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Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
Build Battle Stations to gain power and play unique abilities and build Research Stations to gain minerals to research technologies!
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The Grand Finale is here! + Another SG Unlocked!

Posted by Archona Games (Creator)

Another Stretch goal unlocked!

Battle and Research Station upgrades are now operational! Each Kickstarter copy of the expansions will include 6x of each of the station upgrades so there will be a great amount of awesome abilities for each card and huge amount of replayability because of that!  

Additionally, thanks for voting on your favourite layout! This is how the stations will look!

Next stretch goal – Event cards

Unlocked at AU $80.000 / USD $60.000

This deluxe stretch goal will bring you the event cards in the fold, which give a global effect to your gameplay, ranging from +1 point when you colonize a 1-planet system during the duration of the event, to making your minerals double the value for researching purposes (buying techs) and to even giving you another free ship in your game! Take a look in case you missed them!

And now, for the Grand Finale…  

Mini Expansion - Fate of the Galaxy!

Unlocked at AU $93.000 / USD $70.000

For the last stretch goal of the campaign, we will give you the opportunity to unlock the awesome-looking mini-expansion Fate of the Galaxy!  

This mini-expansion will feature the following items:  

Galactic Trade Station and Galactic Citadel Council cards

These will be used to trade minerals for power and vice versa! They will can be pretty handy for the next stuff that will come in the mini-expansion and that is:  

Superweapons and Galactic Wonders  

Each of the two expansions will contain 6x Superweapons/Wonders cards, so let's take a look!

The galaxy is now even more dangerous place, thanks to the technological advancements made in the era of Discoveries. Will the civilizations now choose the path of destruction or the path of technological and cultural enlightenment? It’s up to you to choose if your civilization will focus on building a weapon of mass destruction or a galactic wonder of peace!

In order to build a Superweapon or a Wonder you would need to first complete all of the upgrades on your Battle/Research station cards and acquire some types of Technologies as indicated in the right corner of the card. After you complete it, you gain its effect immediately! Pretty powerful stuff!

To accommodate this mechanic, we have now included symbols on the Technology cards to better differentiate their technology type! Additionally, you can check all of the cards that will come in Dawn of Discoveries at this link.

We hope you like what you see here and we hope that with your help, we will see to it that we unlock all of the stretch goals for this campaign! 

So let's do one final push! Help us spread the word by:

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We appreciate everything you have done so far, thank you so much! So let's crush these stretch goals together to complete this great pack of a game!

Game on!
- Archona Team

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    1. DeVanchi Games on

      Petr Kveton - "it is not possible to reach the $ 70,000 target in three days :-(" I was sad about that too but they pulled it off and now we have superweapons yay. Can't wait for my copy to arrive.

    2. Archona Games 4-time creator on

      @ExcalibursZone It will be included for free! :)

    3. ExcalibursZone

      Is this mini expansion going to be included or is it another add-on charge if we want it (if the goal is unlocked, that is).

    4. Archona Games 4-time creator on

      @Petr Kveton

      As I said in the comments section, the idea is to push as hard as we can and try to unlock it in the last 48 hours! We are confident that with a bit of effort we can do it!

      Let's go get it!

    5. Petr K.

      I'm sad because you showed us other great ideas for this game, but we will not get it. When I see the campaign and its progress, it is not possible to reach the $ 70,000 target in three days :-(

    6. Archona Games 4-time creator on

      Additionally, Milan did an interview with the podcast Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf few days ago, but we forgot to include the link to this update! If you want to hear it check out this link: