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The best co-op fantasy dungeon crawler is back, with an exciting new stand-alone core set and campaign, to play solo or up to 5 people. LATE PLEDGES NOW OPEN!
The best co-op fantasy dungeon crawler is back, with an exciting new stand-alone core set and campaign, to play solo or up to 5 people. LATE PLEDGES NOW OPEN!
5,275 backers pledged $684,185 to help bring this project to life.

Do you like Gold, Bronze, or both? Add-on bundles revealed.

Posted by Ares Games (Creator)


A big Kickstarter campaign becomes complicated in its final days - lots of stretch goals, multiple add-ons,... If you want to support us, what should you pledge for?

Our only pledge level - Legendary Hero - already offers you a reward package which has a LOT of value (as you see in the info image at the top of the project page).

But if you want to go beyond that, and make sure you do not miss anything we are offering. we prepared two add-on bundles, simplifying your choice and offering a nice discount on the cost of the individual add-ons.

The Gold Bundle

The Gold Bundle includes all the add-ons which are new in this campaign, at a reduced price (USD 95 instead of $ 129). All these items might be available at retail in the future, but you will get them much sooner, and at a reduced cost.

The Bronze Bundle

The Bronze Bundle includes all the add-ons which are not new in this campaign: Tristan, our KS exclusive Hero (part of our Immortal Souls campaign, but not available at retail) together with various accessories that you can also find at retail now. Again, a nice discount - the total cost of the individual add-ons is $ 52, but it is discounted at USD 40 if you choose this bundle.

You can include these optional add-on bundles using the "Manage your pledge" button, appearing on the project page.

You keep the same "Legendary Hero" reward level you already selected, and you simply designate a higher dollar amount:

  • Increase your pledge from $120 to $215 to include the Legendary Hero rewards AND the Gold Bundle
  • Increase your pledge from $120 to $160 to include the Legendary Hero rewards AND the Bronze Bundle
  • Increase your pledge from $120 to $255 to include the Legendary Hero rewards AND both Gold and Bronze Bundles.

When the Kickstarter is over, you will have an opportunity to designate how to use your pledge in our Pledge Manager (to be activated on a few weeks after the campaign ends).

It is not mandatory that you increase your pledge now. It will still be possible to include these add-on bundles using the Pledge Manager, after the end of the campaign. However, each dollar pledged now will help the project to achieve more goals (and we still have several goals we REALLY want to unlock!).

Thanks for your LEGENDARY support! And stay with us for the exciting final days of the campaign!

Roberto/Ares & A Bundle of Gremlins

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    1. Michael on

      As somebody who found out about S&S too late to back Immortal Souls, I really appreciate the option to get Tristan.

    2. Missing avatar

      Baldo on

      @Ares Games - i want to take it all but this month i cannot afford it, can i add gold and bronze bundle the next month? i've already backed for 120$

    3. Rubén Santacruz on

      Can we choose the color of the critical bag when purchasing the bundle?

    4. Missing avatar

      Sooch on

      @MrMcComb Well I'm very much on the fence with the Arena. But you bring up a good point. If I just put the extra figures I don't want on ebay, then the gold bundle really works out great. To be honest I'm a little on the fence about the monk too though. Usually monks don't get to do much with all the awesome equipment like everyone else does. Decisions..

    5. Scott Ramsby on

      @Manfred Just want to thank you for your last message. It takes character to offer apologies to repair relationship/communication even if you're not sure if you're in any wrong.

      Looking forward to some fun gaming! I for one feel like I have an irrational desire already to see that final stretch goal hit :).

    6. Bobt4fun on

      Hi Folks, @Ares thank you for the clarification of ability to either by items bundled or separately and for providing us more choice. Looking forward to Act II.

    7. Missing avatar

      Frosty The Pyro on

      @Sooch well assuming you still want everything else in the gold bundle it will still save you money over the individual pieces, in which case you can sell or give away the alternate gender models. Or keep them in case someone you play with prefers the alternate model, (which is a note, it is an alternate model, not an alternate hero)

    8. Missing avatar

      Manfred on

      @Ares Let me offer my sincere apology if my choice of words offended you. This was really not my intention.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sooch on

      I have no interest in the alternate gender heroes, but I think that Ares handled them quite well. They're not forcing me to pay for them, so I've got no reason to be mad. Sure I'd be happier if there was a money saving bundle that included exactly the things I wanted and left out exactly what I didn't want, but that's a completely unrealistic expectation. The basic "Legendary Hero" pledge is already a great deal.

    10. Missing avatar

      cadrian on

      @Ares: Thank you for this amazing game and for the bundle. Hope to see a nice insert to fit everything somehow (since the first campaign content - all in backer - is giving me such a headache just thinking about making the custom insert), but if not, it's fine.
      @Manfred: It's a matter of perspective...I voted against the alt gender characters, but guess what, with the bundle, I get everything with a 9 dollar discount and the alternate characters for free (my point of view)...I don't see how I can be upset about something like this, especially since I would have pledged for all new game content add ons. Ares doesn't have to give me a discount for these, but they do. On another note...please check the retail value for all the content from the previous campaign. I feel like the kickstarter version is a very good deal, and even if I pay extra for the add ons compared to the main pledge (comparing content here), I do want to support them so they can continue producing great games.

    11. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      @Danny, yes, You can play the Arena solo in all modes except PvP of course.

    12. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      BTW I also recommend you reading the Kickstarter Community Guidelines.
      "If you don’t like a project, don’t back it, simply move along. Please always have respect for our shared space and the other folks visiting it."

