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Experience lucid dreams - Improve sleep with music that intelligently adjusts to your sleep phases - Wake up refreshed, every time!
Experience lucid dreams - Improve sleep with music that intelligently adjusts to your sleep phases - Wake up refreshed, every time!
Experience lucid dreams - Improve sleep with music that intelligently adjusts to your sleep phases - Wake up refreshed, every time!
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    1. Arenar Creator on April 11

      @Ryan, shipping will begin in December.

    2. Arenar Creator on April 11

      @Andreas, thank you for your suggestion. At this moment, we are focusing only on sleep improvement, lucid dreaming and smart alarm applications. After that we will definitely take your suggestion into consideration and study its feasibility.
      The pillow speakers should be connected to a smartphone installed with iBand+ app. The headband communicates with the app wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can connect your own speakers, however we recommend using iBand+ pillow speakers since they are designed with a purpose to provide you discreet, superior, lifelike auditory experience while in bed.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryan on April 6

      When do these ship?

    4. Missing avatar

      Andreas Dehner on April 2

      Hi! Is it possible to add a function like this:
      Mindset: smart headphones that improve your concentration, via @Kickstarter

      That we can use it for studying and when we get distracted, the headband will give audio visual cues to get back to focus.
      How the headband will be connected to the speaker? Could we also connect it to a bluetooth speaker instead of the pillow speaker?
      Looking forward to get the next update in a month!

    5. Arenar Creator on March 31

      @Paul, we have just posted an update. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul on March 31

      Is going to need to pay to have the updates ? :)
      You had said that the updates was in the last week of the month. Why to wait the last minute every time?

    7. Arenar Creator on March 20

      @Drianos, @Tristan, we are making a very good progress. Our team is super busy developing the discrete processor based architecture. We have also started working on the schematic of the processor evaluation printed circuit board with the select peripherals. We aim to have the layout of this schematic ready by the end of this month so mid next month we get this evaluation PCB. We are working incessantly, getting closer to the destination with every step, thanks to the encouragement and support from all of you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Drianos on March 16

      Tristan got a point there , well many points.
      I like that my hardware products are well made and done to last. I feel sad about the update because i'm already dreaming with having this, seriously =p.

    9. Missing avatar

      on March 16

      @Arenar - anyway enough of that, how are things travelling your end?

      Cannot believe the last update was two weeks ago.. time is flying!

      Hope these messages find yourself and the team well!


    10. Missing avatar

      on March 16

      @Arenar - I agree with you, but there are also many options for disseminating update information.

      Here's an easy one: Sections. Simple eh? People who don't want to read the technical stuff will skim through the finer details. Though people who are genuinely interested in this process will hang on every word and byte!

      Secondly, the current stage of iBand+ product design, engineering, development and manufacturing IS VERY technical stuff! There isn't much else to convey to your community other than the actual details!

      What have you got to hide about this process? It's not like you're the first company to design and manufacture wearable electronics with sensors in an enclosure with a couple straps? right?

      More importantly, if you are struggling to "balance the detail" for updates to your community then perhaps take notice of the fact; there are actually more people with questions for detail than there is people requesting less detail.

      If anyone has an isssue with too much detail, then hey, by all means.. please call it out.. but that does not seem to be the case here.

      Arenar I have no doubt the iBand+ product will be successful, but not only that, a market leader pushing the boundaries of sleep science, especially with the experience you have onboard your team.

      But I also want our backer community to get the full experience they pledged for, and good communication is the very least you can do for us, no matter which demographic.


    11. Arenar Creator on March 12

      @Tristan, supporters of the iBand+ project are from technical as well as from non-technical background, and we want to make sure we can update all our backers effectively. We understand your point, and we will balance our updates with technical and non-technical details alike. Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      on March 6

      @Arenar - thanks for your reply and the additional info; personally for me this still does leave me with more questions than what you have provided in updates to resolve answers.. I do sincerely hope other backers find your extra info helpful.

      For now I'll take a page from @Dan Hess's book and see what quality of update we see from you next.

      That said; let me leave you with some inspiration -- a recent 25 minute video update from another successful peer campaign who DOES embrace Kickstarter culture whole-heartedly.

