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Interactive tutorials to teach Java Programming to Beginners. Learn through discovery on

Update: Thanks to all backers, this project has reached its funding goal! If this reaches the Stretch Goals, I can create even more content and features! See details on the bottom of the page.

An Interactive Tutorial to Teach Java Programming

The best way for beginners to learn programming is with interactive tutorials. There are many tutorials online for languages like Python and Javascript, but there is not much for Java, even though it is one of the most in-demand languages. 

This project aims to change that. I will create interactive modules that teach programming by presenting a concept along with programming challenges. This will let the user learn by doing, the only real way to learn programming. I already created the first Java module so you can try it out and start learning programming now!

What's Next?

If this project is funded successfully, I'll be able add more content and improve the site:

More Modules

The first module just covers the very basics of programming, but there's a lot more to learn! I will create both online and offline content to help the beginner programmer get started. I'll create the following modules once this fundraiser finishes: 

  • Object-Oriented Programming and Programming with BlueJ
  • More about the Java Language and Libraries
  • Creating (and distributing) a Complete Java Program 
  • Interactive Java Reference for Beginners

More Practice
The Learneroo modules go through the material quickly, but it is important to do more practice to reinforce what you learn. I will add additional programming challenges that can be done after completing the main content. They will also be open to anyone interested in practicing programming. 

Improved Website is still under construction, but when this project raises funding, I'll be able to improve the design (and fix bugs). In addition, I hope to add new features, such as "code helpers" and social learning tools.

Your donation will help prevent this
Your donation will help prevent this


...and you can get more of this.
...and you can get more of this.


After this project is funded, I will create a new premium membership option on Members will receive 3 benefits:

  • Premium Help - There will be a forum for all users to ask and answer questions. The Learneroo staff (me) will also try to answer all members' questions. 
  • Live Chat -  In addition, there will be multiple time-slots each week when members can chat online to get help while they do the challenges. 
  • Extra Content - Members will also be able to download additional content at no extra cost. 

Everyone who donates $7 and up to this project will receive 1 month membership on Learneroo which can either be used by the donor or given away. It will need to be used during 2013. 

More about

Scribbling on boards has a long history, but more can be done...
Scribbling on boards has a long history, but more can be done...

Online education has grown a lot recently, but it is still often focused on videos of people scribbling.  I think the web can offer more than that, and the goal of Learneroo is to let people learn through discovery by viewing interactive content and solving challenges. We won't just do the standard curriculum, but will focus on the skills that are really needed today and tomorrow. This is some content already available on Learneroo - Interactive Education:

You can read more about education on the Learneroo Blog. Your support will help Learneroo create content to teach java and much more!

Stretch Goals

The more this project raises, the more content and features I will be able to create! For each funding level, I will be able to create the following additional content by the end of December 2013:

  • $1500 -  An Algorithms Module about Trees and Graphs. 
  • $2000 - Multiple Algorithms Modules so beginners can cover the basics of Algorithms by learning through discovery!
  • $2500 -In addition to the modules on Java and Algorithms, I will create another module to teach Practical Computer Skills, such as searching text or databases.

 I will also be able to hire people to help improve the site. In addition, I will work on the following features:

  • $1500 - Better progress tracking - Get points and badges for completing challenges.
  • $2000 - Mobile support - Improve the website for mobile users. 
  • $2500 - Computer feedback to help users fix their bugs. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are two main challenges when creating software and educational content:
Making sure everything is correct and shipping on time. To ensure that the content is correct and clear, I will hire another Java programmer to review it. To avoid delays, I will focus on creating the beginner Java content over other tasks and keep people posted of my progress.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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