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Experience lucid dreams - Improve sleep with music that intelligently adjusts to your sleep phases - Wake up refreshed, every time!
Experience lucid dreams - Improve sleep with music that intelligently adjusts to your sleep phases - Wake up refreshed, every time!
Experience lucid dreams - Improve sleep with music that intelligently adjusts to your sleep phases - Wake up refreshed, every time!
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    1. Arenar Creator on

      @MR VERLIN, thank you so much for your patience and support. We are working hard to deliver your iBand+ in Oct/Nov 2018.

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      Im just checking in. Can't wait to get a hold of this magnificent item. 😍😍😍

    3. Arenar Creator on

      @JYPark, Please fill your shipping information in this survey:
      You will also have an opportunity to verify/update the shipping address in our last survey that we will be sending just before we ship your iBand+.

    4. Missing avatar

      JYPark on

      I need to change my mailing address. Please let me know how best to do this.

    5. Arenar Creator on

      @Vlad, be rest assured that we are working responsibly with a goal to deliver everyone their iBand+ in Oct/Nov 2018!

    6. Vlad Sharov on


      Yeah, I Realy Hope so =) I Really want to get to experience the lucid dreams you are talking about. Please dont run out of money, while promosing fancy pancy tech and stretchgoals you end up not beeing able to deliver (like ossic) I stil l have a little hope in scope of your complexity

    7. Arenar Creator on

      @Fran, many thanks for the support from all our passionate backers like you. These cheering messages help our team to stay motivated and always give our best. :)
      @Stephan, we apologize for this unintended delay caused due to longer component lead times. Please know that we are expediting processes to delivery your iBand+ so soon but without compromising on quality.
      @Sven, you and other backers who have pledged for Developer Edition reward will be among the first to receive their iBand+ when we start delivery in Oct 2018! These units will have access to API/SDK and we also intend to provide them individual technical support. Beta testing (a program) and Developer Edition (a reward) are unrelated. Backers irrespective of their reward can enroll themselves for beta testing program which is meant for helping us with optimization of iBand+ mobile app and software before mass shipping.
      @Alexis, during beta testing we will verify and further optimize our algorithms and the app. We will prepare online feedback form where the beta testers can fill information like device application settings, sleep and wake up times, lucid dream and smart alarm triggers experienced, etc.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexis Lopez on

      For the people who receive the iband+ for beta testing, what would they have to fill out during the thirty days?

    9. Fran Ramos Sanchez on

      Tired of negative comments...
      This things like delays always happen here

      Create the best lucid dreaming tool guys! Make me proud for have my first lucid dream finally!

    10. Stephan Krüger on

      @Arenar: don’t you think it is more than arrogance to tell you supporters that you are going to ship as “as planned” in October November 2018 when you have postponed already twice with more than a year delay? You should feel ashamed of your way of communication.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sven K. on

      I was listed... -> It was listed... ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      Sven K. on

      Hi - What about the Developer Edition (iBand + API/SDK access) ?
      I was listed to be delivered 2 months earlier than the standard editions.
      - Does that mean the estimated delivery for the delivery edition will be in July ?
      - What's the difference between your "Beta" & the "Developer Edition" (estimated delivery, hardware / software status) ?
      Thanks :)

    13. Arenar Creator on

      @Vlad, please know that the delay is a result of the lead time issues in procuring key components. iBand+ is a technically complex product and requires reliance on many third-parties including manufacturers and suppliers. We understand how eager you are to receive your iBand+. We are working hard to deliver it to you so soon.

    14. Vlad Sharov on

      Please promise me that you wont be another Ossic X Fraud!!!

