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The best co-op fantasy dungeon crawler is back, with an exciting new stand-alone core set and campaign, to play solo or up to 5 people. LATE PLEDGES NOW OPEN!
The best co-op fantasy dungeon crawler is back, with an exciting new stand-alone core set and campaign, to play solo or up to 5 people. LATE PLEDGES NOW OPEN!
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Welcome to the Northern Lands...

Posted by Ares Games (Creator)


After defeating the dark cults of the Underreign, the Quest of the Heroes is not over. The Three Gods want them to continue their fight against renegade Gods, and they will have to travel to the frozen Northern Lands for the second Act of the Ancient Chronicles campaign

The next sequence of stretch goals will allow us to develop, with your support, a complete Act II, including all the enemies, quests, and master enemies - a value almost equal to that of the full core set.

The first stretch goal to unlock, welcoming us in the Northern Lands, is the Hawk familiar...


In the Northern Lands, they tell a legend about an extraordinary creature, who looks like a hawk but with the intelligence of an Arcane Master. People of the North call it Vedrfolnir.

The Heroes' path will give them the opportunity to meet this living legend, but they first have to complete a Venture to prove they are worthy to have this mythic creature at their side.

Vedrfolnir, however, is not the only familiar who may join the Heroes in their quest...


Familiars are creatures creating a mystical bond with a hero, and this add-on gives you five different Familiars to include in your campaign.

There are three different kinds of familiars:

  • Domestic, which you can buy in cities
  • Magical, which you can find during your adventures;
  • Divine, which you can find thanks to a Venture

While they are not as physically strong as companions, they provide help to your hero, and are sneaky enough to be hard to target from enemies - but be careful, losing your familiar can have dire consequences for your Hero!

Familiars have a special crescent-shaped base, so you can keep them close to your hero, as they should be!

This Add-on can also be used in the Sword & Sorcery - Immortal Souls campaign.

Take a closer look to this great set of figures in our Sketchfab collection:


The Lawful Familiars set is an add-on to this Kickstarter. It is an optional purchase, and not a part of the Kickstarter Edition of the game.    

You can include optional add-ons such as Lawful Familiars using the "Manage your pledge" button appearing on the project page. You keep the same pledge selected - but you simply designate a higher dollar amount. So, if you want to add $15 for Lawful Familiars to your $120 pledge, simply keep the same reward level, but make your pledge $135.

When the Kickstarter is over, you will have an opportunity to designate where that money should be used in our Pledge Manager (to be activated on a few weeks after the close of the campaign). It is not mandatory that you increase your pledge now. It will still be possible to include add-ons using the Pledge Manager after the end of the campaign.

That's all for now! Find out more about Wargs, Werebeasts, the city of Northwind and the Northern Lands in the next update!

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    1. Jean-Philippe Tremblay on

      @gremlin project. Agreed on this. But do all the minis will be related(so required for the gaming experience)?


    2. Missing avatar

      RJShu11 on

      The familiars are a great idea. But can you use them throughout this game, or just in the second act? My kids will want to have them by their side for the whole game!

    3. Robert Haddon on

      That hawk really needed to grab the snake closer to its head. RIP hawk.

    4. Gremlin Project Collaborator on

      @Jean-Philippe Tremblay
      I don't think this is our case, the Hawk Familiar is integrated and can be perfectly played during the S&S campaign, this add-on is for people who want to add additional Familiars in the story.

    5. Jean-Philippe Tremblay on

      A Stretch Goal allowing an « add-on » is like bring back a girl at your home and she is half woman/half man.

      Am I alone to find that technique a money sink??

    6. Dexoh on

      Man, people will complain about anything.

    7. Christopher Pearson on

      Love the idea of the familiars, can't wait to try those out. But I hope the dog isn't finalized, the rear legs look far too long, almost looks like it has human proportions when comparing the front to the rear legs.

    8. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      @noodlemans, Familiars are an OPTIONAl add-on. Not everything in the KS can be a stretch goal. If you do not like to include them as an add-on, you may still (1) include them later, in the pledge manger (2) wait for them to hit retail- they are not KS exclusive. Thanks!

    9. Jeremy Powell on

      These look great!!! Added!

    10. Missing avatar

      Todd William on

      Would have preferred these as stretch goals... but I also increased my pledge to get them. So I guess the jokes on me :-P

    11. Missing avatar

      noodlemans on

      I don’t understand why these aren’t stretch goals.

    12. J. Brian - Cage the Hellephant on

      Man, games like this I'm all "lemme just grab that cool game"...and then they're all like "but what about THIS cool addition?" and I'm all "ohhhhh shiny".

      Must have. Well played Ares!