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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 10 2016
pledged of $299,400pledged of $299,400 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 10 2016
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    1. Chris Park/Arcen Games 2-time creator on

      Not a problem, Joshua. I understand the sentiment, and like bonuswavepilot I have a billion emails coming into various triage folders, too. You should be getting surveys just fine from us, as I imagine that's separate in terms of what is muted or not, so you should get the critical things.

    2. bonuswavepilot

      @Joshua - In some ways I envy you... I lost that fight with email years ago, now it is basically a firehose of nonsense which I filter into a large number of folders, from which I triage the ones I will actually read.

    3. Joshua Bonnett on

      I was referring to aggregate Ai war 2 emails. I settled on muting both. Hopefully that does not result in me missing something important, like where to download the game one day. I may just be a curmudgeon as I work to keep my email traffic down to things that require a reply or a action be taken by me.

    4. Chris Park/Arcen Games 2-time creator on

      I appreciate that -- and that does make sense as a perspective, for sure!

    5. bonuswavepilot

      Well, since we're all chiming in... I have been appreciating the level of updates so far. I'm not really watching this campaign any more since the new one started, but I think the occasional message to try to bring over remaining holdouts is fair enough.

      Not sure how much others see it this way, but for me - until the game comes out, the updates *are* the reward. I really like seeing the sausage-making end of things and getting into the details and tribulations of bringing a game like this into the world.

    6. Chris Park/Arcen Games 2-time creator on

      We do have one mailing list for infrequent reminders, but I'll make another one for more frequent ones, I suppose. It gets expensive per month with mailing lists, so I'll have to look into that.

      @Tutamun: Good point on the timing there, I will do on that. Cheers!

    7. Tutamun on

      If I can put in a request: please send us a nag/reminder mail about one week before the new kickstarter closes. By then I should have my new credit card. (The old one is only valid until tomorrow... so no point in backing now.)

    8. Matthew on

      (double post, sorry)
      Maybe a separate mailing list, like for a newsletter, could be a compromise between those who want endless updates and those that don't?

    9. Matthew on

      Not sure what Joshua is specifically referring to - the new campaign's emails, or this campaign's emails, so please forgive me if posting my thoughts on both is excessive.
      Directly addressing Joshua: If it's this (the old) campaign's emails that are bothering you, you could mute this old campaign and (if you haven't already) back the new one.
      As per my thoughts on the emails;
      For this campaign's emails, if your goal is to bring over backers who haven't re-backed, I think you could space them out a bit more, maybe? I dunno for others, but for me and my school, the first semester is coming to a close which is leading to finals/mid-terms/the good ol' stuff. This (might) mean that students who backed this campaign aren't able/willing to check their emails for these updates telling them about the new campaign.
      Regarding the new campaign's emails, I think they're on point. Honestly, if I give my money to someone to make a project, product, or "thing," I'd really like updates on it - especially if I have no copy of it.
      Furthermore, updates show what the team is currently working towards, their mindset, and the overall personality of them. For example, the update about Blue's modeling. If he or she hadn't posted that, I would've have no idea you care about polygon limits, reusing textures, and the like.

      Maybe spread old campaign updates out a bit more (and put them up on weekends more, if possible, to catch people who are home on weekends?)
      New campaign updates are on point (in my opinion).

    10. Chris Park/Arcen Games 2-time creator on

      Well, we've been closer to one update a day recently, or at least that's been the plan, on the new kickstarter. It's a really tough balance, because we can tell that engagement is down in some respects -- it's a bad time of year. The project is still doing fine, so maybe we should just space those updates out a bit more. What do you guys think?

      I'm referring specifically to the new project, versus the nag emails here on the original KS, which I'm trying to keep to one a week at absolute most, and even less than that overall ideally.

    11. Missing avatar

      Abram J. Bacon on

      As a counterpoint, I don't have a problem with the level you're communicating at. Two emails a week is nothing. You should see the throngs my office account has if I'm out for a day. Then again, I love updates, it is a nice means to take a momentary break from my work and refocus my mind on something else.

    12. Chris Park/Arcen Games 2-time creator on

      Also to clarify: when it comes after the kickstarter closing, we won't be bugging you nearly as much. I know that sometimes it can be really frustrating for a closed kickstarter to be emailing folks weekly for a year after that or what have you.

      We'll have a way for people to get daily updates via our forums if they want, or just an average monthly updates via posts on KS itself, most likely. That's the plan, anyway -- we're definitely trying to hit a balance between sending too much information and not enough.

    13. Keith LaMothe Collaborator on

      @Joshua Bonnett: Thanks, we appreciate the feedback. Much of the other feedback we've received is "you're not working hard enough on the kickstarter!", hence the volume of updates. Especially after the holiday weekend where we had one post between last Wednesday and this Monday.

      To clarify, do you mean that you're getting too much email under this first kickstarter (mentioning the second) or too much under the second one? Or is it basically the same thing from the perspective of your mailbox?

      Are there opt-in mechanisms in Kickstarter, or a way for a user to say "only send me weekly digests" or something like that?

    14. Joshua Bonnett on

      (and I know you can mute projects, but I don't want no email alerts, I just want less.)

    15. Joshua Bonnett on

      You are sending too much email. I know this is the central thing happening in your life, but it isn't the central thing in ours. Most of us already gave you money to make this happen. We are cheering for you to be successful. Receiving email more than twice a week should be something folks opt into. This kickstarter (and it's sequel) has been far louder than any other I have backed.