seen the film. It was a true blast. Not to mention a complete thrill that all over the country there were various screenings happening of our film. is a project to bring this experience to 100 films and their fans. We especially want films that have already built up a mailing list of email addresses and zip codes or at least some twitter followers or have friends who can push your OpenIndie page once it's live. But really, any filmmaker who wants to pioneer this new era is welcome to jump on board on a first come first serve basis. The reason we decided to start with 100 films is that it's a reasonable quantity to keep server load manageable during the beta phase. However, in the future there will be a growing number of films so if you want to donate less then 100 dollars now and join the site later, thats okay. The most important thing here is that we reach our fund raising goal of 10,000 dollars. So every little bit helps. The reason we need this money is to cover the cost of OpenIndie
co-founder Kieran Masterton being our full time Programmer. He's done amazing work on nights and weekends that has me 100 percent sold that given the ability to dedicate his full time efforts to programming the site we will have an amazing service for the 100 filmmakers by March 1st 2010. From that point on these 100 films will have a working film page and email engine for 10 months after which point we'll review how everything has been working, consider the sustainability of the site and proceed to the next incarnation of the site.

So ride the wave of the evolving film industry and make a donation right now!

Arin Crumley
OpenIndie Co-Founder

OpenIndie: The site in a nutshell
OpenIndie, in the first instance, is a user generated film screening site with the aim of democratizing distribution. Development will take place over a number of phases but ultimately using the site users can discover and bookmark films they’re interested in, request a screening in their area and put on a screening of any film on the site. Likewise, filmmakers can add their film to OpenIndie, and upload and promote their film via social media. Plus, in terms of exhibition anyone, from an individual or a group of friends, to theatres, venues, film clubs and festivals will be able to measure demand for a film in their area, screen a film and share their revenue with the filmmaker. We’ve developed this model with Arin’s experience of self distribution in mind and believe that this site can not only change the way that filmmakers distribute their films but also help make independent film production a sustainable enterprise. The key to OpenIndie is that anyone can screen any film!

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    Anyone who donates at least 1 dollar will get an invitation on march 1st 2010 to be one of the founding members of the site and you'll be able to request any film and put on any screening of any film on the site. This could be for a group of friends in your living room or renting out your local cineplex. In the first few months there be a limit of 1 screening per week per user and each user will only be able to have two films selected for download at a time. This is to keep us on budget and not incur massive data transfer expenses. But this is enough to get a screening series off the ground that is dedicated to showing your personal picks of the 100 pioneering films. Lets hope they don't all suck. Haha. But we know we have Four Eyed Monsters, Moonshine, Head Trauma, Abel Raises Cain, We Are The Strange and I'm sure many others that I can personally assure you are definitely worth screening.

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    Pledge $15 or more

    21 backers Limited (399 left of 420) is being created based on the distribution strategies we implemented with Four Eyed Monsters, so in celebration of this, everyone who has or now makes a donation of 15 dollars will be mailed a Four Eyed Monsters Music CD. (Only to US, Canada or UK addresses due to shipping costs.) For a full track list check out our post on the updates tab of this page. For more information about the CD, check out:

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    Pledge $100 or more

    93 backers Limited (7 left of 100)

    Filmmaker profile that works to upload your mailing list into so that all of your fans will hear about any screening that gets put on. Any member of the site will be able to put on a screening of your film. They'll be able to download your film so you don't have to mail DVDs to the hosts. They'll be able to Use to give you all the donations collected at the screening. And you'll get a button on your films page that allows people to make a donation. This works regardless of where they saw your film. Think of it like a tip jar for your film. This profile will be live and active for 10 months at the end of which time we'll assess how to move forward and sustain the site.

    In addition, you'll also get 1 hour of free consulting time with myself, Arin Crumley scheduled during mutual availability at some point during the 10 month period. During this consultation we'll discuss what the goals of your filmmaking are and I'll mentor you in how to best take advantage of various technologies, methodologies and modes of thinking that can bring you more success. Note: If you're not a filmmaker but pledge $100 or more you may donate the 1 hour of consultancy to a filmmaker of your choice. However, you must have your chosen filmmaker contact kieran (at) openindie (dot) com with your name and their details before the Kickstarter campaign ends in order that we can match pledges to filmmakers.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    1 backer Limited (9 left of 10)

    If you want to bring more then one film into the mix, you can donate 1000 dollars and bring up to 10 films into openindie and get everything explained above including 10 free hours of consulting.

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