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iPhly lets you fly R/C airplanes and drive R/C cars from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Both the hardware and the software are open source.
iPhly lets you fly R/C airplanes and drive R/C cars from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Both the hardware and the software are open source.
99 backers pledged $16,918 to help bring this project to life.

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A crate of iPhlies is on its way to California. I expect to have it Monday or Tuesday, and ship to US addresses as soon as I have it here. For backers outside of the US, your packages are already on their way to you directly from Shenzhen.


Status & Schedule

Thank you again to all my backers.

I have a small number of production units here in California ready for delivery. I am giving preference to local customers who wish to pick them up in person in Mountain View. This both saves me money for shipping and gives me a chance to meet my backers face-to-face. In particular, if you can attend Sold State Startups tomorrow at the Hacker Dojo (, that is a great chance to meet and pick up your reward.

The factory is complete on putting together the entire first batch, and my associates are busy QAing every single unit. My intention is to start general shipping in the next couple of weeks. Once I can start shipping, I am going to announce it here.

It looks like trainer cords are going to take a little longer than transmitters. I have only 9 backers who want a cord, and between them they have transmitters with 6 different types of plugs I need to accommodate. So this may take a little bit longer. If you are one of the trainer cord backers and wish to upgrade to a full iPhly transmitter and avoid the wait, please contact me.

Thank you again for your support. I can't wait for your feedback once you start iPhlying!



iPhlies are coming. In quantity.

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100% funding, production samples, Toledo

This is getting really exciting now! Yesterday, exactly two weeks into the Kickstarter project, iPhly reaches its financing goal. Thank you to all for your support, it is making iPhly a reality! now has the list of backers whose contributions come before the 100% point, and I'm submitting an update to iTunes that includes the same list. Please let me know if you want me to change the spelling of your name (I'm going by your KS names). I intend to amend the list when funding completes to add the individuals who pledge between now and then.

I attend the Toledo R/C show over the weekend and the response to iPhly is phenomenal. You can see how much it impresses the Higher Plane Productions representatives.

The molder is as excited as I am about the 100% mark. We now have 5 units out of the mold, and they all test out. We are going to full production without waiting for Kickstarter funding to complete (which is 2 weeks after the project closes).

Thank you all my backers for making iPhly happen!


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Podcast interview: All Things That Fly (28 minutes, mp3)

Jamie, Diggs and Moose interview me on their wekly show, All Things That Fly. We talk about iPhly, Kickstarter, Open Source and where R/C is going. I am attaching my 28-minute segment here. You can find the full 1:20-long episode at (episode #182, March 28 2011).

Thank you for your continuing support!


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