      Sure starting to look like it --> Estimated Delivery: Aug 2017, and now May 2018, no iband

      Meanwhile at another universe at Ossic:
      - aaaaaaaaaand sorry guys, we suddenly ran out of $$$, you won't get a risen from us, but thanks for the support for the flight tickets too all these great and champaigne popping expos, we surely got to travel the world with our genious patent and got to try those awesome rainbow donuts for your extra upfront shipping cost. Look forward seeing us in 2020 in another promising Kickstarter teaser! It's gonna go down! trust us, yours sincerely Ossic X

    15. Arenar Creator on

      @Lukasz, we are in constant communication with the component suppliers and speeding up processes such that we can start shipping you your iBand+ in Oct 2018 as per plans.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lukasz Berdowski on

      Hi there, my question is very simple: have you checked lead times, production times, delivery times of each of the parts this time? To me that should have been done since the concept was finalised. Telling me a month before the shipment time, that some parts are unobtainable while saying that you were on track up to the final date (again, just as the previous delay) is either a massive organisational error or just a lie to cover lack of progress. The second thing I want to know is whether you pick the delivery date at random? Or is it set due to all the part manufacturers feedback you must have received now? Please aswer the questions not tell me the same thing you say to everyine here (keyowods - hardworking team working hard, complex product, thabk you fornpatience etc)

    17. Arenar Creator on

      @BeeUmi, the estimated shipping will start in Oct 2018.

    18. BeeUmi Pimsita

      I dont get ur product plz update

    19. Arenar Creator on

      @Ray, the delivery date is Oct/Nov 2018. Thanks for your patience and support!

    20. Ray Le on

      Estimated Delivery: Aug 2017, and now is May 2018, still no iBand :)

    21. Arenar Creator on

      @David, long lead times in procuring the key electronic components pushed back the delivery date to Oct/Nov 2018.

    22. David Kuboshige on

      How did we go from "were on track to start shipping May 2018!" To October 2018 in just 1 update....

    23. Arenar Creator on

      @Robert, @Nicholas, we will send a survey before shipping iBand+. In that survey you can fill all the relevant information like shipping address, phone number, etc.

    24. Missing avatar

      Spencer Wingert on

      The survey where you would enter your shipping address hasn’t been given yet and shipping is not planned to start until October 2018. For those interested/ can’t read info already given.

    25. Robert Abboud on

      I bought the EARLY BIRD deal a very very very long time ago. To be honest I wasn't around to check on the updates, but today it came to my mind that I still don't have my iBand which I'm truly excited to try. So could someone please update me on the situation? Also, I never entered my address anywhere, so could someone please guide me to what I should do from my behalf with regards to that. Thank you.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Goodrich on

      hello I bought the EARLY BIRD DOUBLE DEAL and just moved to a different state and need to change my address for shipping how can i do this

    27. Arenar Creator on

      @Lee, thanks so much for your support. We are working hard to deliver everyone their iBand+ so soon.
      @Adrian, the estimated shipping will start in Oct 2018.

    28. Adrian Shin on

      When can i get my iband?

    29. Lee Staes on

      I’m still very excited about the iBand. I’m also willing to wait as long as necessary to get a quality product. The negative comments here are out of control. I have backed several projects on Kickstarter and most are delayed beyond the initial estimated delivery date. I was a backer of the infamous Coolest Cooler. The delays for the iBand are nothing compared that project. I finally received my cooler but it took a lot of patience. I don’t mind the wait if that’s what it takes to get it right. Thanks for the update.

    30. Carsten Breum on

      @Arenar thanks for your reply. Please keep us posted.
      @Simon you are absolutely right.

    31. Arenar Creator on

      @Carsten, we are honest in our communication and we understand our commitment towards our valuable backers. Ours is a small but energetic and talented team working tirelessly on multitude of tasks almost every day of the week with a sole goal to deliver everyone of you their iBand+.
      @Harper, as mentioned earlier, developing a quality hardware takes dedication, perseverance and time. Please know that the delay is a result of the lead time issues in procuring key components. Features that make this device truly unique are self-learning algorithm that adapts to user’s sleep cycles and high degree of user customization that makes iBand+ suitable for novice as well as the advanced users alike!
      @Simon, thank you so much for your understanding and support. With the limited resources that we have, we want to make sure that we ship a quality product.

    32. Missing avatar

      Simon de Turck on

      Hmm. It is becoming more and more clear to me that Kickstarter has to do some more explaining to potential backers on what kind of platform they are. Every time a kickstarted project has delays or does not go as initially planned (that is 90% of the projects) I see the same kinds of comments popping up.

      If you are here to buy something, this platform is not for you. It is not a store. It is not a place where money will be traded for a product. Actually, there is no correlation between the money you pledge and the eventual ownership of the project’s product. The reward is an incentive to help in realising the project. Whatever happens to the project, delays, cancellation, failure and success, determines whether and when the reward will be realised.

