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A 6-episode documentary series on the people and culture of videogames.
A 6-episode documentary series on the people and culture of videogames.
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Outerlands is Here! Get your Digital Music and Other Goodies!


Check those emails!

You should all start receiving messages from HumbleBundle to the email addresses we had for you in Backerkit that will allow you to download this batch of the first six episodes of Outerlands! We are so thrilled to at last have this opportunity to share with you what we think is the best work we've ever done. There's love, sweat, and probably a few tears in every frame and we hope you can feel some of that during your viewing. You've been with us this whole way, and we can never thank you enough!

But, if we can ask one last thing of you: PLEASE DON'T POST THE EPISODES ANYWHERE (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)! While we very firmly believe that our Backers deserve an exclusivity period all their own, it's also because the musicians on our soundtrack have given us an incredibly generous licensing rate on the contingency that these episodes will only appear for our backers. The deal is that at some point if we can get wider distribution (fingers crossed!) that we'll pay them a big chunk of change at that time for the privilege. It's SUPER nice of them and we don't want to violate that deal if we can help it! Naturally you should feel free to post .gifs, pics, or super short clips like you would for anything else, but we're hoping that while you're doing that you'll keep an eye out for Outerlands showing up places it's not supposed to and that you'll give us a heads up!

Sorry that your credits scroll by so quick! At kind of a standard speed it would've added 8 minutes to every episode and probably 3-4 GB on the high-quality file and 2GB on the low-quality. We did make sure though that if you pause it on any particular frame the credits are totally readable, though, so you can always find yours!

Episodes and Digital Posters On Their Way to your Inbox!

Humble Bundle is your destination for these and you should be getting an email that will take you to where you can grab the files. There's two version of each episode. A "Low" and a "High." You should be able to tell by the file size listed which one is which. For example, Outerlands - Saving Games iii. Meg And Shawn has a 5.3GB download (which is "High") and a 1.6GB download (which is "Low") and the same sort of big vs. small exists for each episode.

This is in reference to the visual quality level of the each episode. We know that some of our backers don't have access to the best Internet connections and some others might also have pretty low data caps or have to pay as they go for downloads, so we wanted to offer versions that are a lot more accessible while still being at least "YouTube" quality. So if you have a really old machine or really slow Internet, you might want to give the "Low" files a try.

We've also included one subtitle file for Ralph; it's the Outerlands - The Pioneers ii. Ralph file under the eBooks heading that's 24.2kB. It's in .srt format. He can be a bit hard to uderstand at times, so we wanted to make sure that episode was as accessible as possible. We can't really offer support in the best way to get .srt files to play in whatever video player app you might be using. They all differ and there's just too many of them. One thing they do seem to have in common is that if it doesn't recognize it right away as a subtitle file for the video with the same name, most apps we know about will have a menu option where you can load a subtitle file and that's how you would open the .srt. Sorry it's a little complicated, but this is the best way to open-source our subtitles in case we can get translations done in the future for other regions.

We'll be doing full .srt files for every episode, just not today. Today, we need some rest *^_^*

Music also being emailed your way!

We've uploaded all the Bandcamp codes from the Jim Guthrie and Disasterpeace albums to Backerkit and any of you that backed us at the tiers where you get their albums, you should be getting an email letting you grab those codes! It's a little like getting an early version of the Outerlands Soundtrack ;)


As usual, reach out to us here, via the support messages in Backerkit, or you can email Matt directly at matt - at - (not using the properly formattd email address here since this post is going to be a public one and Matt gets enough spam already). The wonderful folks at Humble also wanted you to know that you can also reach out to their customer service ( if you're having any issues at that end of things.

Have a fantastic, joyous, relaxing holiday season! Do lots of fun things, hug lots of good people, eat luxurious amounts of yummy food, and please enjoy the show :) -- 4 more episodes still to come!

What's Backerkit? A Quick FAQ!


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Update your email in Backerkit! You can't get the episodes without it! Outerlands coming tomorrow! Exclamation points!!


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New T-Shirt sizes: Extra-Small through 6XL and More Stickers!


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