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The best co-op fantasy dungeon crawler is back, with an exciting new stand-alone core set and campaign, to play solo or up to 5 people. LATE PLEDGES NOW OPEN!
The best co-op fantasy dungeon crawler is back, with an exciting new stand-alone core set and campaign, to play solo or up to 5 people. LATE PLEDGES NOW OPEN!
5,275 backers pledged $684,185 to help bring this project to life.

The Ride of the Valkyries - Face your Nemesis - Meet Shakiko and Genryu!

Posted by Ares Games (Creator)


Fifth day of our campaign, and Freya be blessed, we unlocked the NORTHWIND TREASURES and the VALKYRIES! I will tell you more about how Gremlin Project upgraded the gameplay of items and treasures in a future update, as this one is going to be very long already!

First, let's look at the new enemy we met...

Art: Fabrizio Fiorentino/Josie De Rosa - Sculpt: Alfonso Gonso
Art: Fabrizio Fiorentino/Josie De Rosa - Sculpt: Alfonso Gonso

Mighty warriors with supernatural powers, Valkyrie ride together with the armies of Wotan in battle. Their mastery of the spear, their flight prowess, and their abiility to bring back from the dead their companions make Valkyiries a fearful opponent.

This stretch goal adds 4 Valkyries - 2 Blue ones and 2 Green Ones. Valkyries are an ACT II enemy, like the Warg Packs and the Werebeast we unlocked before.

It's truly a stunning model, and we suggest you give it a good look on Sketchfab...

Yesterday night we also revealed one of the new features of Ancient Chronicles - the Heroes' Nemesis, our 320K stretch goal...

There is no light without shadows, and each coin has two sides...  

An ancient legend narrates that a resurrection spell does more than just recalling a Hero back to life. The spell reshapes the Heroes' soul, weakened but purified, and give it a new body. But. sometimes, the darkest thoughts and fears of the Heroes, the evil recesses of his or her soul, are also called back from the spirit realm, also shaped into a new body... and a Hero's Nemesis is created. A being of pure evil, with the destruction of the Hero as its only purpose.

A Nemesis is an extraordinary opponent, with skills and powers to match an immortal Hero. Are you ready to face the ultimate challenge - your dark side?

Including a Nemesis in your campaign is very straightforward.  When you feel ready to face them, you can do so in any Quest (including quests from the Immortal Soul campaign). Just replace one (or more) of the Shadow tokens with the special Nemesis tokens, and sooner or later you're going to face your evil twin... and your destiny!

Today, we also have another big announcement! Our new add-on, the first Hero Pack of this campaign, in a special, extended format!

Future Suggested Retail Price: $ 20 USD.
Future Suggested Retail Price: $ 20 USD.

To give you maximum freedom of choice, this hero can be played as either a female (Shakiko) or male (Genryu) character. You can play both Shakiko and Genryu as either a White or Black Monk.

Shakiko and Genryu are powerful fighters, who dominate the battlefield using the power of their Chi. Transmigration, spiritual powers, martial arts and special attacks will offer you a completely new combat experience.

Note: This Hero Pack is also compatible with the Immortal Souls campaign

The Genryu sculpt is currently in progress, sculpted by Ludus Magnus Studio.

Shakiko can be played as either white or black monk - same for Genryu!
Shakiko can be played as either white or black monk - same for Genryu!
The special Hero Pack also includes Shakiko's and Genryu's Nemesis
The special Hero Pack also includes Shakiko's and Genryu's Nemesis
If you want to play a male Monk, Genryu (and his Nemesis) are also included in the pack.
If you want to play a male Monk, Genryu (and his Nemesis) are also included in the pack.
A lot of gameplay in this pack!
A lot of gameplay in this pack!

You can include optional add-ons such as this Special Hero Pack using the "Manage your pledge" button appearing on the project page. You keep the same pledge selected - but you simply designate a higher dollar amount. So, if you want to add $17 for this Special Hero Pack to your $120 pledge, simply keep the same reward level, but make your pledge $137.  

When the Kickstarter is over, you will have an opportunity to designate how to use your pledge in our Pledge Manager (to be activated on a few weeks after the campaign ends). It is not mandatory that you increase your pledge now. It will still be possible to include add-ons using the Pledge Manager after the end of the campaign. However, each dollar pledged now will help the project to achieve more goals!

See you on the Comments page, and thanks for your LEGENDARY support. If you like what we're doing here, help us to spread the word!

Roberto/Ares & Simone/Gremlin Project

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    1. Jayhad on

      Sorry if this has been answered, but will the Hero cards for each of the monks be different or will the cards be the same with different art?

      It would be awesome if the cards themselves were different so each could be played together and not be the same cards.

    2. Rubén Santacruz on

      Will we be able to get Nemesis for the Immortal Souls heroes?

    3. Rubén Santacruz on

      Will we be able tonget Nemesis for the Immortal Souls heroes?

    4. Ron James

      Personally I disagree about the male monk, Robert. Just my opinion, but he looks like one of the bad guys that a heroic monk would fight. The spikey fist things are especially non-monkish. (Yeah, I made that word up.)

    5. Robert Kamphaus II

      Love the look of the male Monk.

    6. MKanderson on

      Nice martial artist now all i need is an alchemist

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Wyse on

      I like the idea of the Nemesis figures. However, instead of just replacing them with a token for them to spawn, it seems more fitting that when ever you use a resurrection scroll in a quest there should be a chance that a Nemesis spawns at that moment, either in the area you are in or at a spawn point, i.e. roll a red die and get a hit result a Nemesis spawns. Though what Clint suggested about shuffling them into the enemy deck is a good idea.