      From a developer and product perspective, this update contains EXACTLY the depth and detail which makes me feel so proud to be backing a campaign like Spirit Rover. I will follow and support anything Plum Geek produces, hands down, no questions asked because I know "exactly what and how" much goes into their target product.

      And speaking of community; they recently reached out to backers seeking expert advice from their Python developer-base for assistance and guidance with the development of their product library that will ship to end users.

      I know myself and others have asked a lot of questions around iBand+ developer APIs (etc) which has been met with some very guarded responses.. but that issue aside, what questions have you asked your developer community thus far? I haven't read every comment in the comments section, but my guess is none.

      Check out the last few updates from Plum Geek for Spirit Rover:

      In my (very) honest opinion this truly is an amazing example of Kickstarter culture at it's finest.



    13. Arenar Creator on March 1

      @Tristan, we have and we will always keep all our supporters updated of our progress. We want to celebrate with you the highs as well as want to share with you the lows.
      To answer your questions, firstly any good product is not just about the functionality, it is equally about the quality and reliability!
      The issue is NOT about the iBand+ functionality, but about the reliability (failure rate of the product over the life cycle of the product: early failures and long term failures). FPGA is a programmable array of logic elements on which you can program your “hardware”. Thus, we could put our processor, application specific digital hardware functions/FSMs and arithmetic elements on one single chip allowing for “high design integration”. With this kind of programmable hardware, you can do a lot of parallel processing and are able to crunch large data in less number of clock cycles. The other purpose of us using the FPGA was in the future to give our supporters over-the-air hardware(!) updates (flexibility of increasing the hardware such as memory registers, etc.). We built the design for FPGA in VHDL (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language). But all this hardware programmed in an FPGA must also be tested adequately. Unfortunately, after recent discussions with the manufacturers we found out that the test setup and the testing procedure for an extensive structural testing is lengthy and expensive, and given the small quantity of products that we are going to make, it is not justified. We have already started working on the discrete processor and dedicated logic based design. None of the promised iBand+ features are impacted by this change, since the core logic that we have built until now is not going to change.
      @Tristan, @Paul, we are totally honest and transparent, and our very decision is based on one goal: to bring the best dreams and sleep wearable into this world. Thanks again for your support.

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul on March 1

      I agree with all that in said Tristan. I wait update with impatience every month, and I am always disappointed by the contents. I have the impression of a deep lack of transparency, and I am worried for the suit. Your words of comfort and thanks do not satisfy me.

    15. Missing avatar

      on March 1

      @Dan Hess - I am not contesting the quality or how long it takes to perfect? That much I expect; it's not even a question or postulated opinion that crosses my mind - what I am contesting is the detail, their transparency and their engagement.

      Yes; I am disappointed given the announcement (who isn't so?) but how about justifying why (exactly) then explaining exactly what happens next? is that too much to ask for warranting the ~7 month delay from fulfillment??

      (it's Kickstarter Culture 101: Like.. I thought we were in this together? ay? Arenar? mate? lol)

      Yes; your statement is an expression of your own views, though in fact (as you yourself, also a backer) you too entered into pledge with "campaign quintessential" criteria- otherwise you probably wouldn't have backed this in the first place? right? that would have been a pretty expensive pledge for second-guesses.

      To be honest, I think you will be hard pressed to find any community member who will disagree with you, and for that matter neither do I.

      Sheeesh.. lighten up bro.. I mean at least blame this on poor sleep quality :)


    16. Missing avatar

      Alois Fribl on March 1

      I've also expected delays, because to create such a complex product takes even more time than one year.
      But i think arenar should be a little bit more realistic in making timelines.
      There is very poor Information about the ongoing design process, sorry, but there are to many photos from peoples, i prefer to see more photos from the prototyte.
      And please, more technical Information in the updates. Issues? Very vague Statements.
      There's another headband project here on Kickstarter, which shows how long time engineering can really take....
      But of course we want a well functioning product, so keep an working...

    17. Missing avatar

      Dan Hess on February 28

      @Tristan calm down man, they're doing the best they can. I'm as excited about this just as much as the next guy, and if I'm getting one of these, I want it to be perfect. I expected delays, and I don't really care when it gets to my doorstep, and you shouldn't either. Would you rather have a poorly designed product now, or a perfect one later?

    18. Missing avatar

      on February 28

      @Creator - wow, ok I am pretty crushed by the last update, now delayed by ~7 months?!

