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The best co-op fantasy dungeon crawler is back, with an exciting new stand-alone core set and campaign, to play solo or up to 5 people. LATE PLEDGES NOW OPEN!
The best co-op fantasy dungeon crawler is back, with an exciting new stand-alone core set and campaign, to play solo or up to 5 people. LATE PLEDGES NOW OPEN!
5,275 backers pledged $684,185 to help bring this project to life.

Heroes of the North - Gods of the Arena - Wotan's Army

Posted by Ares Games (Creator)


The end of our second week on Kickstarter gets closer, and we are ready to reveal you the second Hero add-on of our campaign -  the last one, except the set of alternate Heroes we announced yesterday.

 A roar of thunder, a flash of light... and the rage of Sigurd, Thane/Skald of the Northern Lands, is ready to be unleashed on his enemies!

Art: Fabrizio Fiorentino/Josie De Rosa - Sculpt: Fernando Armentano (Ludus Magnus)
Art: Fabrizio Fiorentino/Josie De Rosa - Sculpt: Fernando Armentano (Ludus Magnus)

Sigurd can be played as either a Thane or a Skald.

As a Thane, Sigurd is a warrior of exceptional strength and constitution, but he can also draw upon mystical powers to throw lightning and flame against his enemies.

As a Skald, Sigurd is still strong and valiant as few others, but he is also able to inspire and lead his companions with war-chants and mystical lyrics.

This add-on includes :

  • Sigurd miniature
  • Soul Gem
  • Deluxe Hero Sheet
  • Hero Power Cards
  • Ghost Soul miniature
  • Sigurd's Nemesis miniature
  • Sigurd's Nemesis enemy scroll and card


You may decide to choose as an add-on the alternate version of this Hero, Sigrid. Sigrid has her specific reference sheet and cards, but her gameplay is the same as Sigurd (except that she uses a different "Traits" card).

Art: Fabrizio Fiorentino/Josie De Rosa - Sculpt: WIP
Art: Fabrizio Fiorentino/Josie De Rosa - Sculpt: WIP

This add-on includes:

  • Sigrid miniature
  • Soul Gem
  • Deluxe Hero Sheet
  • Hero Power Cards
  • Ghost Soul miniature
  • Sigrid's Nemesis miniature
  • Sigrid's Nemesis enemy scroll and card

Would you like to have both Sigurd and Sigrid, to include in your party a Thane and a Skald at the same time, or even two Heroes with the same class? Then you can include as your add-on the "dual pack" with Sigurd and Sigrid together, at a reduced cost.

Two playable Heroes at a reduced price
Two playable Heroes at a reduced price

You can include optional add-ons such as Sigurd and Sigrid using the "Manage your pledge" button, appearing on the project page. You keep the same pledge selected - but you simply designate a higher dollar amount. So, if you want to add $17 for the set with two heroes to your $120 pledge, simply keep the same reward level, but make your pledge $137.

When the Kickstarter is over, you will have an opportunity to designate how to use your pledge in our Pledge Manager (to be activated on a few weeks after the campaign ends). It is not mandatory that you increase your pledge now. It will still be possible to include add-ons using the Pledge Manager after the end of the campaign. However, each dollar pledged now will help the project to achieve more goals!

Talking about add-ons... an important clarification. The Myths of the Arena add-on can be used as a side-quest campaign ("Gods of the Arena") with 4 scenarios, in addition to the other "combat-oriented" playing modes it allows you to use. We improved the image presenting the add-on to state this more clearly.

Myths of the Arena - a 4-quest campaign with 3 "bonus" playing modes
Myths of the Arena - a 4-quest campaign with 3 "bonus" playing modes

And let's not forget... thanks to your incredible support, we are unlocking a new goal., or more, every day! This morning, at 390K, we added a new ACT II Quest to the rewards.

The army of Wotan is on the march! The drakkars unfurled their sails and they are braving the waves with the bold courgage of the people of the North   ! The words of the Three Gods are echoing in the Heroes' mind - the army must be stopped, at all costs, else the prophecy of the end of the world will be fulfilled. Can the Heroes stop them? Even an immmortal Hero cannot stop an entire army, but they can at least try to slow it down, striking at what Wotan's Army needs most...