    8. Clint Lee Werner

      Also really shaking my head at the 'Asian style doesn't fit fantasy' quips. There have been 'classes' from the Orient in fantasy RPGs from the very beginning, straight from Gygax himself the monk in D&D is meant to be a Shaolin monk rather than a Franciscan monk.

      I'd also hope, however, that the alt-gender of every character doesn't become a standard. Much better for gameplay to have a wider range of characters, each with unique powers and play style, than to simply swap out sexes.

      On the Nemesis mechanics, I would think that the best way to implement them would be to force the Nemesis to be shuffled into the enemy cards whenever a hero is slain and goes into ghost form. That adds an even more dire menace to being reincarnated as it means an eventual showdown with your Nemesis. Indeed, I rather think that is how I'll test things when the game arrives next year.

    9. Clint Lee Werner

      I like it and I think doing two characters with one role, in an isolated instance, is fine. Both of them are wildly different in design and I wonder if, despite having the same 'classes' there might be some differences in the characters themselves. Ie Shakiko is more agile while Genryu is stronger.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alvin Lo on

      I prefer more game play content then alternate gender. I don't really like the way that Shakiko and Genryu is packaged. I would like to get one or the other but not both. Shelf space is limited, and I don't really need duplicate/alter heroes.

      I back the first kickstarter without getting any ghost/blue figures. Now, I am not sure if I should jump in to get all these figures, which didn't add anything to game play.

      How is this pack sell in retail? Are they going to be selling as one package? or Shakiko has on box and Genryu has one box?

      Before everyone jump in and said that making all the alternate gender as add-on is ok, we need to think about the all-in package. It is possible that the all-in package will include all the alternate gender add-on, and thus increase the all-in package price.

    11. Horfrost3 on

      +1 to what Enrico said, I would also love alt genders for all the hero classes. :D

    12. Horfrost3 on

      Also.... I love the Valkyries but would love if we could have a Valkyrie hero as well!!! That would be amazing!

    13. Horfrost3 on

      +1 what Mashing said. Monk is my main class in WoW (had been a Rogue but Monk is way cooler imho), I’m excited to see what the Monk class will do in S&S!

    14. Justin Boehm

      Id = if

    15. Justin Boehm

      Yeah I'm kind of with others here, an add-on with two of the same class is weird to me, I really like the female monk, but the male is kinda meh (another scientific terms since we're throwing them out there). Perhaps we need more details on them to see some value in him? Will they use the same cards or are his vastly different than hers even as the same white monk? Id they're very similar, it does seem a bit of a waste is all.

      Also, MSRP $20, is that for all 6 figures and cards? Or are the ghost/nemesis not part of that $20 estimate?

      Lastly, Valkyrie hero please!

    16. Horfrost3 on

      Yes! Monk class!!

    17. Ant on

      Really like the female character, less excited about the male. A ninja look would have been cool, but I suppose at this point it is what it is. Now I have to just try and convince myself to spend $17 for one character I really like...

    18. Missing avatar

      _DM_ on

      I'm gonna agree with @Charalampos about Nemesis.
      I was disappointed to find that such an awesome and significant aspect of the game had such flippant and lackluster mechanics.
      It does, absolutely, take you out of the story-- and gives the Nemesis an air of bleh (- the scientific term, if I'm not mistaken)

      They're no longer a fascinating take on a board game,
      cause you SIMPLY throw some tokens on the board and eventually face them.

      Maybe add some thematic cards and give them a little story, at least.
      Or change their entrance mechanics.

      Make us FEEL their importance.
      There should be a damn-near-palpable shift when THEY enter the game.
      An "... ah, shhh*t..." (-- yet another scientific term!).

      For they're no mere foes.
      But our own selves come back to destroy us.

    19. Mashing

      @Charalampos I disagree. Monk is a pretty standard archetype in all fantasy RPGs (and RPG video games) I've played.

    20. Missing avatar

      Corvenius on

      I'm not sure, what to think about the new characters. They seem interesting, but I agree that the Asian style doesn't fit in the game's fantasy theme. And Genryu really does not look like a monk - more like a pirate from Shanghai. In a pirate or Asian themed game (and without being labeled as "monk"), such a model would be awesome...

      Looking at the super cool Valkyries - great job btw! - made me expect more dwarf-, barbarian- or viking-like characters. Still, I am happy about every unlocked Stretch Goal and every progress in the development of this wonderful game. Keep it up!

    21. Rand Chua TL on

      Yah! New Monk Class! Possible to share their skills with us?

    22. Stevie G

      Love the Valkyries, but not interested in the monks at all. First add-on I can easily say no to.

    23. Tasogare

      I like this add-on. Gives more heroes variety you can choose.

    24. Missing avatar

      Charalampos on

      Meh new characters suck. They are outside of the fantasy theme. They have neither Sword or Sorcery with them. And I don't like the fact that you can face your nemesis anytime you like in a quest. No one will do that since you have limited time with the event cards and if since its not blended in the quest story line it feels a bit strange. Please add the nemesis encounters within the quest and don't give us that option to face then anytime we want cause the story will be ruined!

    25. Enrico Magnani

      Yeah, very cool! Wil definetly add those new characters :)
      But now I want alt gender for all previous heroes to buy :P

    26. Jacek on

      looks cool :D

    27. Florian Stock on

      Can wie get Nemesis Chars/models/figures for immortal souls (maybe AS add-on)?

    28. Missing avatar

      Eugene on

      I agree, Genryu looks like thug rather than monk
      Valkyries are really cool, though

    29. Jayhad on

      The monks are great and are an add for sure! Shakiko looks amazing and very monk-like. To me, however, Genryu does not look like a monk, but looks like a thug, fighter or brawler. Any chance to make him less musclebound and more monk-like in pose (especially) and look...maybe with a staff or something?

    30. Doomtrooper on

      Not super stoked about those Asian characters..