      I can totally understand the frustration, but please be aware of what Kickstarter is. Also, with regards to communication, most of the Kickstarter campaigns do not have marketing or customer support people. Most campaign teams are small, focussed and specialists that have their hands full with just trying to make it all work in the first place.

      There is a lot to say about the lack of communication during Kickstarter campaigns and iBand+ is definitely not the only one struggling with it. There are several ways to actually solve that! From getting someone in the team to do take that role to using a service that does it for you, but apart from the time and money that adds to the expenses, it is also pretty hard to recognise the issue when a team is fully immersed in the day to day dealings of a project. Especially when there is no business-marketing-program-manager around to keep it all in check ;-). I do see a role for Kickstarter in that area, making campaigns aware of it and helping them with this communication part.

      Anyway, my view on this is rather simple. I don’t buy products here. I pledge money to what I think are great ideas without any expectations. Sometimes I even forget about it until I see an update email or when I’m browsing Kickstarter to find new great ideas. This is not to say that my view is the best, correct, or only one but it certainly helps to keep the stress level down and, as an aside, I get to open a completely forgotten surprise package containing something awesome! Win/Win.

      -my 2 rather long cents-

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Thomson on

      And there you have it, I specifically asked Arenar to NOT reply with the same old canned response, and he did just that. Proving no real thought goes into the comments, he obviously doesn’t even read what he replies to, and it’s all just a giant fucking scam. There you have it folks, the cold hard truth of the matter. Our money is gone.

    34. Missing avatar

      Harper Buonanno on

      I honestly no longer care WHY the product has been so badly delayed. Its simply unacceptable. There are other, better products being developed that will make the iBand obsolete if/when it is finally delivered. No matter what happens going forward, you will have a large subset of dissatisfied customers. I likely won't use the band because it will have been superseded by other, better products- not to mention the negative associations I'll have every time I look at the thing. Don't thank me for our continued support as you have so many times before, it grossly misrepresents the statements made by many of your customers- look at what people are saying and make refunds available to those who want them.

    35. Carsten Breum on

      Seems that all Kickstarter projects are delayed. I do understand that reality is harder than making optimistic plans. It's therefore important to update the backers about the current process. Don't hide anything.

      That said the GoKey project turned out to be a huge SCAM and Doros K ran away with all the money without having done anything but posting on IGG.

    36. Arenar Creator on

      @John, @Jeffrey, we appreciate your support to the iBand+ campaign. Please know that we are working hard with highest work ethics and complete honesty to deliver our backers their rewards. iBand+ has more than 150 electronic components! Manufacturing a complex hardware product like iBand+ requires reliance on many third-parties. Your disappointment is justified, but as much as we are eager to deliver you your iBand+ so soon, we indeed want to deliver the best product that will exceed your expectations.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Thomson on

      Yeah, this is getting unacceptably ridiculous. You keep using the same vague and intelligent sounding lines about why you are experiencing delays, and you keep using the same old trope about "delivering a high quality yada yada". I read the updates, I read all the comments, and this product is quite clearly a scam. All of our money is wasted, which is why you will not offer a refund as any legitimate business does when they sell products. You constantly change the "expected delivery date" always claiming that some sort of problem arose a mere month before you're supposed to ship.


      I don't see how that is an unreasonable request for any legitimate business to offer. The idea that "all of that money has gone into production" is completely in contrary to the operation of a business. You always keep cash on hand to cover expenses, and you always account for "bad debt" (and if you don't know what that is @Arenar how the fuck are you running a business) so there is no humanly possible way that you don't have any money at all to offer refunds, unless of course you don't actually have a functioning business and the entire thing is just s scam.

      So let's agree to that. If the delivery date changes again, we get refunds. If you can't commit to that, or you address my comment with your typical "we apologize blah blah, we appreciate your patience etc etc, we are committed to delivering a high quality yada yada" then we will all know once and for all that this project is complete bullshit and nothing but a worthless scam that we all fell for.

