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Learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming and robotics with an Arduino microprocessor. This kit contains everything to build.
250 backers pledged $57,478 to help bring this project to life.

On to something good here....

Posted by Dan Alich (Creator)

Just received another $1000 contribution and a note that really brings out the essence of the DuinoKit project.


I think you have a good thing here.

As I remember my start in electronics was being given a gift of some RadioShack P-Box kits and a 100 in 1 Electronic projects kit. I still remember getting my first computer kit also a Netronics ELF II.

I went on to learn electronics in a Vocational school. I got my first job for a Mini Computer company a few months before I actually graduated, and started the first Monday after Graduation. That was in 1979 and I believe that today kids are not taught at the lowest level of electronics anymore and miss out on a lot.

I've decide I will donate at the $1000 level and hope that helps a little.


I cannot thank you (my supporters) enough for the encouragement and pledges made for this project.  I wish I could place at least 3 or 4 kits in every school or club.  I am currently in Minnesota right now and scheduled to see the Bakken museum (See update #8) where the DuinoKit will be used in their Inventors Club program.  I hope this will become much larger than just a one-time creation.

Thank you for "circling around" this bright idea!   - Dan

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    1. Paul Dunnells on

      That is really inspiring to see that kind of comment. I don't have a 1000 to spare at the moment, but I'm absolutely ecstatic that this will become a reality. I was really bummed when your last attempt didn't get off the ground last year. You should have posted on that project to let people know you were giving this a second go. I almost missed the boat. I found you doing my usual monthly skim of interesting projects.