      Backed in August 2016, expected May 2017, now delayed till mid December 2017?!

      Could you at least be a little more transparent and detailed about the issues to warrant the delay of 7 months??

      Which components specifically? What is it about the FPGA design specifically? What integration issues specifically? ie. Hardware? Firmware? Software? By changing the design or direction, what iBand+ features are impacted or at risk? How exactly are you planning to resolve these issues?

      You know; out of every campaign I have pledged support, have to say this campaign in particular is the most backward I have yet encountered..

      You come to a crowd funding platform yet you do not embrace Kickstarter culture whole-heartedly. Why are you so guarded? Why do you carry the burden alone?

      You have a community.. an army of enthusiasts, specialists, experts and professionals in their own respective fields.. who have time and time again seen many campaigns rise to success and dwindle toward failure. Their experience together is a whole lot more than what you have now, and that includes the experience you will gain in future.

      We've seen it all before and yet here we wait, endure your delays, only for you to make similar if not exactly the same mistakes every campaign before you has made.

      Arenar, remember we are just as invested as you are, and we too want to see the success of iBand+ more than you ever could alone.

      I can send you countless examples where I have personally witnessed amazing campaigns who fully embrace Kickstarter culture, campaigns who provide extensive indepth updates down to the smallest component, even signal readings on oscilloscopes and detailed explanations of what the readings represent, PCB design process with videos of circuit track alterations done on the fly, software suites used, prototype videos, manufacturing videos, community support in action, helping creators find part suppliers, assistance with shipping, product forum participation, and plain doing everything possible to help get campaigns across the line.

      I mean, have you even tried engaging with your community? you might be pleasantly surprised!

      All said Arenar, if you are only here for the money, and if you think that a few photos with suppliers and meaningless blurbs of text in an update is enough, if you're not willing to engage your community - then why are you even on Kickstarter at all?? you may aswell go find a venture capitalist.


    19. Andrew Hillyer on February 28

      Thanks for the update. I would really love to use it now but I also want it to work lol. Somethings can't be helped. Take your time and build the perfect Iband+. I will wait and keep practicing lucid dreaming.

    20. Arenar Creator on February 28

      @Blake, we will be including sleep mediation feature. Please check "Stretch Goal #2" update for details. Thank you for your support.

    21. Missing avatar

      Blake Guillory on February 20

      Yall should make an app for biofeedback for meditation!

    22. Missing avatar

      MR VERLIN MORENO on February 11

      Thank you Mr.Spencer and Arenar for enlighting me. Im just so excited to received my first ever backing product.

    23. Arenar Creator on February 8

      João Paulo, thank you for your suggestion. The developer edition is limited in number so that we can offer all our developers with the best post-delivery technical support. We are working on how we can make more developer edition available without compromising on support.

    24. Arenar Creator on February 8

      @MR VERLIN, indeed as explained by @Spencer, “collected” implies that you have successfully pre-ordered the iBand+ and your pledge has been collected. Thank you.

    25. Missing avatar

      Spencer Wingert on February 8

      @MR VERLIN, it says your money has been collected because it has been. You paid for the product in advance so that they can use the funds to develop it. You'll receive the product around the deadline stated in the kickstarter. Before then you will receive a survey for your shipping information. August was the original expected start of delivery, so do not expect the product any time soon.

    26. Missing avatar

      João Paulo on February 6

      The Indiegogo Developer Edition is sold out. It would be great if you make some more Developer Edition units avaible. I dont plan to buy a Developer Edition but it would be nice if there are many more peoples developing apps for the iband+.

    27. Missing avatar

      MR VERLIN MORENO on February 3

      Hi! My pledge status indicates collected. Why is it stated as collected, please walk me thru as it is my first time doing a crowdfunding. When will i get it here in Singapore. Thanks!

    28. Arenar Creator on February 2

      @Aaron, we will send a survey to all our backers requesting/confirming their shipping information before we ship the iBand+.

    29. Missing avatar

      Aaron Preddey on January 31

      Wait, so how will you guys know where we live to be able to send us an Iband plus?

    30. Arenar Creator on January 31

      @Marc, we will make a general app release when we go into the production phase. We will keep all our backers constantly updated on our development progress. Thank you.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ryan Wallace on January 29

      The lonely floater supports this. It's based off of dreams and reality.

