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Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
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Shipping update

Posted by Archona Games (Creator)

Hello everyone,

I know you are all very very eager to get your games as are we to deliver them to you!

So, no new particular news for now unfortunately. As most of you already figured out, Happyshops are extremely busy with the other projects, and they informed me that they will start fulfillment as soon as they finish with their current large project, my guess is also that's Architects... So, fingers crossed in hopes that it will be over REALLY soon, and we can start fulfillment for EU.

As for US/Can, I was notified by Quartermaster that they should be sending us everything to approve this week, so we can start fulfillment immediately. Still waiting for the confirmation from them about this.

AUS is also the same, no new info on the shipping. Just sent another e-mail to see what is going on there...

I am constantly pushing everyone to start the shipping ASAP, or at least give me a PROPER estimate on when will anyone start shipping the games, but everyone is hesitant to give me any estimate unfortunately... 

I am sorry again that you do not hear the news you want to hear, but I must assure you again, I am doing everything I can to push everyone, so let's hope that we will receive some good news this week. :)

Thanks everyone for understanding and the support!
- Milan

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    1. Bascu on

      Small Star Empire just arrived at my home at Barcelona

    2. Missing avatar

      Jake howard on

      Hey guys, any word on US shipments? Still no confirmation or estimate.

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Forsman on

      Got my confirmation email from Happyshops last Friday so the game will probably arrive sometime next week.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin Kaczmarek on

      I got an email from Happyshops confirming my oder. I ordered the wooden pieces and the 5-6 player expansion, so I should get the wooden pieces for player 5 and 6 as well, right? That's the only thing I can't find in my confirmation email. Everything else is listed in the email.

    5. Missing avatar

      C Scott S on

      Any additional news on shipping in the US?

    6. Andrew Arrowsmith

      I got an email from happy shops confirming my order. But didnt specify delivery dates/ plans. So we'll see what happens

    7. Missing avatar

      David on

      Thanks for letting us know about the knowable unknowns.

    8. Missing avatar

      C Scott S on

      I agree with the other comment here. I appreciate you keeping on top of things and letting us know the progress. The Christmas season has to be a hard time to ship and expect timely results. Looking forward to playing this one!

    9. Missing avatar

      Guile on

      Even if it is not the so long awaited news, it is a good news as your are working hard to satisfy us ! Thank you !

    10. Petr K.

      It seems that all the other major projects in the EU are ahead of you. Happyshops currently receive Architect and Dinosau Island :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      David Leiserson

      Thank you for the update! A status quo update is definitely preferable to wondering what's going on :-)

    12. Eric Beck on

      Thanks for keeping on top of HappyShops as much as possible. It looks like part of preparing the Kickstarter for small sea empires now needs to be finding a new EU fulfilment partner. Don’t be afraid to go with someone that costs a bit more. The cheap options, HappyShops and GamesQuest, are continuing to prove that they can’t do the job they are paid to do.

    13. Andrew Arrowsmith

      Cool thanks for updating.

      My major concern was if they were both safely waiting dispatch.

      That's totally cool. I'm in no rush the next few weeks are busy so if they arrived tomorrow I'd probably not get a chance to play em.

      Long as they are in the queue safe and sound it'll be fine.

      Really appreciate your honesty in these updates thank you,fingers crossed this gets resolved for you soon!

    14. Archona Games 4-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for the support! It really means a lot! Hope I will have good news for you these days!

    15. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update.

      I already got Architects so things are moving, if slowly.

    16. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      Thanks for the update, much appreciated. We all understand that this is out of your control.
      Fingers crossed for the next week or so!

    17. Matthew Horwell on

      I wondered what was happening... not your fault if the fulfilment people are letting the side down. Hopefully I'll have it in my mitts soon!! Thanks for the update!

    18. Gökmen Bahadir

      No problem :-)

    19. Archona Games 4-time creator on

      @Andrew Arrowsmith Thanks for understanding. There's not so much that we can do at this moment besides everyone with e-mails constantly. From this point, the games should be both shipped out at the same time.


    20. Andrew Arrowsmith

      Delays suck but can'tbe helped the fufillment companys seem to be biting off a lot these days.

      How does this relate to the galatic warlords shipping ? I think my SSE base games in that shipment? So im hoping they arent too far apart