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The world of comics, via the voices of writers, illustrators, distributors, Hollywood storytellers, and global fans of the art form.
The world of comics, via the voices of writers, illustrators, distributors, Hollywood storytellers, and global fans of the art form.
259 backers pledged $19,048 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Helen Linda on

      Out of 104 of my backed projects, there have only been 2 that ghosted their backers. Both are film projects. On the one hand those are good odds. On the other, it makes all the filmmakers look bad and breaks the trust. Shameful behavior.

    2. Brian Winkeler on

      Sometimes I visit this page to reflect on what a simpler time 2011 was and wonder what the inflation rate would be on the $100 I pledged way back then.

    3. Ron on

      Crooks, plain and simple.

    4. Christopher Daley

      Remember when this wasn't just someone stealing from you.

    5. Jack Chiu

      Thanks for posting that. I pretty much stopped crowdfunding comic creators after getting burned like this.

    6. Missing avatar

      john layman on

      I remember when this project was still technically alive, Brandon Jerwa was tweeting how he was in London (on the dime of us, its backers,) and how much he was drinking, how much fun he was having, and how much he was spending. That tweet has since been deleted.

      Some time thereafter, Brandon Jerwa told me he was in dire financial straights and needed money or his child could not eat. I wired him several hundred dollars to make sure he would get through the troubled time. I called him some time later and he screamed at me --SCREAMED-- he needed more. That was our last conversation. Shortly thereafter (I guess when he realized now more money was coming,) he blocked me from all social media and has refused to take any calls or communications.

      I don't know how many other people Brandon Jerwa has done this to, but I'm told all his social media is now blocked. My guess is Brandon Jerwa ripped off as many people as he possibly could, and then shut all doors, so he could enjoy everyone else's money with no repercussions.

      Brandon Jerwa, I hope the 19k you conned from all your backers and however many hundreds or thousands of dollars who chiseled from people who thought they were your friends was worth it.

    7. Ian Gonzales on

      Every time I consider backing a Kickstarter project, I think about this specific campaign and wind up passing if the backer doesn't have a proven track record of fulfillment. I am sure there are a lot of projects that delivered but I missed out on because I got ripped off by this. I'm also sure I avoided getting ripped off thanks to the lesson I learned backing this campaign. So, thanks for literally nothing, I guess?

    8. Chris Miglorino on

      So I was looking on youtube for new comic book documentaries... then I remembered I helped fund one. Glad to see that's still not made.

    9. Mike Thompson on

      Is it time to report this as fraud?

    10. Ron on

      Even if delivered information will be 5 yrs + old. Old news. Better rename to Historical Documentary.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mike Ortiz on

      If we aren't going to get a finished piece can you at least let us have some unedited interview footage? Something?

    12. Ian Gonzales on

      Hello? Any updates?

    13. Mathieu Doublet on

      We sure would like some more updates about the project. :)

    14. Mathieu Doublet on


      are there any news since January ?

    15. Leri Jacobs on

      It's all good Brandon Life can and will at times get in the way

    16. Mathieu Doublet on

      Any update since june ? :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Kevin Donlan on

      Just wondering if there are any updates, it has been a very long time.

    18. Ian Gonzales on

      "We will have something for you to see very, very soon, and you can expect a no-fail update every other Friday for now." June 26, 2014.


      Sorry for the lack of communication on our end. No the quality will not drop. You will now get more content then just a 90min doc. We are working on 8-10, possibly more, full episodes making more like 3-6 hours. The only thing it would effect is you getting even more content then we planned to give you. More discs and we will still have bonus content and unused content for the larger rewards. We will work on the updates so you can see. But you will get more. We didn't realize how much content we would get and we simply can't set aside 60+ hours for one 90min or even 2 hour movie. The stories from everyone are too good.

    20. Ron on

      NO real updates in a very long time plus changes to format that have unclear effect on pledges. That along with the fact the data that is now going to presented to us will be 2+ years old and really how relevant will it be now? Do not feel like I am going to get a quality product now even if it does deliver. No more Kickstarters for me run by folks I cannot be sure to trust ( ie. have not delivered in the past ). Out!!

