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Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
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Shipping update

Posted by Archona Games (Creator)

Greetings everyone!

First of all please accept my sincerest apologies about the delay of communication on my end, I was extremely busy over the past 2 weeks. I will try to answer all of your questions, messages and e-mails during this day or two.

That being said, I really hope that you are having a blast with the games!

A quick update on the missing expansions/components:

We will most probably be able to ship them out after February 7th if not before. We will be waiting for the shipment of 5/6 player wooden components expansion from the US to arrive in EU, to make a more cost-efficient shipment option instead of sending them separately to you. Additionally, I have contacted Happyshops few days ago and I am still waiting for a response from them as they have some issues with some of our payments and don't want to continue shipping until we have resolved it. Hopefully I will get an answer from them asap.

I know you guys are taking the brunt in this situation, but please bear with us as we have already poured all of our resources and logistics into making sure everyone gets what they pledged for.

I also am very happy and find comfort in hearing great comments on the game, and seeing you all enjoying it very much!

Thanks everyone for the patience and understanding!

Best regards,



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    1. Missing avatar

      Devin Asselstine on

      Any updates on the US shipping?

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Forsman on

      Recieved my fate of the galaxy last friday ... great job in getting it shipped so quickly.

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick van den Eijk

      I just received 'fate of the galaxy' (The Netherlands).
      But I have not received the 2 expansions.
      How long do I have wait before I have to fill in a request for replacement? Or are my copies on the boat from the US to Europe?

    4. Missing avatar


      Hello, I am still missing two copies of the wooden 5-6 player components and have not received any tracking information. I am based in the US. Other than this, the game is great!
      Thanks again for a great product. Chuck

    5. Josh DuJordan on

      Got mine, had a lot of fun playing with my family. I played the base game with them, and then the solo mode. I got beat in the first mission, haha. Can't wait to try out all these expansions too. Really like the way each addition brings something new to the table, so you can cater the night to a specific group of players if need-be. Thank you for the great game!

    6. Archona Games 4-time creator on


      It is really weird, we asked for Tracking numbers in the first place, some backers got them some didn't... don't know what to say, except that I will definitely mention to Happyshops in big bold letters "WE NEED TRACKING NUMBERS" for the next orders. :)

    7. Missing avatar


      @Archona Games Thanks for this answer, makes me full of hope but for a new order it would be better having a TRACKING CODE to follow its shipping without any other disappointments...Possible??

    8. Archona Games 4-time creator on

      By this time, all of you should have gotten your games, except some people that made pre-orders on our website, so please report any missing items and components at this link:

      Аbout new addresses, please write me at so I can update them.

      Additionally, if you are ONLY missing Fate of the Galaxy and you are in EU, we know about the issue, there is no need to fill in the form.

      @The One-sided Die, I see that your order was still not sent, I will check with Quartermaster to see what is the problem.

      @Jacob Patton, your tracking number info says it's still pending, I am going to check this with QML as well.

      @Eumel, I see that your order hasn't been sent out yet, I will contact Happyshops to see what's the problem and push them to send it asap.

      @snake1997, your order has been shipped out, but since there's still no sign of it I am going to issue another order to be sent out asap.

      @Petr K I assume you have received the game and you are asking about Fate of the Galaxy?

      @Richard Jones, The tracking number info says that the game was about to be delivered to the recipient, but mentions no actual delivery being made. Could you call your local DHL office to see what is the issue? Thanks!

    9. The One-Sided Die

      We are still going to need an update on shipping in the US, as there has been little to no fulfillment.

      So far it seems like we are just pretending that shipping has happened.

    10. Jacob Patton on

      Any updates on US shipments? Still waiting...

    11. Missing avatar


      Actually no game here in germany. Where could it be?

    12. Missing avatar


      Received nothing in Italy yet, after a shipping confirmation 40 days ago...
      Where is my game??

    13. The One-Sided Die

      Nothing here in the states... any info on when that might happen, or why I am hearing of many people not getting their games?

    14. Missing avatar

      Brian Wolford on

      If we have moved recently, how do we update our shipping address? Thank you.

    15. Petr K.

      I have a new address since February. We did not expect that sending the rest would take so long. You are not responding to any email. Where should I turn to get the missing expansion delivered correctly?

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard Jones

      What about people still waiting for the game? Should all UK backers have it by now? If so please contact me!