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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 10 2016
pledged of $299,400pledged of $299,400 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 10 2016

James Bond will return!

Posted by Chris Park/Arcen Games (Creator)

Er... AI War 2, I mean.

Chris here.  If there's anything that a hardcore AI War player knows, it's that "losing is fun."  Not fun in the most literal sense, but the journey to the loss was fun, and enthusiasm for jumping back into the arena and doing better the next time is high.  We will be back -- and soon!

You can sign up for our mailing list if you want to be notified of major new projects from Arcen in general.  That said, if you got THIS email, you should get the next one saying that the re-launch is live, too.

Fast facts about the re-launch plans:

  • Keith will be at the helm next time, rather than me.  There are a variety of reasons for this that we go into detail on in the links above and our forums.  But the short version is that he's the best man for the job and it makes the most financial sense for you and the company and the project (nice when all those things line up).
  • If you don't know who Keith is, he's the force of nature behind the last three of AI War Classic's expansions, and he basically took my original game work and took it to another level.  He's set to do that again.
  • We expect the re-launch to be on November 17th, which is next Thursday.
  • We're still finalizing the new budget and the new design document, but we'll be sharing both with you absolutely as soon as we are confident in them.
  • Overall our goal is to come in slightly under $50k for the base funding amount, which we think we can hit within 72 hours given how this first kickstarter went.
  • Beyond that, we'll have a number of stretch goals laid out from the get-go that show you where we're headed if we pass that base funding goal.  Not all of the possible stretch goals, but enough to get started solidly.
  • Despite being slimmed-down a lot, we've been working hard to keep the most exciting things, and in a few cases even add some new exciting things (we have a different group for the new project, so different things are possible than before).  I'm excited about how it's coming along.

Fast facts about Arcen's future:

  • We have had to scale back staff and contractors, and a lot of us (including me) are looking for ways to keep ourselves employed since AI War 2 can't pay for us after all.
  • With that in mind, you'll see other projects and funding efforts from us that will in no way impede AI War 2.
  • I want to be really clear about that last point from the start, because usually when a developer has a second kickstarter (or second game in any fashion) prior to fully delivering on the first kickstarter, it means something is wrong or shady.  In our case, it's simply a matter of we have more people in the "Arcen extended family" than can be supported by one project; so different people will work on other things.
  • This is also not new for us: Keith developed those last 3 expansions for AI War Classic while I and others were mostly doing something else, and it worked out brilliantly.  I made Skyward Collapse and various other projects while he was working on other things, and so on.
  • If this is unsettling, think of a larger company like... Square Enix or something.  They have multiple offices around the world that work on entirely different projects from one another.  However, they do get the benefits of lower total overhead and better coordination and so forth since certain costs are not duplicated per project.
  • For instance all our tools and such don't have to be re-purchased each time.  AI War 2 relies heavily on code from past games, including Release Raptor to some extent.
  • That said, we will never mix the budgets around.  You're funding what you're funding, and that's a trust we will not break (and have no reason to do -- it would be stupid of us on every level).  When we do crowdfunding, we plan and budget to an extreme degree, and we know where the money is headed.  If there are unexpected shortfalls that still aren't covered by our built-in buffers in projects, then Arcen has ongoing residuals from other past games and I'd pull money from there.
  • Perhaps I'm spending more time than is wise talking about the above, since it might make you think "why is he being so defensive about this?"  The short answer to that is that various other developers have done some seriously shady stuff.  I don't want to have even the appearance of being associated with those kinds of shenanigans.

As always, if you have any questions about any of that or anything else, please just ask me!  Sometimes I'm less clear than I'd prefer to be, but I'm always happy to clarify when someone points that out.


It's easy to eye-roll on that, given that we didn't reach our funding goal.  But we did hit a level of funding that very few kickstarters do, and I'm really grateful for that.  In the process we learned a lot -- both about how to run kickstarters and what matters to you folks specifically -- and so we're in a really good place to head into the next one.

I feel like I should have something insightful and moving to say at this point in the message, but I'm basically just focused on the next goal.  We've known that this wasn't going to fund for quite a while, and I made my peace with that what feels like ages ago; now we're getting quite excited about the relaunch, and the ending of this first kickstarter is an exciting step in that we're finally closer to the new one.

Very Best,



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    1. Chris Park/Arcen Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks everybody!

      Also, from Keith, there is a new forum topic for discussing the new design info for the relaunch, which he also links to in there:,19316.0.html

    2. Missing avatar

      dpwiz on

      Looking forward to embark on a next journey with you!

    3. Squashyhex on

      Best of luck with the next one! Will fund that too ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Neil Martin on

      Good luck! will be pledging again.

    5. Chris Park/Arcen Games 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much! We're in good spirits right now, honest. :) It was super hard before, but it's hard not to be excited when we're looking at all the things we can still do even with a lower budget, etc.

      Keith and I have just finished the first marriage of my 3D code and whatnot and his sim code and whatnot, and it performs like a beast and plays nicely together and so on. So I think we're both super stoked just from that angle, too. Previously we'd been working in two separate prototype projects, and integration between the two was going to be predictable but a pain. Now it's done!

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua Koh on

      I know we're not everyone, but myself and my AI War playmate friends wanted to give you guys the biggest vote of confidence we can. We are still in full support of you guys and we want to see this project succeed!
      Even today, we continue to have fun with the first game, and we're really thankful for the enjoyment that the game has brought, especially as we've explored the more technical side of the game as computer science and AI university students.
      Sorry that the dream isn't working out for now, but keep your heads up. Despite it's size, you have a great community behind you and we are rooting for you guys!

    7. Chris Park/Arcen Games 2-time creator on

      It's okay! It's not what we originally wanted, but the writing was on the wall quite a long while ago. We've had our heads much more involved in the next campaign for a while now, so this doesn't even really sting now; it's a formality.

      It hurt a LOT back around the 30th or 31st of October, when we realized there was no real hope. But we've had time to grieve and move on and get excited about the new way of doing things.

    8. Matthäus Cebulla on

      I'm sorry it didn't pan out now. :´(