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Sequel to the award-winning, genre-breaking, asymmetric strategy cult classic.  The most sentient AI in gaming.
Sequel to the award-winning, genre-breaking, asymmetric strategy cult classic.  The most sentient AI in gaming.
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    1. Keith LaMothe Collaborator on

      @Bryon Daly: There will still be placement restrictions, as part of the idea is that you have to conquer a lot of the map to get to the five citadels (cities) needed for the alternate victory.

      That said, they don't have to be exactly the same restrictions. And potentially it might be more like "you have to own X planets per existing citadel to plant a new one", so you can put them wherever you like. Though I'm not sure that gives more flexibility overall.

      @Pat: Indeed. Nothing quite like tazing entire AI fleets :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      > So if we hit it, modular stuff is back
      I would have missed those Riot Control Starships Mk2 tasers :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Bryon Daly on

      Are the spire still going to have all the same limitations about where you can build their cities? (IIRC they must be 3 hops away from all other spire cities, not next to any AI planets, and not on a dead-end planet (IWO planet must have multiple wormholes)). These restrictions made it really hard to get multiple cities, and nearly impossible on some map styles.

    4. WolfWhiteFire on

      You might want to mention that modular ships come back with the spire stretch goal in it's description, or in an update (other than the brief mention here). Simply because that would be one more thing for people to be excited about. Excitement can bring attention and funding (even if only a little), so the more excitement the better.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua Koh on

      This sounds super awesome. I am one of those mentioned players who is always playing with FS on, regardless of whether we got the FS route or not. Combining the mechanics if AIW2 like the mobile Command Center sounds like a heckuva lot of fun!!
      Funny enough, I *did* feel like FS in original-AIW provided a scripted campaign experience which fit within the open-ended AIW formula of "build your own strategy and solution to the problem". To have an even more structured campaign to play through should prove to be really really cool, I hope.

    6. Keith LaMothe Collaborator on

      @Tridus: yes, modular stuff had been cut due to needing significant UI work to be reasonable, but said UI work is a chunk of the budget for this stretch goal. So if we hit it, modular stuff is back.

    7. Tridus on

      So, modular ships and bulidings are in?

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lyon on

      Photon lances best lances, after all ;D

    9. Sounds on


      Pledge tier now updated. :)

    10. Missing avatar


      As one of the FS-only players, I'm VERY interested to see us hit this stretch goal.