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A quick game of galactic colonization and domination for 2-4 players.
A quick game of galactic colonization and domination for 2-4 players.
674 backers pledged AU$ 33,038 to help bring this project to life.


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AU$ 33,038


We are also running a parallel campaign on the German crowdfunding platform Spieleschmiede, and because of that we are combining the sums from both campaigns towards unlocking the Stretch Goals! Since the Spieleschmiede campaign is funded, we have unlocked Stretch Goal 1, 2, 3 and 4!

Plastic minis stretch goal UNLOCKED!

Here's how much we have so far:

Thanks to your AMAZING support, we have unlocked all of the stretch goals for this campaign!

NOTE: The base game comes with wooden components for the Ships, Cities, and Trading Stations. You may see plastic components on some pictures below, but they are not included in the base game, instead they are a Stretch Goal (see the Stretch Goals below).

Why should you back this project? 

  • Quick, easy and great gameplay - takes several minutes to learn, 10 seconds to setup and 15 minutes to play a single game. 
  • Discounted price - You are getting it for the discounted price (MSRP $40) 
  • Free Shipping - Free shipping worldwide!
  • Deluxe Content - Deluxe content which will be available with the unlocking of one of the stretch goals (see below in the Stretch Goal section). 
  • Rulebooks will be available in several languages including: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Macedonian.


A new dawn for the galaxy is coming. Four of the major civilizations inhabiting the galaxy finally achieved interstellar travel, and are ready to establish their empires and dominance across the galaxy!

Your civilization is among them. As a leader, you must make sure your rising empire is the dominant at the end! You will accomplish this by colonizing planetary systems and exploring beautiful nebulae with your ships while establishing your domain.

Plan your strategy wisely to become the most prosperous star empire of the galaxy!

3d Image by: Chris Green (bgg user: Menaveth)

Small Star Empires is a quick area control game for 2-4 players. In this game, players control spacefaring civilizations that colonize the galaxy using their ships, which they will move on a modular board containing hexagon spaces (systems). The modular board is made up of 7 different double-sided Sector Tiles, which allows for a different map and different experience each time you play the game:

Players are encouraged to make their own variations of board setups!

For instance, by using the Wormhole tiles, you can even create an "Island Galaxies" board:

And, because of the modularity of the board, you can also combine the Sectors Tiles of two copies of the game to create A MASSIVE EPIC GALAXY to play in!

There are several types of systems in the game:

During a turn, a player must move one of his ships on the board. He can only move the ship in a straight line, as far away as he wants, but he cannot go over systems controlled by other players. After moving the ship, the player has to choose whether to place a Colony or a Trade Station in that system. Both of these mark control over the system for until the end of the game but the Trade Station is better because it gives the player bonus points for each adjacent system controlled by your opponents.

Example of possible movement:

Explanation: The blue player wants to colonize the 3 Planet system shown here. He cannot do it with his ship from his homeworld system, because it is being blocked by the red player, so he chooses to move his other ship onto that system. He can then place either a Colony or a Trade Station, but he chooses to place a Trade Station, because besides the system points, he will get an additional +1 bonus point for each adjacent opponent's system (in this case +3).

Game End:

The game ends when either all of the players have placed their Colonies and Trade Stations on the board or until none of the players' ships can move legally (they became blocked by other players’ systems).

After the game ends, points are calculated. Each player gets one point for each planet that he has in his systems (there are systems with 1 to 3 planets on the board). Players also get points for Nebulae – the more they have from one color the more points they would get, and they add their bonus points from other special systems such as the Unexplored System Tiles, which are a part of a variant in the game.

After calculating the points, the player with the most points is the winner!

Click HERE to see a rules preview.


We went to Essen Spiel last year to present and demo Small Star Empires at the Author's Workshop, and we had a really great time there! All of the people that played the game loved it and some were eager to buy a copy! You can read more about our experience at the fair on our blog HERE.

Lance, Undead Viking:

"The game is just fantastic! It's a lot of fun, it's light admittedly, it is kind of in that micro-game world, but it is a really, really tough  to win. You're always going to be challenged as far as to which ship you want to move, where you want to move to and how are you going to do your move to affect your opponent."

 Nick Meenachan, Board Game Brawl:

"This game is going to be good for people who want the space variant theme but want it in a simple, faster time-frame but also want deterministic gameplay as opposed to just random dice shucking and whoever wins is the person who was the luckiest."

Matt Simpson, Flaming Dice Reviews (FULL WRITTEN REVIEW):

“Turns in Small Star Empires are fast and games are quick. What seems like a large playing area gets congested fast and before you know it players are out of moves and scoring begins. The strategy draws you in completely and I, for one, love that type of game. Small Star Empires is highly engaging, easy to learn, and quick to play; on top of that, the artwork for the game tiles is beautiful. I will most definitely be backing this game when the Kickstarter Campaign launches!” 

Here is the full video review by Matt:

Jim Goff from Board Nerds says "It's a buy!":

"It's super fun! Something really satisfying about going through and moving your ship and trying to figure out where you want to go, what places you want to lock down. Final verdict: It's a buy!"

The guys from Epitrapaizoume had fun:

 Bronson Shipp, designer and reviewer, All Father Games:

“We really did enjoy your game, in particular how passive aggressive we could play. Very fun area control, with surprising balance for how in depth the scoring is.”

Johnny, Dice Settlers (FULL WRITTEN REVIEW):

“We played this in a prototype form in advance of a kickstarter release somewhere next year but I can’t wait for it because in my opinion this was a great game and for us easily the most fun experience of the fair [Essen Spiel 2015]. The game plays really easy and yet has a lot of depth and strategic decisions to be made.” 

 Smarter Backer Golden Badger:

In this variant of the game, the Unexplored System tiles are shuffled and then placed on the empty systems of the board face down. The rule is simple - when you enter an Unexplored System, simply reveal it and resolve it's effect. For instance, Asteroid Fields do damage to your ships, or you may encounter a Chromatic Nebula, which you can count towards any one combination of Nebulae to get more points at the end of the game.


Adds 3 extra Unexplored System tiles - The Minor Civilizations. Each of these tiles represents a unique minor civilization with unique abilities and effects! 

We had a friend of ours print out some prototype plastic components for the game. Even though printed on a home 3d printer, they still looked amazing, and gave us the idea how awesome the real plastic components would look! Here are some pics of the prototype pieces in real life:

  • Distributors and retailers that want to buy more than 5 copies can contact us on

Where it will be produced?

The game will be produced by Wingo Games! They are one of the experts in the field of board game production and are eager to get started on this project!

Great Community!

Big shoutout to the great board game community for supporting Small Star Empires and Archona Games! Special thanks go out to THE BOARDGAME GROUP, Goblin Games, and the Macedonian Board Game community for the support shown!

Risks and challenges

Since Small Star Empires is our first project, we can assume there may be some obstacles down the road but we are confident we have everything figured out so that doesn't happen. Board game publishing can be a tricky thing and we are ready to accept the challenge.

So, to decrease the chance for mistakes and delays, we have already done the following:

1. We have all of the graphic assets ready. We just need to package them and send them to the factory.

2. As we mentioned earlier, we are working with Wingo Games. We have communicated a lot over the past period and we are familiar with their production requirements and their schedule as they are with ours.

3. The fulfillment for this campaign will be done by Happyshops - Spieleschmiede. They are a EU based company which offers great services and we are confident that we will have a great delivery process handled by them.

We are hoping to do a great game and successful campaign but all that isn't possible without you, the backers. Again, thanks for all the support shown!

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