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Learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming and robotics with an Arduino microprocessor. This kit contains everything to build.
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DuinoKit project 140% and growing!

Posted by Dan Alich (Creator)

Thank you for your support on this project.  Currently the DuinoKit project is +40% over our initial production goal and still growing.  Pledges are slowing down and I would love to make as many of these as possible to see what inventions are created.  Please share this project and keep it growing.

This week we are finalizing the project case decisions that will ultimately effect the overall size and component arrangement.  I will also be meeting with team designer for the V3 design changes on this project. This is the video "A Closer Look" at V2 and this will be slightly different for the final KickStarter production kit, but gives an idea of what you can expect. Video Link here....

I'm still hoping to find an investor for this project so that many additional kits can be produced for retail sale.  My main customer (schools / clubs) cannot pledge towards KickStarter projects and only order retail.  I would like to produce additional stock to make these learning kits available for many organizations and individuals who miss out on this campaign.

We are also working on the storefront that will be available after this campaign is over for the request of additional kits or other add-ons. 

Only 14 Days left......  Please share and help "spread the word"!  If all goes as planned, the DuinoKit will be ready with plenty of time before the holidays.  these would make a great gift idea. 

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