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Welcome to The Unknown: Area 51. Curran Stone and Toni M. Elkins

The Gallery that is hosting our exhibit is gorgeous and popular; however, they do not have insurance for the artists who exhibit there. A portion of our raised monies will be to cover an insurance policy that will protect us for the month long exhibit that we will host from November 7, 2012 to November 30, 2012. We were also lucky to have a wonderful artist that donated our video. We would like to be able to pay him for his time, effort and talent. The frames in our exhibit were all made from recycled products. Still--these products were not free. We will possibly have over 200 guests at our opening. Usually, openings only serve punch and cake. We are hoping, with your help, to serve nice wines and appetizers. We would also like to purchase several print ads in publications to advertise our month long exhibit.  There is always a chance that, in this economy, we might not sell the majority of our exhibit. If that is the case, we would try for another venue and repeat the same process. Out ultimate goal is to be "picked up" by a museum for a traveling show somewhere in the USA.  With your help, we will succeed. Thanks so much ahead of time!

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We are offering fabulous rewards for all categories--PLUS--Your name will be included on our opening reception postcard if you donate $250 and up! This postcard will be handed out at the gala reception on November 7, 2012. Plus~~if we get picked up by a museum, your name will be included in all printed materials. There is really no challenge we can't handle. This biggest challenge will come to you--because YOU must be patient in order to receive your rewards. Deadlines are given--but remember--all rewards are hand done and designed! A special thank-you to Jason Stroud who sooo generously donated the video. We thank all of you ahead of time for your support. Toni M. Elkins & Curran Stone


  • Absolutely! Not only that, but we will give each donor credit at the exhibit and IF we get picked up by another venue! Please consider donating to this project. We NEED YOU!

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    Hand written thank-you note from artists.

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    Video of opening night art exhibit, with a thank you note. Butterfly limited edition print!

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    original photo of sunset at Isle of Palms, SC where much of the art work was produced.

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    Small collage done with backers own family photos. This will be a table top collage complete with easel to place it upon.

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    Large collage with backers own family photos. This will be a framed collage varying between 20"x 24" to 20"x30"

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    an original sculpture made with recycled car parts. The size will vary, but it will be something that everyone will comment upon. A real SHOW STOPPER!

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