This reward adds a new Quest and additional ACT II tiles.

And finally... Some of you asked for a good playthrough of the game. Rahdo's playthrough/review is linked on the project page. But if that's not enough and you would like to see something more detailed, here's the first of a series of videos by Meet Me at the Table: a super-detailed playthrough of the first quest in Immortal Souls - with painted miniatures!

Thanks for your support! You are Legend!!!

Roberto/Ares and two Frozen Gremlins


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      Sold ! Amazing new heroes !!! Love Norse :)))
      (Sigurd is not Thor, and should be wielding his sword instead of a hammer though...)

    2. Missing avatar

      _DM_ on

      yeah @User1138, she 100% looks like just... background support. :/
      BLANK expression and all.
      & she has a hammer, why would that wimpy horn be the main focus?

      @Ares, oh that's GREAT that Sigri is still a WIP! awesome to hear!
      'Cause I didn't want to play a hero who looked like she was
      CLEANING her ear
      with a horn.
      lol oof-- painful

      (Thank you for taking your backer's comments into consideration, guys!)

    3. Missing avatar

      User1138 on

      @Ares would be awesome if you give Sigrid a "better" pose... just do away with the horn thingy... it makes her seem like support in the background type of char.

    4. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      #Sigrid - She's stil a WIP so some improvement will definitely be possible.
      #Clothes - There's summer in Scandinavia, too :-) !

    5. Missing avatar

      Charalampos on

      Thorrr!!! Haha I feel like I'm gonna love his gameplay! Nice one! This is what kind of heroes we need!!

    6. Horfrost3 on

      My norwegian relatives are always hot and underdressed for the weather so the skald/thane attire makes sense to me.

    7. Herbert Geekswain on

      Bah, cold weather clothing is for limp milk drinkers!

    8. Jayhad on

      These are great, though odd they don't have cold weather clothing on. As per Sigrid, her pose could be more menacing and Norse. The horn also seems a little odd...

    9. Benjamin Kubczak

      Awesomeness! 👍🌩

    10. Missing avatar

      _DM_ on

      Just had to say:
      @Dexoh - you made me laugh with the "if any try to romance me...". XD
      @Dan Sulin - Lol niiice

    11. Dexoh on

      Finally!! You give us Thor!!! Im back on board. And if any of my adventures tries to romance me, they're gonna get Odin's wraith on their ass.

    12. Missing avatar

      _DM_ on

      SO excited!
      why does Sigrid look like she's holding a *phone*?
      It's RIGHT by her ear-- as if she's using it to hear, instead of calling a vicious horde.

      Her overall pose just doesn't feel badass, imho.
      Very "contained".
      Almost "mild" even.

      Her hammer (her power weapon) is even down at her side.
      and she has a sounding horn by her ear... lol
      There's no aggression there.
      Versus him... damn.

      If I may...
      please, at least *consider* modifying it to fit a ruthless norse female?

    13. Dexoh on

      @jacek make your own bases. Thats what i did for immortal souls. Loads of fun.

    14. Flohsors "Goeng-Si” Wong on

      @Ares Games actually a thing I was wondering about : can you make the Hero Sheet more generic? That way you never have to add more than 5 to the core box and can save some material costs ... and the environment! :) Maybe something to consider...

    15. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      Yes, all normal components are included in the dual set (gems, sheets, decks of cards - as well as the minis of course).

    16. Jacek on

      The new characters look great.
      Only one thing puzzles me.
      Practically every other hero and opponent has a clean base.
      Those figures standing on the rock stand out from the rest of models.

    17. Missing avatar

      VonTesse on

      Does the two-pack also include the deluxe hero sheets?

    18. Missing avatar

      Dan Sulin on

      Seems like an appropriate update for Thorsday

    19. ZDarkOne - Son Of Jukas on

      I know now which two heroes I want to play first!