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Learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming and robotics with an Arduino microprocessor. This kit contains everything to build.
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How can I help?

Posted by Dan Alich (Creator)

Over the past several days I have been receiving many messages on your excitement about finally finding an easy platform to create and learn to make the gadgets and products you have been dreaming about.  I feel honored to have the ability to move you forward on your quest for learning and building.  You have started moving my creation into a reality as well, thank you!

I am spending this week at and education conference in Raleigh, NC. attending sessions on teaching creativity, inspiring minds, encouraging and mentoring the leaders of tomorrow.  After all, this is the duty of a good teacher.

When I started the DuinoKit project, I was envisioning this as a tool to be used in schools not only in my community, but across the state and country.  With a "tech-savvy" generation of young learners, there is no reason that someone should have to wait until college to learn the fundamentals of building and developing that can be learned from tinkering with an electronics kit.  This assumes of course that most of our kids go to college, which they do not.  I learned on one of these kits back in the 80's and my son has this vintage kit now.

My overall intention with this project was not just to give an individual the chance to learn by buying a kit, but to share these with schools and clubs where there was an interest and let them "wow" the older generation with their accomplishments.  With the modern age of simple to program microprocessors, the "dream toys" from when I was a kid are fairly easy to invent and develop in the modern day garage.  I want to keep kids dreaming and inventing.

So, how can you help.....?  

1)  I would love to partner with an investor that recognizes the value of advancing education and expanding the experiences of young learners and somehow be able to produce 100K kits for young learners, schools or groups.  I know many could buy these if commercially available and some could be donated, but the initial large scale production would have to be funded for the retail market.  As an early supporter, maybe you know someone who could help?

2)  Help by continuing to spread the word about the DuinoKit project in efforts to grow the campaign and gain interest of others.  If you want to request additional kits at the end of the campaign, there will be an online storefront available for additional items or possible add-ons.

3) (and maybe most importantly) if you can contact any news agency, website editor and maker community and share why you supported this project, the added publicity would help to progress this project as well.  The DuinoKit is a real "grass roots" effort to try and change and enhance the education of many kids who may not normally get a chance to understand our current technological society.  Listed below are a few links and emails that may help in the effort.

4) There is a small group on FaceBook where you can follow our progress and join in on some conversations about the DuinoKit  ( DuinoKit Group ).  Please join this group and add your friends / share the project.  Maybe I can catch the attention for moving this project forward at a larger scale.

Thank you again for your continued and I look forward to delivering these kits and seeing your creations and inventions along the way.  

Thank you to and for thier interview and article.  Stay inspired!  - Dan




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