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Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
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Shipping update

Posted by Archona Games (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Sorry for being late on the shipping update! As you know we were at Essen, and we are moving our office at the moment so we've been busy around that. I know many of you can't wait to get their hands on the games so let's get down to the update quickly.

EU Backers:
Everything is going great, it was just that the games were stuck on customs for about two weeks and then it was Spiel and Happyshops was pretty busy around the fair. We are expecting to start shipping out to EU backers next week! Yay!


It was also a loooong customs process for this one, and finally the games have been released. So we also expect to start shipping out to Australian backers during the next week.

US + Rest of the World:

I was just informed that the games should be arriving at the warehouse around 8th of November if the customs don't take longer than that, which means that we should be starting with the shipping from US around two weeks from now. 

So, everything goes according to schedule, wohoo! :)

Hope everyone is happy to hear these news!

All the best and thanks for the patience!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jake howard on

      Hey guys, any shipping updates? It would be nice to at least know what's going on.

    2. Missing avatar

      Guile on

      Hi, I have had a new from Archona Games :
      "Hi, we have some delays regarding the shipping, but we hope that we will start shipping out at least by the beginning of December. Thanks for your patience! "
      This is very nice from them, and I hope we'll all receive SSE in next weeks ;-)

    3. Bascu on

      Any news for the EU Backers? It seems that shipments are delayed

    4. Missing avatar

      Harry Jacobs

      Any word on this, Is Canada going to have this before Christmas.

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Jones

      Any shipping updates?

    6. Missing avatar

      Guile on

      Any news for EU shipping planned for 2 weeks ago ?

    7. Travis Prebble

      Richard, this was just posted over in the main Comments:

      Australian, US, Canada and Rest of World shipping is coordinated by Quartermaster Logistics and their respective partners. We are waiting for their info about the games if they have passed customs in the US or not, which should have passed by now.

      Australian shipment also took a longer time at customs than usual because of some additional requirements at customs. However that is already taken care of and we should start delivering the games this week. :)

      I will keep you up to date as soon as I have info from Quartermaster (which will hopefully be today!).

      Cheers! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Richard Jones

      Any tracking or updates?

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin Schardt

      Hi, was the shipping start from Happyshops last week on schedule?

    10. Missing avatar

      Martin Forsman on

      Friday now and still no mail from Happyshops ... time to get worried ?

    11. Archona Games 4-time creator on

      Thanks everyone!

      @James Robertson yes we did! Had a great time there! :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      Thanks for the update.... It's been hard waiting for the word :)

    13. James Robertson on

      Thanks for the update! Did you show off the game at Essen?