    32. Missing avatar

      Marc on January 29

      When would the app be available for download?

    33. Missing avatar

      Dan Hess on January 29

      @raddimus If we could make Inception become a reality, this thing would definitely not be as cheap as it is. It's a cool thought though.

    34. Arenar Creator on January 29

      @Stéphane, when you are trying to fall asleep, iBand+ plays music through the pillow speakers. The music calms your mind and induces sleep. Once asleep, iBand+ turns off the music and gently introduces white noise that masks distractions and ensures sound sleep. The forward facing iBand+ pillow speakers will ensure the sound gets evenly distributed throughout the pillow surface without leaking out of the pillow, thus providing you with discreet and superior auditory experience while in bed, and without disturbing your partner! Thank you for your support.

    35. Arenar Creator on January 29

      @raddimus, at this moment our application focus is individual lucid dreaming. Group lucid dreaming would require a great amount of research, which is outside the scope of our current study. Thank you.

    36. Arenar Creator on January 29

      @Fran, we are working diligently for bringing iBand+ to all our amazing Kickstarter supporters. Our sleep meditation feature will help you to relax yourself, define the dream cues, set the dream intention and increase self-awareness in your dreams - crucial preparation tactics to become and stay lucid in your dreams. Please read our update on stretch goal #2 for more details. Thank you so much for your support.

    37. Stéphane Wantiez on January 29

      Great project! How do you help the user to fall asleep? Is the device activated and monitoring the EEG in order to detect that the user has some troubles falling asleep, and start helping him after some time? And do you use a speaker? It could be uncomfortable for a partner, so why not using the skull to transmit sounds directly?

    38. Missing avatar

      raddimus on January 26

      Can lucid dreams be connected with other iband+ user ? I mean two or three people-one dream.

    39. Fran Ramos Sanchez on January 24

      Cant wait to have iBand in my hands!!

      Hope you guys do good job about lucid dreams help.

      Im trying to have lucid dreams since last 3 years but its not possible.

      I have been researching and one of my problems are because I was very distracted and Im usually have problems with memory (in general) many users in forums told me this is one of all about my problems to have lucid dreams.

      Still to change that!! I don't know how you feel really in a lucid dream... I want to discover!!

    40. Arenar Creator on January 22

      @Felix, we will ship iBand+ to all our backers after manufacturing directly from Asia.

    41. Missing avatar

      Felix on January 19

      Will you ship the iBand from Amsterdam, Netherlands ?

    42. Arenar Creator on January 17

      @Heiko, the shipping companies will defer on the final destinations. Be assured, we will always choose what is best for our backers. We will also inform everyone before shipping their iBand+. Thank you.

    43. Heiko Egeler on January 16

      With which logistic company do you plan to send the item? UPS would be worst case as they charge additional custom fees. I prefer picking up the parcel at customs myself...

    44. Arenar Creator on January 14

      @Blake, we will be including sleep meditation feature in iBand+. Please check update #5 for details.

    45. Missing avatar

      Blake Guillory on January 12

      You should develop an application to help meditation. I don't know the specifics, but I know your brainwave pattern changes.

    46. Arenar Creator on January 2

      @Julien, happy new year to you and everyone. With iBand+, we want to improve people's quality of life. Initially, we are focusing on sleep improvement and lucid dreaming applications. After that we will definitely be exploring other important application areas. Thank you so much for your support.

    47. Missing avatar

      Julien B
      on December 31

      Hello, your project was a revelation for me. Because it 's the first portable (wearable) EEG recorder for people that have seen. A revelation cause I made epileptic crisis since 24 years and i hope for a machine who help me to prevent my crisis few minutes or few seconds before it happend. Lots of people are interested to help life quality. An App for epileptic would genius!

      Thanks for the hope.
      ans i wish an happy new year for the team.

    48. Arenar Creator on December 30

      @Felix, @LadyAnatares, thank you for your patience. We are excited to share our progress in our latest update that just went live! :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Felix on December 30

      Still excited for the next Update. �

    50. Missing avatar

      LadyAnatares on December 29

      Hey there, it's been a while. Are there any more updates or are you still working on the proof for manufacture stage? Thanks!

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