    13. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      @Manfred - feel free to find value in what you want, but "dishonest" is a very bad word to use to describe something you don't like.
      We did NOT leave any information out. We asked if you wanted these figures as Stretch Goals or not, and said clearly we would replace them with other goals if the majority of backers were not interested- and we're doing that.
      There is nothing "dishonest" in deciding not to throw them away and offering them as an OPTIONAL add-on to people who are interested in them.
      Also note that there is no ground to assume the "all-in bundle would cost less" if they were not a part of it. We are not even "forced" to offer an all-in bundle, either!
      It's just an option for people who like ALL the add-ons!

      I am under the impression you would be happier if they did not exist at all, instead of them being an OPTION. But as we created them, and about half of the backers ARE interested in them - they are there. Just ignore their existence! If you find value in the rest of what we're offering, that's fine.
      If you think we're "dishonest" you are much better of just not supporting us at all.

    14. Missing avatar

      Manfred on

      @Ares Playing multiples of the same class is something i do not see the value at all. And regardless of the value, i feel you were dishonest with the poll and played us. And that is the core of my issue here. You conveniently left the info out of the poll that we would end up with a higher all in price if we voted no.

    15. Danny Shafer

      @ Ares - I backed the all-in bundle in the first campaign and I love it all. I will be picking up the Gold Bundle in the PM. Thanks Ares. Is the Arena add-on able to be played solo?

    16. Krzysztof Olszewski on

      There should be bundle excluding alternate Heroes :(

    17. SlaveOne on

      Thanks, that was getting confusing

    18. Crabby on

      Love this, great job, Ares!

    19. Missing avatar

      Richard Sands on

      Heh. My pledge has dropped by $4, but I'm getting ten ghost souls I wasn't going to bother with, and Tristran, who I was waiting to see whether the discount was sufficient to tempt me to buy him...

    20. Aistis

      Let's not start blaming Ares for something some backers created. It's interesting when the voices of whose who opposed extremely the alternate gender heroes, now are silent.

    21. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      @Chris - no, Season 1 is now available in stores and we encourage our backers to go get it.

      @Manfred - I am sorry you still do not see the value of the Alternate Heroes (which is not just about gender diversity, but also a chance to play multiples of the same class in the party). In any case, you are getting 5 alternate stretch goals which would not be there otherwise (includiing a completely new Hero, deluxe maps, exrtra miniature for the party token...) . Those SGs are not "lost" just replaced with other items which would not be there otherwise.

      In any case, the all-in bundle is for those backers who like all our proposals. If you don't like the Arena, the Alt Heroes, the Familiars... just pick what you like, or enjoy the many hours of play the Legendary Hero rewards will offer you in any case!

    22. Missing avatar

      Manfred on

      @MikeR The alt pack would not be there without the poll. The issue for me is how this was handled. The poll moved the alt heroes from stretch goals (=free) to an addon and now we are paying for it. So the poll in the end was bad for us backers and Ares used it to sell us an extra addon. The whole campaign we got baited with a "big" discount at the end. And that discount really is 9$.

    23. MikeR

      @ Mark -
      Really ? A campaign ? I missed that critical detail !!! Failed my "read languages" skill check there :-D

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Funny how so many people are saying they won't get the Arena add-on. As it adds a 4 quest campaign, I'd put it near the top of the list of must haves.

    25. MikeR

      @ Ares -
      Thank you for the bundles !! I pledged for everything in the first S&S campaign and I'll be doing the same this time around. Like others, I wasn't sold on the Arena but, since it comes with the bundle savings I'm sold now. Besides, I really like the minis in it !!

      @ Manfred -
      Don't take it personally. You're not "screwed". It's an "all-in" bundle. If you don't like something and weren't going to get it, you are not an "all-in" backer and that's okay. Besides, costs go up over time and it's not fair to Ares to expect the same pricing as a campaign from a couple of years ago.

    26. Stephane Bassiaux

      Thanks a lot for the bundles !
      If you wanted the expansion and were also interested by the familiars, you don't have to ask yourself if you care about the alternate heroes anymore, since the big discount allows to include them all for $1.
      Thank you for this Ares !

    27. Missing avatar

      Manfred on

      @Ares If you add everything except the alt pack individually you end up paying more. What i am saying is that the alt pack eats up most of the All-In discount. So by using the poll we created an addon that would not be there and thus pay more. So yeah, i am feeling kind of screwed.

    28. J. Brian - Cage the Hellephant on

      Sweet! I'm digging these bundles!!!

      #pennysaved :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Earls

      Are the season one expansions and heroes from retail going to be available through the Kickstarter for season two at any point?

    30. Al B. on

      Got to agree with Dominic. Not interested in the Arena add on, but the others might be tempting. Perhaps a Silver bundle (Gold minus Arena add on) is a possibility?

    31. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      If you don't like the "all-in" bundles, remember (1) they are all optional (2) you can choose just the individual add-ons you like, and ignore the rest.

    32. Missing avatar

      Manfred on

      So the poll for the alternate heroes kind of screwed us. 9$ (considering 25$ for the alt pack + ghosts) off is far worse than last time. If we had kept the alternate heroes as stretch goals i think we would have ended up paying less.

    33. Rory Klein

      YAY! All we need now is an all in pledge! Core Pledge + Gold + 2x Bronze for me

    34. Dominic on

      By sellable I mean, on ebay after I get it.

    35. Gökmen Bahadir

      Gold bundle: Done!

    36. Dominic on

      I had zero intention of buying the Arena add on so the bundle is only saving me $5. Reckon it'll be sellable on it's own?