    21. Missing avatar

      john layman on

      "Apologies for a lack of updates. That's a responsibility that I personally failed to live up to, so I'll avoid making excuses and just say that I'm sorry, and I give you my word that we will do better. "--Brandon Jerwa. Feb 7th, 2014.

    22. Andrew Huerta on

      I had high hopes for this doc. Good thing I only donated 5 bucks for it.

    23. Vincent Dacak on

      So we finally get an update only to learn that this documentary is now turning to an episodic format. Can you enlighten us as to how this affects our pledges?

    24. Jack Chiu

      Any updates since the March 4, 2013 update? I had my hopes up with that update and now it's 11 months later.

    25. Missing avatar

      Patricia Kalin on

      I'm really sad that I asked folks to back this project. :( No updates? No product?

    26. Missing avatar

      aaron Churchill on

      Yeah, this is pretty much the reason i'm done with kickstater.

    27. Missing avatar

      john layman on

      Pretty sure everybody who contributed to this got totally ripped off.

    28. Leri Jacobs on

      Just keep us in the loop a little more often is all we're asking :-0 Things happens in life, some we can control others we can't. I'm hanging in there I hope everyone else does too! Thanks for all your work Brandon!

    29. Ian Gonzales on

      How goes the edit? Is there an updated timetable?

    30. Hansel Moreno on

      I would appreciate an update. Thanks!


      Hey sorry for the delay. We are busy editing adding more interviews and talking with distribution partners. A few personal things did slow down the project, but we are making headway. No one is getting ripped off! We just have way more footage to go through and several options on how to handle the edit. Thank you for your patience, we never knew how many people would want to be in this and we just want to make sure we can get in as many of the stories as we can.

    32. Missing avatar

      john layman on

      No update in more than 6 months?

    33. Chris Miglorino on

      So um, did this get made and I didn't receive the download or is this still not done?

    34. Vincent Dacak on

      So are we ever going to get an update on this project? Or should us backers just assume we've been ripped off?

    35. Ron on

      Cool. Thanks. Unlike other projects you guys/gals at least give updates when asked. Good luck on the work.


      Still in edit. Lots to go through. We are going to try for a trailer soon. We just have been trying to get a main edit down and then fill in the gaps with a few more interviews. We are also working on a narrator for it.
      Sorry for the silence!

    37. Ron on

      Can we get a status on this?

    38. Ron on

      Any kind of update would be appreciated. Approaching a year with no word.

    39. Christian Otholm on

      Any updates on progress?

    40. Ron on

      Any kind of update to be had?

    41. Tim Meakins

      Here's hoping this leads to a whole series of Tales...
      I'm looking forward to it being so successful that you can fly over here and get a UK perspective at one of our cons (Bristol, Thoughtbubble, Kapow, Glasgow?)...
      Some of those questions would have very different answers, I'm sure!


      My wife Jessica asked me to share this from her Facebook page:

      I just want to say "thank you" to everyone that helped fund Brandon's documentary. He's been a nervous wreck for the past 30 days, and because of you we might both enjoy a night of deep sleep tonight! I'm hoping he'll "sleep like the dead" without the "dead" part.

      $18k is just unbelievable...for a documentary it's considered a smaller budget, yes, but I've seen what they've been able to do so far with no I just cannot wait for this thing to be made! Congrats Brandon, Ali, and Tom!

    43. susan rubin on

      Congratulations! Looking forward to watching it.

    44. CHUNK on

      SWWEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Nice work everybody. now you shall all see me being an idiot for the camera.

    45. Helen Linda on

      Sweet, congrats y'all!

    46. Jeremy Spurlock on

      Holy crap you guys, this is awesome.

    47. Shannon W Lentz on

      Congratulations. That's awesome. I look forward to seeing this film being made.

    48. Pj Perez on


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