    38. Missing avatar

      John Pokorny on

      I backed a very similar product on Kickstarter, (Neuroon Open Sleep Tracker) and unfortunately with both of these products it has been delayed for the same reasons,essentially more research & development, which is understandable. It has been so long that I actually forgot about both products. The last update I read if I am reading it correctly is an additional 16-20 weeks is needed, that will put us into September of 2018. And when September rolls around, I believe you will probably have another setback. And I think the real question is, should we expect this in the 1st quarter of 2019 and if not then, when can we get a refund?

    39. Arenar Creator on

      @Guillermo, we understand how eager you are to receive your iBand+. We apologize for this unintended delay. Please know that we are working tirelessly to deliver a superior quality product that you are expecting. Thank you for your patience.

    40. Missing avatar

      Guillermo Cava on

      I would not have signed up to buy this product if I knew it would take almost 2 years for it to come. Please give us more accurate deadlines because it feels like we got scammed and lost money. I understand that the product takes time, it’s just that there have been so many disappointing updates you’ve been sending us regarding the deadline. Every single time you push it back and im trusting the reality of this product each and every time. Thank you and I hope you can understand where I am coming from!

    41. Arenar Creator on

      @Samantha, thanks so much for your continued support. We want to deliver the best product that will exceed your expectations.
      @Jonas, in one of our next updates, we will send the link to a survey in which we will asking few questions (eg. iOS/Android, restless/good sleeper, age, etc.). This way we can effectively select the beta testers with varied conditions.

    42. Missing avatar

      samantha aldridge on

      Take your time. Technology is still new to us and has progressed so much through the years. It will take time to make it to your ideal. As a supporter, we will be patient and excited to try this product ^-^

    43. Missing avatar

      Jonas on

      How are the beta testers selected (I know in future updates you'll make it available to 'apply')? Is it only people in the US? As I'm from Belgium and I'd really like to beta test the device. Hope the current roadplan is definitive :) Good luck

    44. Arenar Creator on

      @Zakarias, we appreciate your support. We are totally committed on delivering everyone a no-compromise, high-quality product. Thank you!
      @Wilson, we apologize for this delay. The truth is that we are working harder than ever to deliver everyone their iBand+. Unfortunately, we have experienced an unexpected manufacturing delay due to key components sourcing problem, something we had not anticipated earlier. We understand that you are upset with this delay, but at this moment we request your patience and much needed support to keep us focused on our tasks leading to iBand+ manufacturing and providing you a superior quality product that you are waiting for.

    45. Missing avatar

      Zakarias Wennerström on

      Tired of all the negative comments. I for one am willing to wait in order to get as good a product as possible. Keep it up iBand+ team! Sweden has got your back!

    46. Missing avatar

      Wilson Chan on

      Delay and the estimated delivery "will start" in Oct 2018. You make us very disappointed. It's my first time to support project in kickstarter. After more than a year, I should realize the truth that my money is gone away and wasted. Thanks for teaching me a lesson.

    47. Arenar Creator on

      @Torsten, @Stephan, @Paul, @Uriah, @Rodrigo, @Koh, @Andre, innovation needs dedication, perseverance and time. iBand+ is a technically complex product which we can successfully bring into this world with the support and encouragement from our backers like you. We are totally dedicated to make iBand+ a reality and working tirelessly on it. As much as we are eager to deliver you your iBand+ so soon, we want to make sure that we deliver you on quality. Your disappointment is justified, but we believe that you will be super delighted when you receive your iBand+. It will be worth the wait. We request your patience and continued support in this penultimate project phase. We will continue to keep all our valuable backers regularly updated of our progress and we are working hard to deliver everyone their iBand+ very soon. Thanks so much!
      @Shaun, @Jorge, the estimated delivery will start in Oct 2018.
      @ Jude, @Julien, please be rest assured that we are working diligently on iBand+ development to provide all of you a superior quality product! Thanks so much for your support!

    48. Missing avatar

      Torsten Dörfler on

      I’m so sorry but I’m getting the impression, that all this project is a scam. After telling, may will be shipping date not long ago and now delay it on october... That looks awfully bad.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jude Chase on

      I've waited all my life (well, at least 3 decades:-) for something like this! I have no problem waiting as long as it takes to make it happen. I have never been more excited about a new piece of technology and I appreciate your updates and dedication to the project.

    50. Stephan Krüger on

      And in the end it is a device with red lights and no real function....

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