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Awesome AARs (written LPs) for AI War Classic.

Posted by Chris Park/Arcen Games (Creator)

New to the original game? Here are some really choice After Action Reports you might enjoy reading. Heck, even if you're a veteran AI War Classic player, or were present when these games happened, they make for an extremely entertaining read.

The coolest thing about these AARs is that they all contributed to to refining the AI in the game itself, with the players going back and forth with Keith who patched the game to thwart them. It's a great way to get a lot of insight into what high-level play looks like.

I created this AI, and I have around 14 thousand hours of time spent playing, coding, designing, and writing about this game... but I'm nowhere near the skill level of any of these folks. I'll take my "easy" 7/7 AIs, thanks very much...

Starting Point

AI War: Destroyer of Worlds - Did you really think that was going to work?

by RockyBst, August 2014.  Very well written and amusing, and one of the few thorough AARs that doesn't assume prior knowledge of the game. A great one to start with.

Ride the Lightning

by Peter Ebbesen, May 2014 -- The Conquerer, himself. A veteran AAR'r of Paradox games. Great fun to read.

More Particularly Awesome AARs!

There are a lot of classic AARs, so it's hard to choose just some.  But here are a few more we felt would be great to highlight for you.

Evasion Protocol

by Faulty Logic, May 2014.  Our AI refinements (combined with the Shark plot) pay off.

The DOOMM! 10/10 The Tank/Crafty Spire

by Kahuna, July 2012 -- the Super Cat, one of the most effective tacticians in the community, and one of the best at explaining high-level play.


by Faulty Logic, April 2013.  The AAR which generated the infamous "Battle Of Midnight" save, and precipitated a more or less total rewrite of the AI's ship routing logic.

Brawl On The Snake

by Wanderer, all the way back in November 2011.  The earliest AAR by the man who later went on to start the modern era of "I won on 10/10" bug reports.  (Winning on double-10 difficulty is considered a "bug," yes.)

It's Quiet... Too Quiet

by Faulty Logic, in July 2012.  One of the most photo-finish endgames. The earliest AAR by the man who took up where Wanderer left off, really pushing the envelope of refining the AI in general, and max-difficulty in specific.

A Different 10/10

by Cinth, also in July 2012.  The earliest AAR by the man who went on to create the craziest, largest scale AI War battles ever seen... and who is now the unit design lead for AI War II.

10 Planets, Diff 10 ... What Could Go Wrong

by RockyBst, in April 2014.  A classic of tale of Things That Should Not Be Done and the patches that resulted... Also, Lyudmila the Cursed Golem.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leith on

      It's not an AAR, but the best tutoriel i've ever found for AIWar is
      Temeron's Tactics…

    2. Missing avatar

      Jack Collaborator on

      Thanks for pointing that out! We're outside the 30 minute editing period, but you can find Faulty Logic's AAR using this link:,11130.msg110803.html

    3. Michael Wittig on

      The link to the "It's Quiet... Too Quiet" AAR is pointing at the wrong AAR.