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Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
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Shipping Update and List of Components

Posted by Archona Games (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Thanks again for reporting in.

Please try to understand that with so many items and with us doing such a logistically hard shipping for the first time, some things may go wrong. That being said, we made another error in the backer report for the EU backers and didn't include the Fate of the Galaxy expansions by mistake. It is my fault since I exported the backer report so again, I am very sorry about that and please be patient while we organize the shipping for that expansion as well as the 5-6 player retail expansion, which may come in additional wave. 

Also note that we put all Battle/Research Station Upgrade cards in the Fate of the Galaxy expansion so you can have a complete expansion experience when you play it. :)

Please understand that we are trying our best to accommodate everyone and sorry for my delayed response on your e-mails and messages.

For US, packaging is approved and shipping slip sample should be in during the weekend so hopefully that puts the start of the shipping at next week.

For AUS, again we noticed there were some items missing. We need to send another package from US to Aetherworks so they can fulfill properly but due to Christmas, they will be closed until Jan. 7th. So we are scheduled to fulfill to AUS on that day. Sorry again everyone from Australia!

As for the list here it is:

Small Star Empires 2nd Edition - Deluxe:

7 Main sector tiles
4 Homeworld Tiles
6 Black Hole/Wormhole tiles
14 Unexplored System Tiles
9 Nebula Markers
96 Plastic pieces in 4 colors (16 Cities, 4 Trade Stations, 4 Ships)
1 Score Track
4 Player score Markers
1 Rulebook
1 Solo Rulebook
1 Art Book

The Galactic Divide - Deluxe:

12 Battle stations (3 per color)
4 Additional Sector Tiles
4 Unexplored System Tiles
6 Leader Cards
10 Event Cards
6 Civilization Cards
1 Rulebook
4 cube and 8 disc markers

Dawn of Discoveries - Deluxe:  

12 Research stations (3 per color)
4 Additional Sector Tiles
4 Unexplored System Tiles
48 Technology Cards
75 Minerals
1 Cloth Bag
1 Rulebook

Supermassive Black Hole:

1 Supermassive Black Hole Board
1 Supermassive Black Hole System Tile
10 Survey Tokens
1 Rulebook

Fate of the Galaxy:

12 Station Upgrade Cards (6 Battle/6 Research Station cards)
2 Galactic Station Cards
6 Superweapons
6 Galactic Wonders
1 Markers punchboard
1 Rulebook

Tiles and Civilizations Pack:

2 Civilization Cards
4 Main additional sector tiles

5-6 Player Expansion - Deluxe:

2 Homeworld System Tiles
16 Cities, 4 Trade Stations, 3 Battle Stations, 3 Research Stations, 4 Ships, 3 Discs and 1 cube marker per the two colors.

The wooden component variants as you would figure are the same as the Deluxe but in wood.

I think I have not missed anything on the list. Again to remind you, you can use this link ( to report about any missing part, that isn't Fate of the Galaxy or 5-6 player wooden components expansion.

Again, thank you for the huge patience and understanding! Hope you have a great holiday season!

Best regards,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Harry Jacobs

      Just put a form in, I bought two games, but only got one set of components. Guess the shipper could not count the number of boxes. No worries, send it along when you can.

    2. Missing avatar

      Serge Gadeyne

      Hi, the list of components seems to be missing the 13 Solo cards that are included in Small Star Empires 2nd Edition - Deluxe. Kind regards and happy holidays!

    3. Missing avatar

      David Purkiss

      The game looks great, like the changes to the core game. Is there a reason the 5-6 player expansion doesn't include a small rulebook about setup (number of ships + setup with or without expansions) and 4 smaller tiles to allow the extra players to use it with the expansions (which I assume it's meant to be useable with as the pieces include the expansion ships / tokens)?

    4. Missing avatar

      BRAD on

      Thanks Milan! I’m excited to get the game but make sure you spend some time enjoying your holiday. I back a lot of projects here and you are doing a great job!

    5. Liam Hartles on

      I'm still waiting for mine to actually arrive! I received an email saying it had been shipped nearly 2 weeks ago and haven't seen it yet

    6. Missing avatar


      No worries, things happen.
      Thanks for the update.

    7. Missing avatar


      Thanks a lot for this update! From my end, I am having a lot of fun playing the game already.

    8. Bree (blakwngbrd)

      I would like to echo other backers' thanks for this detailed and transparent update. This must be so frustrating for you. I understand that you are human and these things happen. I am excited to get the game, but I can wait a bit longer for it :) Happy holidays to you and yours!

    9. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      Thanks for the update.... these things happen. Thanks very much for the list too, very comprehensive.
      I'm really looking forward to mine turning up (UK), but it's getting really close to Xmas now, so not sure it will arrive in the next couple of days now. Fingers crossed.

    10. Gökmen Bahadir

      I think I have some missing items too :-/

    11. John

      Where does Canada fall in all this?

    12. Paul Kellett

      Thanks for the update. Mistakes happen. Spent all day playing the solo campaign and loving it. Plenty of life in just the two expansions so I'll happily wait for the missing one.

      Have a great Xmas and New Year.

    13. sisicaivrai

      And have great season holidays too ;-)

    14. sisicaivrai

      Thanks for this update, it will help us all to clarify what's missing. Do to plan to provide more information for the 5-6 players gameplay?

    15. Christo

      Thank you for your reponse.
      But still the Battle stations (star shaped) and Research stations (ring shaped) were missing from my two sets of wooden tokens !

    16. Missing avatar

      Martin Forsman on

      Thanks for the update, does this mean that EU-backers will just have to sit back and wait for the FotG-expansion to be shipped unless we miss more stuff then the expansion and the battle/research station cards ?

    17. Missing avatar

      David on

      Thank you for the more complete and detailed update! Best of luck finding a little downtime for sanity this holiday season.