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A Powered-by-the-Apocalypse RPG of mission-based action in a gritty neon-and-chrome cyberpunk future.
A Powered-by-the-Apocalypse RPG of mission-based action in a gritty neon-and-chrome cyberpunk future.
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R&D // November Metric and the remaining stretch goals

Posted by Hamish Cameron (Creator)

November Metric is done.

What's November Metric?

November Metric
November Metric


Prepare your datajack for a driveload of global cyberculture, friend.

Remix your mind and your DNA with the transhumanists of Tangaroa. Screen yourself from the UV, the corps, and the nanobots in Aotearoa. Swim through the stifling oppression of law and history in the capital of the European Federation.

Resist the corporate boot crushing the last bastion of North American freedom. Blow over the agri-prison baseline and the voodoo hooks of the Big Easy. Slink out of the lab and into the streets with keen eyes, sharp claws, and a vengeful mind.

Circle with the sharks of the Global Giant of Africa: smell the fire in their spirits and the spirits in the fibres. Dance from terrace to tower in the Paris moonlight, rapier in hand, honour in mind. Take down the fat cats and the dirty dogs with anthropomorphic abandon.

Play in the Caribbean sand or slog through the Florida swamp at the nexus of terrestrial and orbital borders. Fight your way free from the bleeding edge of militarised capitalism at the fractured terminus of a new Korean cold war. Kick against the current in SoCal’s melting pot of simsense dreams, global commerce, and covert water wars.

Twelve new ways to experience The Sprawl. Are you ready for the November Metric?

November Metric is the stretch goal formerly known as Stretch Goal 003. Theoretically, this should have been 30,000 words of extra setting material including Necropolis (Jesse Burneko's cyber-gothic setting). The file actually clocked in at 38,000 excluding Necropolis. Why excluding Necropolis, you say? Because that's now a stand-alone 18,000 words setting.

PDF-level backers will be receiving direct links to the pdf though DTRPG. If you don't receive one within a few hours, message me here.

What next?

That leaves three stretch goals:

I'm about to send a final draft of the Mission Files to Gerald for editing.

Jesse reports that the text of Necropolis is nearing completion and production has begun on art. If anyone wants to do any last minute external playtesting they can contact him directly at:

Touched will contain three settings, each covering a different phase of integration of rift magic into our world. Steve reports that A Darkening Alley is about 80% written, Prime about 50% and Rental about 10%. I've been playtesting the first two at conventions this summer (PortConMaine and DexCon so far, Gateway to come). Steve hopes to have the next set of playtest documents ready sometime in August. I'll post that here and on the G+ Community

// take [intel]

Those of you who follow The Sprawl's various streams on social media may have seen that I started a Twitch channel last week (and a parallel YouTube channel). At the moment, the only video is a test run of the software, hardware and process, in the future you can expect design sessions, movie commentaries, question and answer sessions, ancient history related game play, and perhaps some dedicated cyberpunk video game playthoughs. There might eventually be some tabletop play, but initially, I’ll be focused on formats that I can slot into my schedule when it’s convenient for me, rather than trying to juggle the schedules of multiple people.

The idea for streaming came about through the process and reception of my live-tweeting of Elysium as a game of The Sprawl. As you can see, I have some ideas about topics and formats, but I'm very open to suggestions, especially from backers.

Keep it neon,


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    1. Hamish Cameron 2-time creator

      No problem, Graham! I'll send you a message with your code.

    2. Graham Spearing on

      Sorry to be so late, but the recent POD discount got me to realise that I never received the notification from Drivethru for the PDF.

    3. Hamish Cameron 2-time creator

      I just sent you a message with your code, beney.

    4. Missing avatar

      beney on

      hello, I didn't receive any email from DriveThru... ;-)

    5. Hamish Cameron 2-time creator

      If you didn't receive your code, message me and I"ll sort it out. Thanks!

    6. Hamish Cameron 2-time creator

      @binoclard: I just resent your email/code. Let me know if it worked this time!

    7. binoclard on

      Sorry for the additional trouble, but I also did not get any DTRPG email/link/code… :-\

    8. Hamish Cameron 2-time creator

      @GilboD: I just sent you a message with your code. Sorry about the mix up!

      @Sayler: \m/

    9. GilboD on

      I did not receive an email link.

    10. Hamish Cameron 2-time creator

      Thanks Sophie! It was a long and at times frustrating process, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

    11. Sophie Lagace

      I just downloaded it -- it's fantastic!