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pledged of $299,400pledged of $299,400 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 10 2016

AI War II's relaunched kickstarter is now LIVE!

Posted by Chris Park/Arcen Games (Creator)

Chris here!  And the new campaign is here:

Let's see if we can hit that funding goal in the first 72 hours. :)

I apologize for the video being more of a teaser than a true video -- I've been working on two longer videos, but it's been a lot of code and a lot of editing to do them, and I just wasn't ready in time. Everybody else was ready except for me, and I'd feel like a huge cad holding up the entire project for another couple of days just because my stuff is dragging.

Getting you guys footage of combat is one of my top priorities, as well as special effects like shields and so on. I also have a "Whiteboarding with Chris" video that I'll upload soon, which I think is a pretty cool video in terms of explaining the game, etc. 

Any questions, please feel free to direct them to me (producer) or Keith (lead designer and programmer) -- preferably on the new campaign now, rather than this one!

Thank you so much for your support!

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    1. Chris Park/Arcen Games 2-time creator on

      Cheers! For those folks, they can easily switch their tier at any time, including now. Some already have, so they have seen it. On the other hand, we've had from the start a number of people who took the non-early-bird price despite there still being openings.

    2. Vaendryl on

      thanks for opening up more early bird tier. guess I'll join in after all.

      kinda rough for the people who already got the 20$ tier now though. I could imagine them being pissed when they find out, which may be after the campaign ends.

    3. Keith LaMothe Collaborator on

      Ok, the $16 early-bird tier on the new campaign has been increased from 500 back up to the 1000 we ended this campaign with. So there's plenty of room if you want to get back in :)

      For the future we'll bear in mind that early-bird pricing has more tradeoffs than we previously realized.

    4. Keith LaMothe Collaborator on

      Thanks for the explanation, we'll bear that in mind.

      On the down-to-500 thing; it was originally 500 here until we increased it later in the campaign. We figured we'd do something similar on the second if it proved necessary; but I take your point on the oddness of that for a relaunch.

    5. AngoraFish on

      There is some (arguable) benefit to 'early bird' pricing in campaigns from unknown developers who need to generate awareness and interest, but Arcen Games using early bird pricing is just dumb.

      A well known developer like Arcen can already guarantee a flush of initial interest from hardcore fans, they don't need the up front boost - it's potential backers later that you need to entice – people who are ambivalent and may or may not become backers.

      Indeed, it's also just a dumb move financially since your hardcore backers are LESS likely to be price sensitive - these are the people who would otherwise have paid full price on day one anyhow, whereas latecomers, well, they're still thinking about it.

      Unfortunately, at this point in the campaign, the sale price remains highloy visiable right at the top of the page reminding latecomers that they could have got the game cheaper a couple of days ago. It's the same as Steam leaving Summer Sale pricing up once the sale ends - what is someone going to do then? (Hint: nine times out of ten they'll decide to wishlist the game and wait for the next sale.)

      Obviously you can't decrease the price as the campaign progresses, but you can at least not increase it. In my view you'd be better off financially getting rid of the early bird tier entirely and just charging everyone $20.

      Further to the above, inexplicably, Arcen has cut the early bird tier in the new campaign to 500 pledges. As a result, a couple of days in nearly 500 original backers have yet to transfer their pledges from the original campaign. This says something pretty clear about the stupidity of early bird pricing. As of now, nearly 500 backers who were previously willing to give you money have explicitly told you that, more than a year out from release, they expect to pay the cheapest price available or they'll pay nothing at all.

    6. Keith LaMothe Collaborator on

      @James Moss:

      > "provided some sort of priority to original supporters."

      Is there a mechanism by which we can let backers of the first campaign into a special tier of the second one? Or something else that would accomplish what you describe?

      In the first campaign we expanded that first early-bird tier to let others in. I imagine the same thing will happen here, since it filled up so surprisingly quickly. That's Chris's call, though.

      Anyway, sorry to hear about the frustration.

    7. James Moss

      Same issue here. Should have provided some sort of priority to original supporters.

    8. AngoraFish on

      Missed the 'early bird' tier as well, so I'm out.

      As if buying a new game sight unseen 12 months out is not early enough, apparently. Early bird pricing is a scourge that needs to die, die, die a long and painful death.

      See ya all in the next Steam sale.

    9. Vaendryl on

      had early bird tier before but they're all gone instantly now of course. kinda feel shafted to the point of being 'meh, fuck it. I'll pick up the game on a sale same point down the line'